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The Complete Guide to Everything: Tim & Tom Solve Your Friend-Making, Friend-Ending and DVD Lending Problems

Tim starts off by promising this will be an all karaoke episode but quickly loses interest and begins discussing the harmonies in Neil Young songs at detail instead. Instead the guys decide to do an all Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems to officially open the gates for listeners to send in their problems for the upcoming New York City and European shows in March. The first problem is a follow-up from Terrence, who previously wrote in to complain about not being able to attract girls as easily now that he works for a non-profit. Now he wants to know how to make friends as a single man [...]

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Do Cowboy Dragon Karaoke All the Time

The best way to enjoy this music video is to imagine that it's the kind of thing Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman often do on a random Tuesday, and CollegeHumor just happened to capture it on video this time. I bet they text each other stuff like this during the day:

Nick: After work are we gonna finish up s4 of The Wire or try Homeland? Megan: ORRR we could go inside a karaoke machine and sing a cowboy duet about a creationist and a paleontologist riding on a dragon together? Nick: YES, Chinese afterwards? Megan: It's a date. Love you Nick:

NBC Now #1 In Adam Levine Karaoke Sitcoms

In addition to The Voice and upcoming musical dramedy Smash, NBC is firing yet another warning shot across Glee's confetti-littered bow with their new Adam Levine karaoke sitcom. Starring and executive produced by the Maroon 5 singer, the as-yet unnamed single-camera comedy takes place in a karaoke bar, frequented by two roommates played by Levine and Gene Hong, writer for Fox's upcoming Allen Gregory. According to Deadline, the show "is said to organically blend comedy with a musical element," the frequency with which the protagonists break into song depending on how often someone stops believing or attempts to live on more than one prayer.