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The Fourth Season of 'Eastbound & Down' Will Be Its Last

Eastbound & Down is set to premiere its last season (again). HBO announced today that the Danny McBride baseball comedy will conclude its run following an eight-episode season that's set to premiere Sunday, September 29th at 10pm. Season 4 will pick up several years after the last season, with Kenny Powers living with his family in North Carolina. McBride and co-creator Jody Hill had previously planned for Season 3 to be the show's final season, but were wooed back for one more year by HBO. We'll just see if they end up changing their minds again after filming Season 4.

HBO today also announced the premiere dates for [...]

'Fridays' Starring Larry David and Michael Richards Finally Gets a DVD Release

The sketch comedy show Fridays has been unavailable on home video or in reruns since it originally aired in the early 1980s, with a smattering of sketches posted on YouTube being the only option for fans and young comedy nerds interested in checking out the show. Now, all that's about to change because Shout! Factory has acquired worldwide rights to Fridays and is planning a DVD release, according to The Wrap. Fridays was ABC's attempt to duplicate the success of Saturday Night Live, and it ran for three seasons from 1980 to 1982, jump-starting the careers of cast member/writer Larry David, cast member Michael Richards, and writer Larry [...]

Comedy Central Picks Up 'TripTank', Animated Series with Contributors Larry David, Bob Odenkirk, and More

Comedy Central has just picked up TripTank, a new show from Robot Chicken producers Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico that'll be an anthology of animated shorts from established comedy writers and performers. In the vein of early 90s MTV show Liquid Television, TripTank will feature recurring mini-shows within its run, which Bulkley says will be potentially developed into full-length animated spin-offs. The pilot episode features contributions and appearances from comedy greats like Bob Odenkirk, Larry David, Laura Kightlinger, Zach Galifianakis, Kumail Nanjiani, Brett Gelman, and Kyle Kinane, and folks like Adam McKay, Tom Gammill, Tommy Blancha, and Jon Glaser are also involved. Comedy Central has picked up eight episodes [...]

Whatever Works: Why Larry David Is Not The New Woody Allen

As two neurotic, kvetchy comedy legends with strong ties to absurdism, Larry David and Woody Allen have a lot in common to the untrained eye. But you don’t really believe that do you? You do? Then come closer, friend. Come enter my apartment and see the truth. Look over the space, covered with newspaper clippings, empty ding-dong wrappers, and obsessively scrawled doodles of Larry David’s face. Sit for a moment and let me field-strip a revolver while I tell you just how wrong you truly are.

“We both have some disdain for the human race” — Larry David on comparisons between himself and Woody Allen

The novice looking for [...]

Larry David's HBO Movie Is Very Larry Davidian

Last week, HBO confirmed they're going to air the rumored Larry David movie but we still didn't know anything about it. Well, the LA Times got a copy of the script/outline. They're reporting the movie focuses on a prickly man (David, obvs) who gives up his stake in an electric car company, only to have the company become a huge success. The plot follows him trying to exact revenge on the inventor. For those familiar with David's film work, this should sound slightly familiar. Both 1998's Sour Grapes, which he wrote and directed, and 2004's Envy, which he did the original pitch for and executive [...]

Larry David Is Almost Unrecognizable in His New HBO Movie

Here's the first official image from Larry David's new HBO movie Clear History, in which Larry David looks to be pretty much unrecognizable next to a normal-looking Jon Hamm. Entertainment Weekly has a teaser trailer and reports that the film, written by and starring David, will be premiering on HBO sometime this August. David plays a former marketing exec whose life falls apart after his boss makes millions off of their electric car company, and he's backed up by an eclectic supporting cast that includes Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, and J.B. Smoove. If Clear History [...]

A Young Larry David's Friends Pranked Him into Thinking He Was Going to Have a Heart Attack

"We all knew Larry [David] was a hypochondriac… Lenny [Maxwell] was given a book on the theory of type A and B personalities and their correlation to heart attacks. On the inside cover, pretending to be the author, Lenny wrote an inscription that said he had seen Larry's set at the Improvisation, and it was obvious that Larry was both type A and type B, and that he should seek medical attention immediately — he was a ticking time bomb. We mailed the book to LD.

A few nights later Lenny and I were sitting at the Improv bar when the door burst open… Larry ran up to us, holding [...]

Jeff Garlin Says There Might Be a Season 9 for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

After every season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David says, "I never want to do this again," but the President of HBO claimed that this didn't happen for the first time ever after the most-recent season, and was quoted last year as saying he's "cautiously optimistic" about a Season 9 of the long-running pay-cable show. Today, Curb co-star/producer Jeff Garlin sounded optimistic when weighing in on the likelihood of a new season in an interview with The Austin Chronicle today:

The Chronicle: Has the door been closed on a ninth season?

Garlin: No, not at all. I say there's a decent chance.

Larry David is currently busy starring in his [...]

Larry David Really Larry Davidizes "Barack Obama: It Could Have Been Worse"

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Larry David's words might be saying, "It could have been worse," but his tone of voice is saying, "NOTHING COULD BE WORSE! JERRY!" But who cares about tone? "How important is tone? When have you ever heard someone say, 'Oh, this place has great tone?'"

This Week In Web Videos: Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Much of comedy is derivative. Even the good stuff. Especially the good stuff. Funny people develop a relationship with a certain brand of humor that's already being purveyed by someone more famous and, if they're not outright thieves, they build upon that premise, adding texture and originality to a proven game. (E.g., Lots of people played the narcissistic dickhead card before Danny McBride, but no one does it quite like him.) Still, the Seinfeld toolshed is usually a tough one for comedians to open up.

Getting an authentic, funny handle on the over-analysis of minutia is difficult because not everything about everyday life is entertaining, no matter how much [...]

Divorce Is Hilarious… Sometimes

Welcome to the latest installment of Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally tragic, sometimes more of a personal affair — and we’ll explore how many of the comedians we know and love have dealt with it.

Comedians having been talking about the chaotic state of their marriages since the dawn of time, or at least since Henny Youngman got into the game. Marriage is an unavoidable topic for performers that want to use their personal lives in their material. And they know the audience doesn’t want to hear about how happy or in love they are — they want to [...]

Larry David's Animated Thankgiving Special Is Heartwarming

Here's an animated Thanksgiving special that Larry David wrote and starred in for Funny or Die. David recounts Thanksgiving dinners with his family in Brooklyn, and it's pretty clear where all of his Seinfeld/Curb characters come from. His uncle is even named Uncle Leo, and he seems just as ridiculous as the Seinfeld character.

Larry David Casts Every Actor for His Movie – There Are No More Actors

You want to hang out with Larry David, right? So it should come as no surprise that a lot of people have signed on for Clear History, his semi-improvised HBO movie about a man named Nathan Flomm (David) who changes his identity to Rolly DaVore and moves to a small island off the coast of Massachusetts, after giving up 10% of an electric car company that eventually is worth billions. So who's signed on? Let's run them down:

Jon Hamm plays Will Haney, Flomm's handsome rival and boss at the car company.

Kate Hudson plays Rhonda, Haney's wife who has a special friendship with Flomm.

Michael Keaton plays [...]

It's Never Too Late: 8 Comedy Late Bloomers

Oh, young people, just look at you! Wandering around with all of your stupid hope and possibility. You probably even think the future will be good or something. Just remember that life will beat the living hell out of you and one day your goals will turn from, “I am going to make a movie!” to “I am going to update my Netflix Queue!”

Well the good news is that as you get dragged kicking and screaming through life, there are always chances to make your dreams come true! Here is a list of comedians, ranging from stand-ups to writers, who didn’t make it until they were well into [...]