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What's Every Former 'Kids in the Hall' Writer Up To Now?

“I got that one from the kids in the hall.”–Sid Caesar, blaming his writers whenever a joke would bomb

It's taken me many years to wrap my head around the concept of television writers. It seems like I've always more or less operated under the assumption that people on TV just wandered in front of the cameras and were cool/funny, and then they went and cashed their massive paychecks. This felt doubly true for sketch comedy shows, going back to Monty Python's Flying Circus, where each of the six members of the troupe were credited as creators, writers, and performers. Since I accepted early on that Python had made [...]

Happy 66th Birthday, David Bowie! Here are 6 Fake, Funny Bowies

This is a comedy site, but rock God and androgynous British spaceman David Bowie is enough of a pop cultural icon with legitimate comedy chops — Extras, Zoolander, that video for “Dancing in the Streets” with Mick Jagger — for us to give him some recognition on his 66th birthday. (May we all be that cool when we are pensioners — because British.) Here then are 6 of the funniest Fake Bowies of all time, encompassing a number of Bowie’s many eras and alter egos.

Scott Thompson Thought Kids In the Hall Would Win an Oscar

Kids In the Hall's Scott Thompson on Brain Candy, the KITH movie that flopped so badly it broke up the group: "We were all convinced it would be a huge hit, that it would be the beginning of our movie careers, and I knew we'd win an Oscar for Best Screenplay. Kevin [McDonald] and I would debate it endlessly, whether they would give us the screenwriting Oscar as a group or as individuals. We kept trying to figure that out. He'd seriously say, 'But they don't give the screenwriting Oscar to comedies,' and I really thought we'd be the first."

Molly Shannon to Star in a Fox Comedy Created by Kids in the Hall's Bruce McCulloch

Fox is developing a new comedy for the 2014-15 season that Molly Shannon would potentially star in and produce, with the script coming from Kids in the Hall alum Bruce McCulloch, who will also serve as showrunner, Deadline reports. The untitled comedy follows a professional woman named Fiona (Shannon) in conflict with her pregnant daughter, who lives with her. Shannon and McCulloch previously worked together on the SNL spinoff movie Superstar, which she starred in and he directed. Recently, Shannon has been keeping busy with recurring roles on Enlightened, Raising Hope, and HBO's upcoming Getting On, while McCulloch recurred on the Netflix revival of Arrested Development and starred in/co-wrote [...]

'Kids in the Hall': The Lost Sketches

While CBC was The Kids in the Hall's Canadian home for their full five season run, the first three seasons aired on HBO in the United States before moving to CBS for the fourth and fifth seasons. When the DVD sets of the show were compiled, the logical choice was to use the full HBO versions for the first three seasons, as they sometimes ran several minutes longer than the CBC cuts that were rigidly timed to twenty-three and a half minutes to accommodate commercials. The Canadian cuts would be used for season 4 and 5, as CBC’s broadcast standards were still more lax than American network TV.

Besides [...]

The Kids in the Hall's Kevin McDonald Is Guest Writing at 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live has featured some impressive guest writers this season, like Michael Che and Chelsea Peretti, and now, Kids in the Hall alum Kevin McDonald has joined SNL's writing staff as a guest writer. McDonald will be writing on the next two episodes, hosted by Melissa McCarthy and Vince Vaughn, respectively. Monica Padrick (MTV's Skins and The Inbetweeners) is also serving as a guest writer on these two shows. McDonald's most recent writing credit was on the 2010 CBC miniseries The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town. He's the third member of The Kids in the Hall to write for SNL, following Bruce McCulloch [...]

Looking Back at Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall is one of the most influential sketch shows of all time. In terms of importance, I'd argue it's right up there with Monty Python's Flying Circus and Saturday Night Live. The show pushed the envelope in a number of ways, with its bizarre, surreal sense of humor that hadn't been seen on sketch shows since Python. Additionally, it touched on sensitive topics like homosexuality that were at the time largely absent from TV shows. I should admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to this show; KITH was one of the first comedy shows I really got into when I was [...]