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Jenny Slate and Jimmy Fallon Look Back on '7th Floor West'

Before she joined the cast of SNL, Jenny Slate got her first big television gig on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's ongoing The Hills parody 7th Floor West, and on Friday's Tonight Show the two looked back on the series and the first time Slate very nervously met Fallon. Click through to watch Slate's "Unqualified Advice" segment, in which she has a particularly great tip about cheap roommates.

Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier Comfort a Sad Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon understandably felt a little sad about leaving Late Night, so the men from Full House (including Mr. Woodchuck) came on in character to cheer him up. Fallon is shockingly good at playing a little girl fishing for encouragement.

Lorne Michaels on Jimmy Fallon: "There is no job for Jimmy after this."

"It’s not lost on Fallon that Tonight, if all goes well, will be his last job, the one that will see him through the next 20 to 30 years. There is none of the tension that surrounded the Jay-to-Conan transition, and the show’s relocation east signals NBC’s strong commitment to not messing with the program any further. Michaels, for his part, is adamant on the matter. 'There is no job for Jimmy after this,' he said. 'You can’t go back to being Uncle Bob in the movie. This is a different thing, something that only a few people in the world ever get to do.'"

from Vanity Fair's [...]

Kate McKinnon and Jimmy Fallon Talk 'SNL,' Impressions, and Halloween Costumes

The lovely Kate McKinnon was a guest on Late Night last night, and she had a chat with Fallon about her first celebrity impersonation, her mom's sketch ideas, and her childhood mastery of Halloween costumes. I'm not sure how a kid can top a Halloween costume idea as awesome as Special Agent Dana Scully, but McKinnon is a multiple award-winning Halloween dresser, so I won't doubt her.

8 Great Sketches from 5 Years of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon turns 5 this year, and since Fallon took over as host in 2009, he's made it uniquely his own by bringing musical and sketch comedy elements to the show on a nightly basis. Whether he's reuniting with fellow SNL alums in a sketch, teaming up with Justin Timberlake for another viral hit, or disappearing into another chameleonic impersonation of a pop culture figure or legendary musician, Fallon has time and again proven himself to be consistently fresh, funny, and collaborative with any celebrity guest thrown his way. In celebration of his five years on Late Night — and in anticipation of things to come [...]

A Look at Jimmy Fallon's Final 'Late Night' Episode

After five years in the 12:37AM time slot, Jimmy Fallon took his final bow as host of Late Night on Friday. The episode was complete with a final interview with guest Andy Samberg (who Fallon helped get on SNL), a musical number with The Muppets, and Tonight Show advice from celebrities like Judd Apatow, Will Forte, and Sarah Silverman and scored the highest Late Night ratings since Letterman's finale in 1993 with 6.6 million total viewers. Watch Fallon's last Late Night monologue above, and click through for the best moments from Friday's emotional episode.

Jimmy Fallon Passes the 'Late Night' Pickle to Seth Meyers

With only a few days until Seth Meyers's final SNL episode and under a month until his first night as Late Night host, he had a chat with Jimmy Fallon about the transition and how he plans to master the art of the late night interview, plus Fallon passed on to Meyers the traditional Late Night pickle, which has been part of the show since 1993.

Here's the rest of the interview below:

Dick Cavett Gave Jimmy Fallon a Talk Show Host Blessing Last Night

Legendary talk show host Dick Cavett was a guest on Fallon last night, and Jimmy conducted his interview in a recreation of the set from The Dick Cavett Show to make him feel more welcome. The whole interview is basically the two of them taking turns gushing about their admiration for each other, and Fallon surprises Cavett with an old clip from his first appearance on The Jack Paar Tonight Show in 1961 where he started out as a talent booker. It's hard to tell who is the bigger fan here, but if we're counting by excited nose scrunching it's definitely Jimmy.

Watch Fallon and Springsteen's Chris Christie-Themed "Born to Run" Parody

American treasure Bruce Springsteen was a guest on Late Night last night, and Fallon didn't waste an opportunity to sing about a recent New Jersey news headline alongside the iconic musician — denim, bandana, and all.

Jimmy Fallon Announces 'Best of Late Night' Primetime Special

Over the weekend, Jimmy Fallon announced via Twitter that NBC will air a Best of Late Night primetime special this Sunday January 5th at 9:00PM. With Fallon's transition to The Tonight Show coming up in February, the two-hour special will be a fitting salute to his five years churning out one viral-friendly musical bit, recurring sketch, and celebrity interview after another on the late night time slot. According to one press release, the special will include "Joking Bad," "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Michelle Obama, "Scrambled Eggs" with Paul McCartney, and probably at least ten things with Justin Timberlake.

One week from tonight: The Best of Late Night [...]

Jimmy Fallon Is a Better Liar Than Melissa McCarthy

This week's SNL host Melissa McCarthy dropped by Late Night to play "Box of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon, a game with a very long list of instructions that pays off with the face McCarthy makes as she tries to convince Fallon that a bag of joints is actually a Dixie cup dispenser.

Watch Mitt "The Mitt Man" Romney Slow Jam Some News with Jimmy Fallon

Former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stopped by Late Night on Friday and was more than game to join Fallon and Questlove for a new "Slow Jam the News" segment that covers the NSA wiretapping scandal, HealthCare.gov site glitches, and whether or not he plans to run for president again in 2016. Romney manages to get a few subtle Obama digs in, but he also endures being called The Mitt Man, Romalomadingdong, and Book of Mormon, which seems like a fair enough trade.

Kevin Nealon Is Annoyed by Everything

On last night's Late Night, fellow SNL alums and former Weekend Update anchors Kevin Nealon and Jimmy Fallon had what went from an endearingly awkward chat to Nealon revealing a very long list of things that annoy him, from being called "Boss" to New York pedicab drivers to automatic paper towel dispensers. Click through to watch the second part of the interview where Nealon tells Fallon about some of his childhood band names and plays a little banjo for the audience.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Being Hilarious: The Complete Collection

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes this Sunday, and if their performance last year is any indication, we can count on it being the year's only awards show worth watching. Tina and Amy's comedic chemistry goes back almost 15 years to their time together on Saturday Night Live, where they appeared in numerous memorable sketches together and served as the first and only two-woman Weekend Update anchor team in the show's history. To get excited for what's sure to be another delightful Fey/Poehler Golden Globes hosting gig this weekend, here's a look at all the times these two comedy queens have appeared together, from their [...]