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Jordan Klepper Investigates Christianity's "Super Super Super Dope" Future

Last night on The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper took a closer look at the future of Christianity by interviewing two pastors — the super cool, Grand Theft Auto-playing Pastor Carl Lentz and the very less cool Reverend Dr. Christopher J. Benek — to find out more. For Lentz, the future of Christianity is all about old-school prayer, reading Bible verses on a cell phone, and selling out stadium venues all over the country, while Benek has something else in mind entirely: robots that "choose" to be Christian.

Jordan Klepper Warns American Magicians to Step Up Their Game

During last night's Daily Show, Jordan Klepper decided to take a closer look at the state of magic in America today, where our magicians are slowly losing out to competition from China. But after meeting with the president of the Society of American Magicians, some young illusionists-in-training, and David Copperfield, Klepper discovers that there might still be hope for America after all.

Jordan Klepper Investigates Austin's New Police Sensitivity Training

During last night's Daily Show, correspondent Jordan Klepper took a closer look at what one police department in Austin, Texas is doing to restore the trust of its community and prevent more unnecessary shootings from occurring in the future. Unfortunately, Austin's new police sensitivity training program isn't concerned with shootings of the human variety, but just the cute and cuddly ones.

Jordan Klepper Insists He's Not with the CIA on 'The Daily Show'

Daily Show newbie Jordan Klepper made his second appearance last night, but when he insisted that the CIA is nothing but a good organization adhering to only legal practices, Jon Stewart started getting a little suspicious. Eventually that led to the unveiling of Klepper's alter ego Ronnie Cilantro, who hopefully will return at some point to mess with the cue cards again.

Jordan Klepper Cashes in on the Bigoted Indiana Pizzeria Craze

While Memories Pizza in Indiana was the target of much outrage following its anti-gay comments in a local news report last week, it's also received nearly a million dollars in donations from bigoted supporters nationwide. Jumping on the financial opportunity, Jordan Klepper filed a new report on last night's Daily Show and introduced Jon to a few of his new businesses: "I'm just a liberty-loving American trying to serve some home-cooked food with a dash of charm and a pinch of absolutely no immigrants. Also, I don't know…no Muslims."

Jordan Klepper Meets Sweden's New Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

In the hopes of fixing some of our government's problems back home, The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper recently took a trip to Sweden to meet its new prime minister Stefan Löfven for a crash course in the country's eight-party system. Don't worry, there's plenty of Ikea and Swedish Fish jokes too.

Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams Gave Some Solid Advice to College Partiers on Last Night's 'Daily Show'

On last night's Daily Show, Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams highlighted the differences in advice you give to partying college men and women in light of the recent spate of sexual assault cases on campuses all across the country. It's one of those Daily Show segments that manages to be both funny and deadly serious at the same time, which one imagines is tricky as hell to pull off.

Watch Jordan Klepper's Very First 'Daily Show' Report

Last night, newest Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper made his very first appearance. His title? "New Senior Caucasian Correspondent." His task? Pretend to report from Crimea while being hilarious and making Jon proud as both a boss and father figure. Fortunately, Klepper's first day nerves only make his segment more hilarious, so hopefully he has a personal breakdown like this during all his future reports.

Jordan Klepper Investigates Florida's New Ban on Doctors Discussing Guns with Patients

Florida recently passed legislation that prohibits doctors from discussing gun safety with patients, so The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper headed down to the Sunshine State to investigate. To better understand the ban, Klepper interviews a paranoid second amendment attorney who supports the ban and fears a "Holocaust 2" should doctors know which of their patients own guns, then he consults with a "buzzkill" pediatrician who explains why the law is obviously a terrible idea.

Watch Hasan Minhaj's 'Daily Show' Debut

Last month The Daily Show hired new correspondents Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah, and Minhaj made his debut in a segment about gestation crates during last night's episode. With some help from Jordan Klepper, Minhaj learns pretty quickly that his philosophical quotes and college poetry aren't going to get him very far at his new gig.

Michael Che and Jordan Klepper Offer Up Some Handy Second Amendment Tips

New correspondent Michael Che made his second appearance in a row on last night's Daily Show, joining slightly less new correspondent Jordan Klepper to provide some helpful Second Amendment tips for all.

'The Daily Show' Hires Jordan Klepper as Its Newest Correspondent

Comedy Central announced today that they've hired comedian Jordan Klepper to be a new correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Klepper will make his first appearance on the show tonight, reporting "live" from the Ukraine.

Klepper has been a regular improv and sketch performer at New York's UCB Theatre for three years. Prior to that, he got his start via Chicago's comedy scene, performing at the Second City and iO theaters. Along with his wife and frequent collaborator Laura Grey, Klepper co-created and co-starred in the UCB Comedy-produced pilot presentation Engaged, which they later turned into a web series. His TV credits include IFC's Bunk and MTV's [...]