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Talking to Wyatt Cenac About 'The Daily Show', Writing for 'King of the Hill', and What's Next for Him

Since leaving The Daily Show at the end of last year, comedian Wyatt Cenac has been keeping busy with a variety of new projects. He's been hosting the popular New York standup show Night Train, filmed a role in the upcoming David Cross-directed movie Hits, and has been developing TV projects of his own. I recently had the chance to chat with Wyatt Cenac about Kanye West's Curb Your Enthusiasm pilot that he starred in and recently screened at Night Train, writing for King of the Hill, and why he decided to leave The Daily Show.

That'll Learn You: In Defense of Country Comedy

“But we'll all be equal under the grass, And God's got a heaven for country trash.” –Johnny Cash

For the most part, sketch, improv and stand-up nerds know their comedy. However, I can't help but notice there's are certain hole in many comedians' knowledge: country comedy. Fair enough, I suppose. Maybe most people who grow up on Long Island didn't grow up tuning into Leonard's Losers every week (a radio program in which, in a throaty Southern accent, the titular character picks the losing college football team of a given SEC/Big Ten match-up. Look, you had to be there). Comedy fans often make the mistake of thinking there's no [...]