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ABC Is Developing an Astronaut Comedy Based on Chris Hadfield's Memoir

Astronaut and internet star Chris Hadfield's memoir An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth is getting the sitcom treatment. Deadline reports that ABC has given a pilot production commitment to the project, which will be a multi-cam family comedy from Surviving Jack co-creators Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. The show will follow an astronaut "who is back from space and finds that re-entering domestic life might be the hardest mission he's ever faced." Hadfield is also onboard to work as a consulting producer on the series.

If An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth gets picked up to series, it won't be the only astronaut-themed comedy on [...]

Fox Buys Two Sitcoms, Including One from Bill Lawrence; NBC Buys One from Cee Lo (Yes, that Cee Lo)

- Fox has purchased a new single-camera comedy from Bill Lawrence called I Suck At Girls. The show is based on a book by the creator of Shit My Dad Says, Justin Halpern, who will also co-write the pilot, and focuses on the growing up of a boy through manhood and eventually fatherhood.

- Fox has ordered a pilot script for Bastards, a single-cam family comedy about "a family who has never met." Jason Micallef, writer of the upcoming feature Butter, and Seth Gordon, director of Horrible Bosses, created the show.

- NBC is working with Cee Lo Green to produce a sitcom because…umm. The show [...]

'Surviving Jack' Co-Creator Justin Halpern Reflects on the Show's Cancellation in a Funny and Insightful Piece

Yesterday, Fox canceled its freshman sitcom Surviving Jack, and today, the show's co-creator, Justin Halpern (Shit My Dad Says), wrote a Tumblr post reflecting on the cancelation of the show and how good a time he had working on it. Check it out, it's an interesting and unexpectedly positive look into what happen when a network axes a show.

Sh*t My Dad Says Creator Talks Failed Sitcoms and Anxious Writers' Rooms

Peep this essay from Justin Halpern, the creator of Shit My Dad Says (canceled) and writer on How to Be a Gentleman (canceled), for the perspective of someone who's made it from Twitter into the glitzy, glory-filled world of TV writing but hasn't hit on a show with staying power. It paints a good picture of the writers' room on a show everyone knows is going to be cancelled:

“Where does it go in the second act?” one of the senior writers asked, as we were trying to outline the next episode.

“What if in the second act, he turns to the girl he’s with and he’s like, [...]

Talking to Justin Halpern About the Rough Time He Had Turning 'Shit My Dad Says' From a Twitter Account to a TV Show

Two weeks ago, Brilliantly Canceled took us all the way back to that time two years ago when a twitter-based sitcom, $h*! My Dad Says, hit television. A few days later, the show’s creator, Justin Halpern (whose new show Surviving Jack premieres next season on Fox), reached out to me, and after assuring me that he didn’t want to kill me, provided some insight on the history of the show, multi-camera sitcoms, how to tell if your project is going south, and why it was canceled.

How did Shit My Dad Says go from twitter to TV? 

When the twitter feed got popular I got a lot of incoming calls, [...]