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Sarah Silverman Teaches Kids Some Comedy Basics

Sarah Silverman was recently a guest on the Kevin Nealon-hosted web series Laugh Lessons, where she sits down with impressionable children to answer some of comedy's most important questions: How should a comedian shake hands with people? Is poop or pee funnier? What are some solid comedian names? What is courtesy laughter? Thanks to her years of experience, Silverman leaves no question unanswered. (via The Huffington Post)

Watch Kevin Nealon Discuss His 'SNL' Beginnings with Paul F. Tompkins

Here's the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins's web talk show Speakeasy, with guest Kevin Nealon talking about his early days in comedy, starting in standup when everyone at his level was doing an impression of David Letterman, Richard Pryor or Steve Martin (he was doing Steve Martin), and Dana Carvey calling him from Lorne Michaels's back bedroom the summer before they both got hired for SNL to excitedly, quietly tell him what celebrities were there.

Kevin Nealon Tested His Lip Reading Skills on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Nealon hung out at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and the two former Weekend Update anchors had some fun as Kevin showed off his incredibly lip reading skills. Below, the two had a lovely chat about optimism, risk-taking, and why you should never get anywhere before you know you're there.

The All-Star Version of the Risk! Podcast Is Chock Full of Famous Comics' Stories

Podcast aficionado Joe Berkowitz already introduced us to the Risk! podcast, hosted by The State's Kevin Allison, but the most current episode is a special one. It's the All-Star Episode, and unlike most of this podcast's episodes, it costs money to download. But only $2, and for that you get stories from Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, Nick Swardson, Marc Maron, Adam McKay, and Kerri Kenney-Silver. Not a bad deal, and a great intro to a Splitsider-approved podcast to boot.

Husband/Wife Duo Kevin Nealon and Susan Yeagley Sell a Comedy to NBC

Kevin Nealon might be starring in an upcoming half-hour comedy on NBC. According to Deadline, Nealon and his wife Susan Yeagley from Parks and Recreation have sold a comedy to NBC. The untitled project follows "a recently divorced couple who find themselves still tied to their close-knit family (and each other) through their jointly owned business – a bar off the Las Vegas Strip." No casting has been confirmed yet for the series, but Nealon is expected to star, while Yeagley will take on a supporting role. Nealon and Yeagley will serve as co-executive producers on the project.

Kevin Nealon Plays Cupid to Two Hopeless Romantic Second Graders

"SNL cast member" and "star on Showtime's Weeds" aren't exactly the kind of references that are going to stick with a bunch of second graders, but thankfully for Kevin Nealon the concept of love on Valentine's Day transcends all age groups. Above, watch Nealon talk to a bunch of kids about Valentine's Day for Ellen and turn into quite a skilled matchmaker for two seven-year-olds whose love for each other shall no longer remain a secret, classmate teasing be damned.

Late Night Roundup: Angry Old Guys Don Rickles and Lewis Black Do Their Things

Two of America’s funniest angry old guys made late night appearances last night. First, “Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to bust Kimmel’s balls for being a “dumbbell host” and to admit he realizes nobody is interested in buying his app. At 86, Rickles is still spry and quick to berate Kimmel at every chance he gets.

64-year-old angry guy Lewis Black returned to The Daily Show for another installment of his long-running segment “Back in Black,” which he only does a few times a year these days. Black takes on Lance Armstrong, butt chugging, and donkey sex crimes, all topics that give him ample opportunity [...]

Former Weekend Update Anchors Seth Meyers and Kevin Nealon Chat About Animals

Adding to his list of fellow former Weekend Update anchor guests, Seth Meyers had a chat with Kevin Nealon on last night's Late Night about why he always gets embarrassing parts in Sandler movies, the many very poisonous South African animals, American zoos, and whether or not Nealon was stoned during the whole interview.

Kevin Nealon Is Annoyed by Everything

On last night's Late Night, fellow SNL alums and former Weekend Update anchors Kevin Nealon and Jimmy Fallon had what went from an endearingly awkward chat to Nealon revealing a very long list of things that annoy him, from being called "Boss" to New York pedicab drivers to automatic paper towel dispensers. Click through to watch the second part of the interview where Nealon tells Fallon about some of his childhood band names and plays a little banjo for the audience.

Saturday Night's Children: Kevin Nealon (1986-1995)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 36 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Kevin Nealon might not have been the biggest SNL star of his era, but competing isn't necessary when you're the cast's tall weirdo-in-residence. His deadpan absurdity and all-American newscaster voice made him the closest thing the show had to a center of gravity since Chevy Chase in season one, and from his time as the gruff Tarzan to his segments as Mr. [...]