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Your Favorite Podcasts Need Your Help to Defeat Patent Trolls

Earlier this year, a patent troll sued podcasters Adam Carolla and How Stuff Works and they've threatened dozens of other top podcasters with    questionable, expensive lawsuits too. Congress has instituted a bill called the SHIELD Act to stop these patent trolls from taking advantage of content creators, and if you're a fan of any podcasts at all – or a podcaster yourself, you can head over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to send a message to your representative to support the bill so that we can stop this bullshit before it starts to affect (and potentially shut down) your favorite shows.

The Entire Podcast Community Is in Danger Because of a Patent Troll Case

A patent licensing company called Personal Audio LLC has claimed that it owns a patent to podcasting technology and has sent letters to a bunch of podcasters, requesting to be paid for the use of said technology. The patent itself is for an "apparatus for disseminating a series of episodes represented by media files via the Internet as said episodes become available," which is incredibly vague and ridiculous. This represents a great threat to the booming comedy podcast scene, and industry leaders like Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, Jesse Thorn, Joe Rogan, Kevin Smith, Dan Harmon, and Earwolf have all taken to [...]