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Here's Kristen Schaal Playing Darth Vader

From John Moe's public radio show, Wits, here's a live sketch in which Kristen Schaal plays Star Wars villain Darth Vader, in case you've ever wondered what that would be like.

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11 Uniquely Brilliant Standup Specials of 2013

As with most years, 2013 saw an overwhelming amount of excellent standup, far too much to ever catalogue. But the greatest specials of the year were unique and inventive; many played with the very idea of a special itself, while others featured profoundly personal stories spun into brilliant standup. What they share is their distinctness — each of these comics has made a special that captures their own undeniable form of genius. Here are the most distinctive, memorable standup specials of 2013.

Watch Kristen Schaal Tell Jay Leno About Her First Trip to a Strip Club

Here's Kristen Schaal on The Tonight Show last night, telling Jay Leno about her first trip to a strip club and how her first lap dance turned into her feeling her stripper for lumps. Luckily, she didn't have any because that would have been a strange conversation.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Kristen Schaal – Live at the Fillmore

Kristen Schaal has been a stand-out star on TV for a long enough time — in live action shows like Flight of the Conchords and The Daily Show as well as cartoons like Bob’s Burgers and Gravity Falls — that it’s hard to believe that Live at the Fillmore is her first full-length standup special. But even if it’s surprising, it’s true; this week Comedy Central is releasing Schaal's debut Live at the Fillmore on DVD. In addition to Schaal's one-hour special, the DVD also features material from her performances on Comedy Central Presents and John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, and her favorite appearances on The [...]

Kristen Schaal Joins June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate in ABC's 'Pulling'

ABC's adaptation of the British series Pulling is now vying with Andy Samberg's cop show for the title of "Most Anticipated Comedy Pilot of 2013." Deadline reports that Kristen Schaal has joined the cast to play one of the three female leads, along with two other super funny actresses/writers, June Diane Raphael and Jenny Slate, who were previously announced. Schaal will be playing the role of Louise vacated by Mandy Moore, and yes, her character here has the same name as the Bob's Burgers character she voices.. Based on the UK sitcom of the same name starring and co-created by Sharon Horgan, ABC's Pulling pilot [...]

Kristen Schaal Warns Kindergarten Girls to Get Married Now Before It's Too Late

Apparently some lady wrote a book about how young women need to get married and pregnant as early as possible, so Senior Women's Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal came on The Daily Show to not only shed more light on the issue, but educate a bunch of kindergarten girls about the importance of finding a man before they're all sterile and trapped for life with the scary monster that is loneliness.

ABC Buys Comedy Written by and Starring Kristen Schaal

Daily Show correspondent Kristen Schaal and former Daily Show writer Rich Blomquist (who's also her husband) have sold a sitcom to ABC, according to Deadline. The two will write American Monster, about "a small-town misfit who becomes an unlikely celebrity when she goes on trial for the murder of the century," who will be played by Schaal. The show will be produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have already sold two other pilots this season – the Johnny Depp-produced Torched, and the Will Forte-created Last Man on Earth.

9 Comedy Pilots We Hope Get Picked Up This Year

Next week, the TV networks are set to unveil their new fall lineups, officially announcing which shows are coming back and which new shows will get to see the light of day. Networks always develop a ton of pilots, only choosing a few to go to series, and Deadline reports that execs at all the networks are "very happy" with their comedy pilots this time around.  With shows from Rebel Wilson, Andy Samberg, and John Mulaney in the mix, there are a lot of high-profile comedy pilots this season, and we whittled them down to nine shows that we hope make it through the pilot season gauntlet. And just [...]

Kristen Schaal's New Comedy Central Special Premieres Tonight at Midnight

The very funny Kristen Schaal has a new hour-long stand-up special debuting tonight at 12am on Comedy Central. The only reason not to watch is out of respect for Schaal, who's been doing a bit where she says she's disappointed with how the taping went and discourages people from watching it interviews and a series of tweets.

Amazon Orders Six Comedy Pilots from The Onion, Kristen Schaal and More

Amazon.com is continuing to develop its slate of original TV series, with a strong emphasis on comedy. The online retailer just announced six comedy pilots today, according to Deadline. Five of the shows are from TV industry veterans like Garry Trudeau, The Onion, and several Daily Show alums, while the sixth, Those Who Can't, is from a group of newcomers. Amazon offered to look at submissions from anyone who wanted to pitch a show a few months ago, and Those Who Can't is the first to be picked up from 2,000 series ideas they looked over. Once these six pilots are finished, they'll be posted on Amazon Instant [...]

Kristen Schaal Gives a Women's Issues Update on 'The Daily Show'

Apparently since gender equality caught on there are some men out there who feel a little intimidated by the increasing girliness of America's modern workplace culture. Kristen Schaal illustrated this perfectly on last night's Daily Show, where she gave Jon a glimpse into her former cigar-sucking "manly man" bosses and warned of a glorious feminine takeover of the once masculine acts of workplace sexism and harassment, which are nothing compared to the emotional damage women do best.

Kristen Schaal Taught Jon Stewart All About Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Daily Show's long absent and much missed Women's Correspondent Kristen Schaal stopped by the show last night to talk about Halloween costumes. And things get pretty sexy.

Watch Kristen Schaal, Anthony Jeselnik, Nick Kroll, and More at a Comedy Roundtable

Here's The Hollywood Reporter's hour-long comedy roundtable, featuring Kristen Schaal, Anthony Jeselnik, Nick Kroll, Rob Delaney, and Cecily Strong. From Kroll's story about bombing in front of Bill Murray when he was new at stand-up to Schaal discussing a particular network's reluctance to air shows with female leads, it's an interesting and fun chat all around.

Kristen Schaal's First Hour-Long Special to Debut on Comedy Central on April 1st

Comedy Central announced this week that April 1st will be the premiere of Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore, the first hour-long stand-up special from Schaal, who you probably know from The Daily Show, Bob's Burgers, 30 Rock, and a million other amazing things. The special, which features a cameo from Schaal's comedy partner Kurt Braunohler, will be released via an extended DVD the next day,on April 2nd. It'll debut on Comedy Central Monday, April 1st at midnight — unless this is all just some elaborate April Fool's Day prank by Schaal, which wouldn't be all that surprising.