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Finding Controversy by Accident with Kurt Metzger

After 15 years of performing standup, New York comic Kurt Metzger's career is gaining momentum, all without the help of business cards and t-shirts. But hey, it's never too late to try something new. "My income’s been getting kind of better, so it’s just a matter of if I have the extra money to spend on something like that."

His new one hour special, White Precious, premieres tonight on Comedy Central at 11pm. I talked to Metzger about leaving behind the religion of his youth, his family, his love/hate relationship with social media, and his penchant for controversy.

From what I’ve read you’re not much of a marketer [...]

'Inside Amy Schumer' is Much Better Than Any Awful Pun I Can Make Here

Inside Amy Schumer premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. eastern on Comedy Central. Gander at your local cable box's listings to confirm this. The first episode is available on Comedy Central's official website now.

Comedy Central has been riding a hot streak lately, and it more than continues with Inside Amy Schumer.

The Best of 'Inside Amy Schumer's First Season

The reason why Inside Amy Schumer seemed to work since the show premiered, and the reason why the entire first season ended up being a success, is because it felt like all of the sketches clearly represented the vision of the star of the show, no matter which writer or writers were responsible. Schumer's established artistic scope is a very appealing one — Amy engages her audience with a ribald vocabulary, yet after you hear two or more setups and punchlines it's clear that she is more than vulnerable. She constantly doubts herself, using one eye to wink at the fun she's having through being single while using [...]

The Great NYC Standup Debate

There's been a debate raging across the internet this weekend about the UCBeast Theatre in New York's practice of not paying stand-ups who perform there. The whole thing started last month when comedian Kurt Metzger, in his words, "trashed UCBeast" on Facebook for not paying comedians for a sold-out $10 dollar-a-head stand-up show called "If You Build It." Here's some of Metzger's Facebook musings:

"So last week I trashed UCBeast for packing a 120 seat theater at 10 bucks a head for a standup show in NY on a Saturday night, and then not having the decency God gave Jerry Sandusky to peel the performers off a twenty. I'll [...]

Talking to Kurt Metzger About Starting Out in Comedy, Patrice O'Neal, and Standup Controversies

If you’re a person who believes that comedy has any sort of social mission, Kurt Metzger probably isn’t the comic for you. But if you’re a fan of funny for funny’s sake without any punches pulled, he’s your guy.

Metzger is a veteran NYC comic who in recent months has found himself at the center of some of the stand-up world’s prevailing controversies. He publicly called bullshit on the Upright Citizens Bridgade Theater’s practice of not paying comics for shows that charge admission, which sparked some heated philosophical debate about the business of comedy that went viral and eventually drew a response from the UCB’s founders. He also [...]