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Highlights from 'The League' Cast and Crew's Reddit AMA

The cast and creators of FX's The League took to Reddit today to answer fan questions in between filming an episode from the new season (which kicks off – no sports reference intended – October 11th). Here are some of the best moments from the gang's chat:

On censorship:

Has there been a scene that was so offensive that it actually ended up getting cut from the show?

FX is pretty cool but let's just say there is a version of the Naginta song from Season 2 Episode 3 that will only ever exist for our own personal amusement

Are there any jokes you guys could not air on [...]

Ode To Funny Ladies Of L.A.

Because they're all friends in real life and experiencing real career success and make your friends look like drifters you picked up in the line for the White Castle bathroom, Paper Mag profiled these comedic actresses living in L.A. The talented ladies include Lucy Punch, Maria Thayer and Community's Gillian Jacobs, whose character Britta is so spot-on, I want to make a new awards show and corresponding statute just so I can personally present her with it. "I don't get the excuse to sit on my butt and wait for the phone to ring anymore. I have proven to myself that I can make this happen on my [...]

Why You Should Be Watching The League

Hey, comedy nerds: You should be watching The League. I have a feeling not all of you are, and that's a problem. Some of you tuned in last season, sure–the show did get picked up for a second season (premiering tonight on FX), after all. But it seems like the show has been slipping under the radar, which is too bad, because it just might have been the best new comedy of last year.

I might describe The League as the first half-hour of an Apatow film, with all the slightly bro-ish but very funny dick-joke ratatat that implies. It's only the first half-hour, though–there's no real sentimentality or, [...]