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Jesus, You're Funny: 'Black Jesus' and the Long History of Comedic Messiahs

Wherever Aaron McGruder goes, controversy follows. Black Jesus, McGruder's new live-action Adult Swim show starring Gerald "Slink" Johnson as the title character, debuts tonight amid criticisms from Christians of what they view to be blasphemous material, based not on screenings of full episodes but on footage from an extended trailer Adult Swim posted on July 18.

McGruder's last show, the just-recently-ended Boondocks, offended practically everybody. Conservatives objected to The Boondocks' raunchy material, progressives found the show to be misogynist and homophobic, a few of the show's satirical targets didn't take kindly to being satirized and threatened to sue either McGruder or Adult Swim, and Boondocks viewers were offended [...]

BBC to Make a Movie About Monty Python Making Life of Brian

The BBC is making a movie called Holy Flying Circus about the controversy surrounding the release of Monty Python's classic Life of Brian. It was called an attack on the church when it was released in 1979, but it went on to be a huge hit despite that fact. This new movie will be written by Tony Roche, who also wrote for In the Loop and The Thick of It. As for who will be playing the Pythons, here's the cast breakdown: "Darren Boyd will play John Cleese and Charles Edwards has been cast in the role of Michael Palin. Comedian Steve Punt will star as Eric Idle, [...]