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HBO Greenlights Julia Louis-Dreyfus Pilot Veep

Looks like HBO is greenlighting Veep, the comedy starring Julia-Louis Dreyfus as vice president of the United States. Matt Walsh and Anna Chlumsky of My Girl fame round out the cast. I'm imaging the show as a kind of West Wing-meets-That's My Bush, primarily out of a deep-seated need for such a program to exist.

Tom Arnold On Roseanne, Chuck Lorre And The Julia Louis-Dreyfus Parking Spot Incident

Sometimes everything happens for a reason. Other times, everything happens because you're friends with Roseanne. In his new A.V. Club interview, Tom Arnold reminisces about the very many roles he's had during his decades-long career, and how it all began with that plum writer's gig on that insanely successful sitcom. "Your first job is on the number-one show, and you’re working around all these great writers and actors, and it’s a great place to learn, but it just seemed like my friend’s show," Arnold recalls, explaining that he took the job after a comedy club job in Minneapolis fell through. "She was putting together a show, I had [...]