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Ken Jeong's Medical Comedy 'Dr. Ken' Lands a Pilot Order at ABC

Community's Ken Jeong might star in his own television show. THR reports that ABC has given a pilot order to Dr. Ken, a semi-autobiographical comedy Jeong developed for NBC back in 2013. Written by The Internship's Jared Stern, the series follows Jeong's real-life experiences as a physician who pursues a standup career on the side. Jeong has had several other onscreen projects in the works recently including an MTV comedy pilot called Ken Jeong Made Me Do It and a WWE film role opposite Hulk Hogan and David Hasselhoff.

Ken Jeong to Star in the Comedy 'International Incident,' Produced by Steve Carell

Ken Jeong is set for his first lead role in a movie. THR reports that Jeong is attached to a comedy called International Incident, about five United Nations delegates who go on a road trip to find one of their lost loves. David Javerbaum, The Daily Show's former head writer who worked on the show from 2002 to 2009, will write the script, which is currently at the pitch stage, and Steve Carell is in talks to produce the movie via his company Carousel Productions. The roles of the other four delegates have yet to be cast.

Ken Jeong Lines Up a Potential Post-'Community' Gig

Community's Ken Jeong has booked a new sitcom pilot that could wind up being a new fall show. Deadline reports that Jeong has been cast in the ABC pilot Spy, based on the British comedy of the same name. The show stars Rob Corddry as the father of a highly-intelligent child (Mason Cook), who takes a job at the Secret Service in order to prove himself to his son. Jeong will play Corddry's mischievous boss, The Examiner. Paget Brewster and comedian Moshe Kasher have also joined the cast.

If Community, which posted its lowest ratings ever on Thursday, does get renewed for a fifth season by NBC, [...]

Will Ken Marino Find Love or Burns on 'Burning Love'?

Ken Marino has been alternative comedy's leading hunk for about 20 years now, so he's the perfect candidate to pretend to pretend to find love. Burning Love is the ideal web series for people who enjoy when people ask, "can I steal you for a minute?" Well, Burning Love, because you are so funny and you have such a terrific cast of female comedians (Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, Natasha Leggero, June Diane Raphael, Ken Jeong), you can steal me for around eight minutes a week. After the jump you can find episode two and three, where we learn which archetype from The Bachelor everyone represents and who is the famous [...]

Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, Paul Feig, Ken Jeong, Garry Shandling and Louis CK Get Awarded at Just for Laughs

You know you’re in Canada when a shmuck like me is allowed into a star-studded comedy awards ceremony and the security guard actually apologizes for making me wait in line.

One of the premiere events at this year’s Just For Laughs Festival is the Awards Luncheon, which honored Modern Family Creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd for Comedy Writers of the Year, Ken Jeong for Breakout Comedy Star of the Year, Paul Feig for Comedy Director of the Year, Garry Shandling for the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Louis C.K. for Comedy Person of the Year.

Maybe “premiere event” is a little too strong. As MC and Comedy Central Roast [...]

Ken Jeong to Star in WWE-Produced Comedy with Hulk Hogan and David Hasselhoff

Ken Jeong is breaking into the world of WWE movies. Variety reports that the Community favorite has signed on to star in a comedy for WWE Studios with a working title of Untitled Celebrity Death Pool. The film will center on Jeong's character as "a struggling nightclub owner who after amassing a large debt from a loan shark, sets out to win a long-running celebrity death pool by attempting to kill Hasselhoff." Hasselhoff and WWE's own Hulk Hogan have both signed on to make cameo appearances.

Untitled Celebrity Death Pool isn't the only starring role to be announced for Jeong this summer; he's also set to topline the [...]

Ken Jeong to Star in an Autobiographical Medical Sitcom for NBC

Prior to transitioning into comedy, Ken Jeong worked as a physician, and now he's set to star in a new sitcom where he plays a doctor. The semi-autobiographical show, a multi-cam sitcom called Dr. Ken, is in development at NBC, and it's being written by Jared Stern (The Internship, The Watch), Deadline reports. Jeong is currently a cast member on Community, which has its fifth season on the way, but he'd leave that show if it gets renewed for a sixth and Dr. Ken goes to series.

Jeong graduated from medical school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1995 and pursued his residency in New Orleans [...]

Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx Are Making Movies for Each Other

In what's an unusual arrangement in the movie industry, Ken Jeong and Jamie Foxx are teaming up to each produce a movie for the other to star in, The LA Times reports. Jeong and Foxx haven't worked together before, but they're apparently best friends now, as proven by this unusual deal they've made. The movie Ken Jeong is producing for Jamie Foxx to star in is After Prom, a buddy movie about two cool grown-ups who put their teenage kids through an elaborate series of trials and tests to prepare them for prom. The film Foxx is producing for Jeong to act in is All-Star Weekend, which also [...]

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Chang Tongue

An hour-plus of the cast, creator and producers of Community chit-chatting at the Paley Center for Media about the funny things Ken Jeong does with his tongue to make his co-stars laugh during takes? Okay, it's a weird choice for your third and final wish from the genie you found in this old computer, but poof: granted.

Ken Jeong Ruins/Improves GQ's Sexy Photoshoot

How do you do a sexy photoshoot with a subject like Ken Jeong, who isn't exactly a sex symbol? If you're GQ, you do your standard sex photoshoot with model Kate Upton and some pretty dude, and then you have Jeong attempt to ruin every photo. It's a pretty great formula, really, although now that I've got this association linked in my mind I'll probably start getting mildly aroused whenever Chang shows up on Community. Could be worse!

'Community's Ken Jeong to Play Himself in MTV Comedy Pilot

Community favorite Ken Jeong is about to star in his own show. THR reports that Jeong has been cast in an in-the-works coming-of-age comedy pilot for MTV now titled Ken Jeong Made Me Do It. Jeong will play himself in the show, which centers on a 22-year-old named Andy, "who, after catching his girlfriend cheating, accidentally rear-ends Jeong's fancy car. Taking pity on Andy, Jeong takes it upon himself to teach him how to man up." The project — co-written and produced by Arrested Development's Andy St. Clair and Paul O'Toole — will thankfully not get in the way of Jeong's return to Community on Yahoo Screen [...]

Watch Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong Perform Together at an Open Mic in 1998

Here's video of Hangover bros Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong performing together during a Los Angeles open mic in 1998. I bet that MC knows how to pronounce "Galifianakis" correctly now (maybe).

You'll See More of Ken Jeong in 'Hangover III'

It appears that Ken Jeong will have a larger role in Hangover III than he had in the previous two installments. This either suggests that they're trying to do something different with the third movie or their trying to wring every last laugh out a very extreme, fairly limited character. Nonetheless, this is great news from Ken Jeong and fan's of Ken Jeong's penis.

The Male Community Cast Enjoys A Dark, Strong, Shirtless Cup of Coffee

Goooood morning. Joel McHale was asked to make a video for People's Sexiest Man Alive contest, and bless his toned, muscular heart, he shares the wealth with the other male cast members of Community. Only one bone to pick about this otherwise PERFECT video: why hasn't Ken Jeong been named a Sexiest Man Alive yet? Get with it, People Magazine. This is what the ladies want. For video completists, McHale talked more about the filming process on Conan last night, including why Chevy Chase wasn't included (hint: a combination of homophobia and overly pointy nipples).