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This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Merrill Markoe Talks with Julie Klausner

The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There are a lot of great shows and each has a lot of great episodes, so we want to highlight the exceptional, the noteworthy. Each week our crack team of podcast enthusiasts and specialists and especially enthusiastic people will pick their favorites. Also, we'll keep you posted on the offerings from our very own podcast network. We hope to have your ears permanently plugged with the best in aural comedy.

How Was Your Week? – Merrill Markoe

ZOE: “I hate to mention you constantly in [...]

Watch Bob Odenkirk Review a Bunch of Bad Local Lawyer Ads

Here's living comedy legend and Breaking Bad's sleazy lawyer Bob Odenkirk reviewing sleazy local lawyers ads with Julie Klausner for Vulture. Odenkirk and Klausner's commentary on the commercials is funny but can't top the ridiculousness of this awesome ad.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Art Girls Are Easy' by Julie Klausner

This week Julie Klausner’s new book Art Girls Are Easy is out and available to be ready by you. Art Girls is Klausner’s second book, following the How Was Your Week host/Billy on the Street writer/Vulture contributor’s 2010 heartache-chronicling memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band. After Klausner announced the novel’s release date in March, Rookie ran an excerpt from of the novel, which takes place at an all-girls arts camp. If you enjoy Klausner's aforementioned podcast or writing, or just like reading about smart young girls, this is a book that you should read.

Watch Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner Play a Pretty Exciting Game of Pictionary

Here's a new Vulture video in which rival podcasters Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner become rival Pictionary players. And don't worry, it's pop culture pictionary, so you won't be forced to hear/watch things that aren't pop culture-related for even a second.

Watch a Nice Long Interview with 'Portlandia's Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

Here's an hour-long interview with Portlandia duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein from last year that was just uploaded online today. The discussion was moderated by serious moderator Julie Klausner and recorded at the Paley Center last year. Armisen and Brownstein talk in depth about the show, music, and how Saddam Hussein brought them together.

Julie Klausner Is the Stanley Kubrick of Cat Videos

Here's a new Funny or Die video written by Julie Klausner, Alex Scordelis, and Jake Fogelnest in which Klausner plays Shula Von Hollow, the Stanley Kubrick of internet cat videos. Maybe some of you will finally show more respect for cat videos now that you know how much work goes into them and how they impact people's lives.

MTV Is Premiering 'Hey Girl,' a New Sketch Show from Julie Klausner This Sunday

This Sunday at 9, MTV is premiering four back-to-back episodes of a brand new sketch show called Hey Girl. Head written by Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week) and directed by Michael Showalter,  Hey Girl is coming from a network with a pretty good track record for sketch comedy (The State, Human Giant) and it features a talented all-female cast that includes Sara Schaefer, Shelby Fero, JC Coccoli, Sasheer Zamata, Ali Wong, Emily Axford, Esther Povitsky, Laura Willcox, and more.

MTV also ordered two comedy pilots for shows called Faking It and Happy Land today.

(via The Comedy Bureau)

Read a Bit of Julie Klausner's New YA Novel

The very funny Julie Klausner has a new young adult novel, Art Girls Are Easy, coming out on e-book tomorrow and in print next month, and Jezebel has an exclusive excerpt from it, which you could be reading right now instead of this sentence if you clicked on that link.

Julie Klausner's New Novel 'Art Girls Are Easy' Out May 7th

Comedian and author Julie Klausner announced today via Twitter that her second book, a young adult novel about an all-girls arts camp called Art Girls Are Easy, is coming out May 7th. Klausner, who writes for Billy on the Street, hosts the podcast How Was Your Week? and authored the 2010 memoir I Don't Care About Your Band, also mentioned that an excerpt of the book would be available on Rookie later today. Amy Poehler blurbed Art Girls Are Easy, writing, "Read everything Julie Klausner writes and listen to everything Julie Klausner says. She is hilarious, wise and smarter than you. She has a way of [...]

Julie Klausner Rings in 100 Episodes of 'How Was Your Week'

Julie Klausner's excellent podcast How Was Your Week celebrated its 100th episode today with The Best Show on WFMU's Tom Scharpling serving as the episode's first guest. Maximum Fun mastermind Jesse Thorn also dropped by to serve as Julie Klausner's Mike Birbiglia and interview her about her experiences hosting the show. It's a milestone for one of the funniest, best podcasts going.

Watch Julie Klausner Quiz Paul Rudd About Prince

Julie Klausner interviewed Paul Rudd about his new movie Prince Avalanche for Vulture, and as any serious journalist would do, used the whole thing as an opportunity to quiz him about Prince trivia.

Come Join Splitsider as we Talk to Chris Gethard, Julie Klausner and Dave Hill This Thursday

This Thursday at 7pm at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe here in NYC Splitsider is presenting a super fun panel featuring some of our very favorite NYC comedians. Laugh Track: Unconventional Comedy Careers in the Internet Age will feature myself talking to Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show, A Bad Idea I'm About to Do), Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week, Art Girls Are Easy, I Don't Care About Your Band), and Dave Hill (Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident, Tasteful Nudes) about how they've each carved out totally unique niches for themselves in the comedy world, making careers centered around their own comedic [...]

Watch Julie Klausner Visit a Redhead Convention

Here's a video that comedian, writer, and podcaster extraordinaire Julie Klausner made for her How Was Your Week live show, in which she, rocker Ted Leo, and producer Chris "Spoony" Spooner visit a fashion event for redheads. It's the funniest video of a comedian and her friends visiting gathering of redheaded people you'll see all week (I don't know what your week entails; I just figured it was safe to assume).

Eddie Pepitone's 'The Bitter Buddha' Starts a Week-Long in NYC Tomorrow

The Bitter Buddha, the documentary centered on comedian Eddie Pepitone (Conan, WTF with Marc Maron), kicks off a week-long run at NYC's Cinema Village tomorrow. Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week?) is hosting a live Q&A with Pepitone himself after the 7pm screening tomorrow. Get your tickets here if you want to experience Eddie Pepitone's oddly sweet and poetic rage in person.