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'SNL' Review: Louis C.K. Is Still Hilarious, In Case Anyone Was Wondering

When Louis C.K. last hosted SNL in November 2012, there was magic in the air. A week after Superstorm Sandy walloped New York, with huge parts of the city still without power, it just felt appropriate to see a comedian so emblematic of the New York spirit, with its gritty nature and heartfelt sincerity, serve as the face of the show that week. And to see him kill it as he did, with a hilarious parody of his FX show Louie starring Abraham Lincoln, was a magical moment for comedy nerds, like watching Conan O'Brien hosting the Emmys in 2006 or witnessing Joss Whedon's The Avengers win over both [...]

Kate McKinnon and Ellen DeGeneres Talk Bieber, Mr. Bill, and Australians

SNL's fastest rising star Kate McKinnon paid her second visit to Ellen yesterday, and the ladies talked about everything from McKinnon's Justin Bieber impression to their shared connection with SNL's "Mr. Bill" sketches. McKinnon even whips out her Australian accent near the end, though I guess it was too early to say "Look atcha boner!" on television.

Watch the First Two Episodes of 'Hudson Valley Ballers'

Above Average released the first two episodes of the new web series "Hudson Valley Ballers" today, and they are as hilarious as expected (and feature a creepy disappearing doll, which is always a bonus). "Best Friends" features guest stars Kate McKinnon and Paul Rudd, and "Felize V. The Feminists" features Paula and James as a pair of outspoken feminists in what I can only describe as an older, wiser, upstate New York version of Portlandia. Click through to watch the second episode.

'SNL' Review: Edward Norton Gets Into Character

Whenever the holiday season begins, a strange vibe settles in at SNL. The weeks blend together as sketches revolve around seasonal themes, with few exciting fresh ideas and a lineup of decent hosts with unmemorable episodes. Fall of last year was no different — Bruno Mars and Louis CK were highlights in what was otherwise a forgettable stretch including Daniel Craig, Christina Applegate, and Jeremy Renner. On the viewer side, this drop in enthusiasm is likely the result of the start-of-season excitement wearing off as we see the cast members fall into a familiar rotation. On the writers' side, perhaps it's a matter of fatigue, or limited options from [...]

Breaking Down Each Cast Member's Contribution to 'SNL' Season 38

As mentioned in yesterday's post listing our favorite moments from this season of SNL, Season 38 has been dubbed a "transitional year" by many followers of the show. After a few years of relative stability among the core cast members, stars Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg left a year ago, followed by Abby Elliott later in the summer. With the start of the new season, three performers from Chicago's improv and sketch community joined the cast: Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson, and Cecily Strong. In the wake of Wiig's dominating presence on the show, two freshman females in particular have emerged as go-to's: Kate McKinnon, who joined the cast [...]

Watch Vanessa Bayer's Epic Hip Hop Dance

Here's an SNL web exclusive featuring Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and last week's host Lena Dunham as they patiently wait for Vanessa Bayer to show off the new dance she learned at the gym paired up with Beyonce's "Partition." They might not exactly agree that Bayer's dance skills are up to par, but that doesn't mean they can't hug it out with her for trying.

Kate McKinnon and Jimmy Fallon Talk 'SNL,' Impressions, and Halloween Costumes

The lovely Kate McKinnon was a guest on Late Night last night, and she had a chat with Fallon about her first celebrity impersonation, her mom's sketch ideas, and her childhood mastery of Halloween costumes. I'm not sure how a kid can top a Halloween costume idea as awesome as Special Agent Dana Scully, but McKinnon is a multiple award-winning Halloween dresser, so I won't doubt her.

'SNL' Writers Paula Pell and James Anderson Wrote a New Web Series Starring Paul Rudd and Kate McKinnon

Here's a trailer for "Hudson Valley Ballers," a new web series by longtime SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson costarring Kate McKinnon and Paul Rudd. The series follows Paula and James, "longtime best friends who have been SNL writers for years, and now are queerballin' through their days in the Hudson Valley." The first two episodes will be available on Above Average on Tuesday the 17th, so get ready to meet your favorite new upstate livin' couples.

'SNL' Review: Tina Fey Introduces The New Cast

For a show that evolves constantly, SNL does a remarkable job preserving its brand. Despite the changes in the cast, the writers, and the culture it parodies, SNL will always be that live, hip, New York-centered show that puts up a few sketches at the end of the week to try to make you laugh. There's the "Live from New York…" throw line, the theme music, Don Pardo listing off the cast, the host walking out on stage, followed by that predictable pattern of live sketches, videos, musical performances, and the news segment. Critics put down this structure in favor of looser, more inventive sketch show formats, but given SNL's [...]

The Best of 'SNL' Season 38

It snuck up on us, didn't it? The end of SNL Season 38 brought along with it key staff changes, among them the upcoming departure of head writer Seth Meyers and the immediate departures of cast members Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and (unofficially) Jason Sudeikis. Few people have shaped SNL over the past 8 years more than these men — Meyers with his leadership in the writers room and charm as Weekend Update host, and Hader, Armisen and Sudeikis as the cast's workhorses and loadbearing performers. Indeed, many pegged Season 38 as a "transitional year" in the wake of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg leaving the show a year ago, [...]

Lena Dunham and Kate McKinnon Celebrate Feminism in These 'SNL' Promos

Lena Dunham hosts SNL for the first time this weekend, so she paired up with Kate McKinnon to make a bunch of silly promos that have them dancing, celebrating feminism, discussing Dunham's Girls directing style, and listing their goals for the week. As is the case with most actors who share the screen with Dunham, McKinnon's half-naked by the end of this video.

Checking in with 'SNL' Halfway Through Season 39

We've reached the midpoint of SNL's 39th season — one that has optimistically been called a "transitional year," but one more commonly known as "the year the shit hit the fan with that whole black woman issue." Despite the fact that the bulk of the SNL coverage in fall 2013 has zeroed in on the show's diversity controversy, SNL has given us plenty of other things to talk about, from new cast members and emerging stars on the show, to surprise cameos and celebrity hosts who defied our expectations — in good and bad ways.

Unfortunately, few of those topics have gotten much ink in fall 2013 (outside of sites [...]

Watch Kate McKinnon and Zachary Levi in a Fake Rom-Com Trailer from Above Average

Here's a trailer for a fake romantic comedy called Falling Down from Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video's YouTube channel Above Average. It stars SNL's Kate McKinnon, Chuck's Zachary Levi, SNL's Aidy Bryant, and hopefully for Kate McKinnon's sake, a stuntperson.

Above Average Network Debuts New Web Series 'I Expect You to Die' Featuring Kate McKinnon

Here's the first episode of I Expect You to Die, a new web series from New York-based sketch group Captain Hippo, produced for Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne Michaels's production company Broadway Video. I Expect You to Die follows a stand-off between a James Bond-esque spy and his evil mastermind foe, with SNL's Kate McKinnon playing a supporting role. It's proof that there are still new funny ways to make a James Bond parody, even when it feels like every possible angle has been done before.