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Learn What It's Like to Be the Voice of Comedy Central with Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane doesn't just have a new Comedy Central standup special airing tomorrow — he also happens to be the official voice of the network, offering up his unique "Kinane Technique" to CC's many promos. In the above clip, Kinane shares some tricks of the trade, from his special coffee/gin drink mix to the maybe-illegal South American throat lubricants that keep his voice in peak shape, Wednesdays be damned.

This Week in Comedy: Kyle Kinane vs. Pace Salsa, and Seth Meyers's 'Late Night' Writing Staff

-Standup Kyle Kinane had a hilarious Twitter interaction with a salsa company, but it turned out to just be a prank by comedian Randy Liedtke.

-Late Night with Seth Meyers's writing staff was revealed. More writers may be hired, but the show's initial staff is Alison Agosti, Alex Baze, Bryan Donaldson, Peter Grosz, John Lutz, Seth Meyers, Chioke Nassor, Conner O'Malley, Seth Reiss, and Ben Warheit.

-Louis C.K. signed a deal with FX to make more TV shows for them.

-We looked at why every conservative version of The Daily Show fails.

-Dummies everywhere thought an Onion story about cops who kiss criminals was real.

-We [...]

Kyle Kinane Got Pace Salsa to Suspend Their Twitter Account (UPDATE)

Standup Kyle Kinane got into a Twitter war with the account for salsa company Pace Foods over the weekend, and it looks like he won.

After finding that Pace Salsa had favorited a 10-month old tweet of his insulting their product and responded to it with "GRAB THE SOUTHWEST BY THE BOTTLE," Kinane found that Pace's account is set up to automatically fav and have that response to any tweet that mentions their product. Kinane then proceeded to get Pace Salsa to automatically endorse a series of wildly offensive tweets about their product, causing the company to issue an apology over Twitter and beg him to delete the tweets [...]

Watch Kyle Kinane's Comedy Central Pilot

Kyle Kinane has been one of the funniest stand-ups going for the past few years. Last summer, he made this pilot, entitled Kyle Kinane's Going Nowhere, for Comedy Central that the network passed on. It's a pseudo-travel show that sees him visiting San Francisco and hanging out with a lot of weirdos. It's a much watch if you like Kyle Kinane, pseudo-travel shows, or footage of weirdos. (via The Comic's Comic)

Talking to Kyle Kinane About Standup, His New Hour Special, and Being Comedy Central's Announcer

Over the past few years, Kyle Kinane has emerged as one of the best stand-ups going, with his career rising as he's continued to hone his craft. Equal parts witty, raw, and dark, his act has earned him stand-up spots on Conan, Mash Up, John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, and his own Comedy Central Presents special, plus guest spots on sitcoms like Workaholics and Bob's Burgers. Now, Kinane is releasing his first hour-long stand-up special, entitled Kyle Kinane: Whiskey Icarus, which drops on Comedy Central at 11pm this Saturday. It's a wildly funny stand-up hour — one of the best of the year — and both a great [...]

Kyle Kinane Is Not Punk Rock

After a long, unconventional course of some fifteen years, Kyle Kinane finds himself at an interesting point in his comedy career. To his fans and peers, he is one of today's best comics. He's developed a unique, personal style that allows him to deliver his observational wisdom through the natural persona of a grizzled everydude. His first two releases, Death of the Party and Whiskey Icarus, garnered critical acclaim and his list of TV credits continues to grow. Now, on the eve of the world premiere of his new Comedy Central special, I Liked His Old Stuff Better, Kinane faces the challenge of staying true to his old fan base [...]

Watch Kyle Kinane, Kurt Braunohler, and More Audition for a Movie Called 'Space Cops'

Here's a star-studded new video from Denver-based comedy trio The Grawlix (Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Andrew Orvedahl). It's a series of auditions for a fake movie called Space Cops, with appearances from Kyle Kinane, Matt Braunger, Kurt Braunohler, Howard Kremer, Andy Peters, Jake Weisman, and a bunch of other funny standups.

The Cherokee Effect Comedians: Kyle Kinane

Shucking the day job and hitting the open road is a dream for many, but for aspiring comedians, it’s a mandatory step to full-time success alongside countless open mics, late gigs at half-empty clubs, and competing with loud drunks and bar televisions all to hone their craft and launch their name. For The Cherokee Effect Comedians, we interviewed four performers who made the journey from 9-5er to professional comedian to learn how they did it and how today’s aspiring comedians can too.

First up is Kyle Kinane, a Chicago-based standup who has appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, Comedy Central Presents, Conan, Drunk History, and more, [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Kyle Kinane – Whiskey Icarus'

Whiskey Icarus, Kyle Kinane’s first Comedy Central special, came out this week as a CD/DVD combo pack. In this follow up to Kinane’s celebrated 2010 debut Death of the Party, Kinane continues to tackle the important issues, such as what it’s like calling a cab to take him to Wendy’s and the underlying meaning and struggles of being delivered an unsliced pizza. Enjoy Kinane’s storytelling and self-deprecating take on everyday life, and then maybe treat yourself to an unsliced pizza of your very own.

Watch Kyle Kinane Play Video Games in a Basement on "Matt's Game Chamber"

Here's Kyle Kinane appearing on the first episode of L.A.-based standup Matt Ingebretson's funny new web series "Matt's Game Chamber." Ingebretson interviews Kinane while the two play a Batman video game, and Kinane slowly destroys Ingebretson's basement, piece by piece. Clearly, interviewing people while they're distracted by video games is a smart move, and it'll probably become the norm for all TV interviews once those late night hosts get a load of this web show.

Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed Another Twitter Hoax

Last week, LA-based standup Randy Liedtke tricked comedian Kyle Kinane and a bunch of people in the internet with a fake internet account for Pace Salsa, and now, he seems to be at it again. A couple days ago, Liedtke baked some cookies that looked like iPhones and said on Twitter that he plans to use them to trick police officers into pulling him over for talking on his phone while driving but when pulled over, he'll take a bite out of the iPhone cookie and "ask if cookies are against the law." Liedtke took his iPhone cookie for a spin last night and live-tweeted it, claiming that [...]

Comedian Randy Liedtke Talks About His Pace Salsa Twitter Account that Fooled Kyle Kinane and the Internet

Sunday night, comedian Kyle Kinane got into a hilarious interaction with the Twitter account for Pace Picante salsa that took the internet by storm, only for it to be revealed to have been a hoax by fellow standup Randy Liedtke the following day. The Huffington Post talked to Liedtke about the aftermath of the whole ordeal to get his side of the story. Here's him describing how the account got started:

In August, I had this idea to create a couple Twitter accounts for companies that didn't have Twitter accounts, and then establish them as sort of real … I didn't have any devious plan. I wondered how fast [...]

Kyle Kinane Tells a Story About How '80s Pop Music Almost Got Him Killed

Here's the latest episode of Comedy Central's web series This Is Not Happening, in which standups tell exciting stories about themselves. In this one, the very funny Kyle Kinane does exactly that and regales us with a tale about how his love for The Go-Go's nearly cost him his life.

Kyle Kinane Had a Great Set on 'Conan' Last Night

Here's Kyle Kinane's stand-up set on Conan yesterday, which was really funny, just like how stand-up sets are supposed to be. Nicely done!