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Inside Chicago's Own Late Night Show, 'The Late Live Show'

In retrospect, it just seems so obvious.

After a few minutes of talking to the people behind Chicago's The Late Live Show, one starts to feel like the relevant question isn't, "Why did these guys decide to start a live, untelevised talk show?" The real question seems to be, "Why isn't everyone else doing it?"

"There are stand-up shows, there are improv shows, and there are sketch shows in Chicago," said Joe Kwaczala, the show's 25-year-old host. "Those are formats people are familiar with and can dial into. But so is a late-night talk show! We thought, 'Why isn't there one you can go out and see live?'"


Tig Notaro Needs You to Help Kickstart Her Clown Service

As the video above eventually gets around to saying, Tig Notaro has started a Kickstarter campaign to help finance a short film entitled Clown Service. She's looking for $10,000, which is a good amount of nickels (200,000 to be exact) to ask for. If you do have 200,000 nickels to spend, Tig assures, "People will be really impressed with this, by the way." And if you do, I recommend the next time you see Tig, you go up to her and say, "Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you, but I just have to tell you: I'm the person who completely funded your short film, so can you [...]

Inspector Spacetime: Victim of Intellectual Property Theft?

You may recall jumping for joy on Monday at the news that there would be an Inspector Spacetime web series. Since then, it's come to light that not only are no Community actors involved in the project, no one from NBC or Community has anything to do with it. Instead, Travis Richey, the actor who played Inspector Spacetime (he's made brief appearances in two episodes of Community, with his voice used in a third) has taken it upon himself to produce, write and star in a six-part web series.

A Proposed Kickstarter to Help Louis C.K. Raise $8 Million to Make a Movie

Louis C.K. said in his Reddit AMA that he would make a movie if he had $8 million. Shouldn't be too hard to round up, right? We've taken it upon ourselves to come up with some Kickstarter incentives for the project:

$1: You get the satisfaction of being a material Louis C.K. supporter at the lowest possible level and nothing else because it's only one dollar.

$5: You get to download Louis' new special, obviously.

$25: You get a copy of the movie on DVD/Blu-ray/digital download/whatever.

$50: You get a copy of the movie and the first two seasons of Louie.

$100: You get a signed [...]

The Ladies Of Ass Backward Beseech You

Casey Wilson and comedy partner June Diane Raphael need you to give their asses some money. The comedy duo of SNL alum Wilson and Year One's Raphael are mere shooting days away from finishing their indie comedy Ass Backwards, which has been floating around Movie Limbo since their funding dried up five years ago. The film stars Wilson and Raphael as delusional New Yorkers Kate and Chloe, who travel back to their hometown to win the beauty pageant that bested them in their youth. In addition to the film sounding a little Romy And Michelle, a little Ab Fab and a lot amazing, Ass Backwards offers some excellent [...]

Help Fund Charlie Kaufman, Dan Harmon, and Dino Stamatopoulos's Stop-Motion Animated Film!!!!!

You aren't dreaming. This is real. This is the most exciting thing since… What was the most exciting thing before sliced bread? The Wheel? Fire? This is the most exciting thing since the cavemen set a wheel on fire. The film, which is entitled Anomalisa, is described as:

Wanna See a Movie About the NYC Improv Scene?

Here's the Kickstarter video for On the Cusp, Off the Cuff, a documentary about the improv community in New York being made by improviser and sociology student Nate Dern. It promises to feature performers from UCB, the PIT and the Magnet, and to ask questions like "Why do people spend so much time and energy on an ephemeral art form that essentially disappears forever as soon as the show is over?" If this sounds like something you want to see, you can go give him $8,000 here. I suppose you could also give less than $8,000, ya cheapskate.

The Creek and the Cave and the Kickstarter

There are just 13 days left to donate to the Kickstarter page for The Creek and the Cave, the comedy theater in Long Island City. Let's get these guys a marquee.

You Have Four Hours to Make the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival a Much Crazier Event

Eugene Mirman has been raising funds on Kickstarter for the past month in order to make his Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, happening in Brooklyn in September, a crazier and more ambitious affair. The period for fundraising ends this afternoon, and he's currently about $1,300 short of his $18,000 goal. If he doesn't hit $18,000 by 2:06pm EST today, he gets none of the money. That would suck! So go toss him a few bucks if you want to support awesome, funny things. There are some seriously ridiculous incentives in it for you, too! Unless you don't want "a leather jacket covered in swears, culturally and racially insensitive messages [...]

Charles Manson: The Kickstarter Page, by Scott Jacobson


Listen, you play it on the square with me and we'll be fine, just fine, but I seen the earth turnin' and burnin' since before you had teeth in your skull, brother, so don't come askin' me where to hang your fine cotton panties when the shit goes down! Here's the score: the world's drownin' in blood, there's a race war comin', and we got bulls swingin' beatdown sticks out in Suicide Alley with the Jews and homosexuals hangin' back waitin' for sloppy seconds! So I'm seeking $6,500 for outreach materials and to fund workshops focusing on open skill and resource sharing!


Comedian Myq Kaplan Starts a Kickstarter to Figure Out What Kickstarter Considers Art

Here are things Kickstarter implicitly considers art: Hawaiian bitters, a solar powered sound installation, a mix-tape of whale songs, a pre-Burning Man roller disco, and a weapon to shoot toothpicks. Myq's project has already been funded but the more money the more art he can make. It's at least as artful as a toothpick weapon.

Get Ready for A Show With Ze Frank

Great news for fans of the show with zefrank and its highly interactive brand of weirdness. Ze Frank has announced that he'll be doing a new show starting at the end of March, with three episodes a week for at least a year. He's already way over his funding goal on Kickstarter, so this is definitely happening. Note: the show can also be printed out, crumpled up and used as fake nipples.

Start Getting Excited to Watch the Improv Everywhere Movie

Here's a pretty cool Kickstarter video for the Improv Everywhere movie, a feature-length documentary about the people and process behind the no-pants subway ride, the tuxedo-ruining Black Tie Beach, Mall Santa Musical, frozen Grand Central, and approximately one kagrillion other heart-warming and day-making pranks. The movie also features Aubrey Plaza and Nick Kroll and, if it's like this trailer, will probably make you feel good about art and comedy and humans. You can donate to get the project off the ground here.

Donate to the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Get a Goat Named After You

Eugene Mirman has taken to Kickstarter to help finance this year's Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn, because he wants to do some ridiculous and unprofitable things. Things like set up a petting zoo outside the venue and, you know, pay comedians to perform at it. The incentives for donating are all pretty excellent, from an autographed WWII helmet that acts as a VIP badge to a 22-year-old "handler" to hang out with you all weekend and be "sort of helpful." But my favorite may be this one: "An autographed ostrich egg that gets you and a guest into the VIP HUSH-HUSH AFTERPARTY, a roped off area in [...]