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Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner Got So Mad About 'HIMYM' Ending that They Destroyed a Car

From last night's Billy on the Street, here's Billy Eichner and Lindsay Lohan ("Don't judge!") getting so upset about How I Met Your Mother ending that they use sledgehammers to wreck a car decorated with the HIMYM cast. "I’m really proud of what we did with Lindsay Lohan," Eichner told us in an interview. "[It] has nothing to do with her personal life or the tabloid side of it. I think it’s really funny. Again, I bring her into my world, and she was totally game and brought a lot of energy to the table. I’m excited for people to see that one just because I think it’s showing [...]

Lindsay Lohan Is Guest Starring on 'Eastbound & Down'

Lindsay Lohan will be making an appearance on the upcoming fourth and final season of HBO's Eastbound & Down, E! Online reports. The actress was recently in North Carolina shooting scenes for the show. If you don't want major spoilers about the new season, stop reading this right now. E! writes that Lohan is playing "the daughter of one of the show's main characters and was filming a wedding scene set many years in the future. And yes, she was the bride." Off that description, there's no way she's not Kenny Powers's daughter. Lohan joins new Eastbound guest stars Ken Marino and Tim Heidecker. The eight-episode fourth [...]

SNL Recap: Lindsay Lohan is Comedy Poison

SNL, you have some explaining to do.

After a streak of wonderful episodes hosted by talented actresses — Zooey Deschanel and Maya Rudolph — SNL hit a new low last weekend with an uncomfortable and at times baffling episode hosted by near-human-being Lindsay Lohan. Under normal circumstances, I consider it unfair to blame a host for a bad episode — usually, they have relatively little influence on the episode that ends up getting produced — but considering Lohan’s repeated begging to Lorne Michaels to host the show and her admission that she had brought her lawyer into the writers room to screen sketch ideas, I have no other [...]

Lindsay Lohan Will Host SNL March 3 With Jack White

Lindsay Lohan will host SNL on March 3 with musical guest Jack White. It'll be hard to live up to this week's fantastic episode, but if anyone can do it, Lindsay Lohan…probably isn't that person.

Report: Lindsay Lohan Has Been Asked to Host 'SNL's Premiere

Radar Online is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has been asked to host SNL. Their source says, "Saturday Night Live has approached Lindsay to host the show again, and they were talking about the season opener," adding, "She is definitely considering doing it. She loves the show and the people involved."

Lohan last hosted the show in 2012 with a hosting stint that was destroyed by critics just months before she went into rehab. If this rumor turns out to be accurate and Lohan does indeed host SNL this season, it'll be her fifth time as host, making her a member of the show's prestigious Five-Timers Club. With SNL [...]

The Complete Guide to Everything: 2012 – The Year In Entertainment

2012 was a crazy year in entertainment, what with all of those wacky celebrities getting into hilarious or tragic scrapes, that we decided to recap the year's biggest stories. We talk all about Jay-Z & Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Hulk Hogan, Amanda Bynes, Jessica Simpson and some other folks we don't really know much about to sort out what was hot in 2012.

We also discuss our mixed feelings about the lack of an apocalypse this year and how we would hope the end of the world to play out.

Oh, and we also go over Tim's twitter "feud" with none other than 80s icon Richard Marx, who listened to [...]

8 Memorable Lindsay Lohan SNL Sketches

Tomorrow night, Lindsay Lohan returns to host Saturday Night Live for her fourth time. Her first appearance was on May 1, 2004, one month after the premiere of Mean Girls (she was only seventeen years old), and she most recently hosted on April 15, 2006 to promote A Prairie Home Companion. Since then, she's become somewhat of a paparazzi dream story thanks to her high-speed car chases, jewelry theft, hardcore partying, stints in rehab, and steady flow of court appearances (including one where she sported the infamous "FUCK U" manicure). Will tomorrow's episode be just another trademark Lohan trainwreck, or can we hope [...]

Lindsay Lohan Is, Is Not Hosting Saturday Night Live

From Radar: "It’s official. Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live on December 4, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively."

From The Hollywood Reporter: "NBC sources are denying a report that Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live on Dec. 4. 'It's not true,' said a network insider."

Danny McBride Wants to Cast Lindsay Lohan in His New HBO Show

Earlier this month, we reported that Lindsay Lohan is guest starring in the upcoming fourth and final season of Danny McBride's Eastbound & Down, but it looks like McBride and Lohan may not be done working together just yet. TMZ reports that McBride was so impressed with Lohan's work on Eastbound that he and Lohan had "several serious talks" on set about her starring in a new HBO show he's developing. According to the report, Lohan "loves the idea and is hoping it works out." The project in question is a previously-reported half-hour high school comedy in the vein of Eastbound & Down that McBride is developing [...]

Roy's Coming Back to 'The Office', Parker Posey Penis Party Girl, and a Predictable 'Scary Movie' Casting

Do call it a comeback, he hasn't be here for years. The former almost Mr. Pam Beesly, Roy, is coming back to The Office's office. David Denman's return won't be permanent but at least it might cause some conflict. Unless this casting just means the office finds a copy of Threat Level Midnight 2 (aka Threat Level Noon).

Parker Posey is replacing the previously cast Leslie Mann as the "shot girl" at Schmidt's penis party.  She might also make an appearance as the "Ghost of Bangs Future," a specter who teaches Zooey's Jess about the dangers of living a quirky life.

–  Lindsay Lohan [...]

Lindsay Lohan and Kenan Thompson Take on the Media in SNL Promos

It's SNL promo season again, and Kenan Thompson and Lindsay Lohan really give it to the media this time around. Those cocked heads just stare the paparazzi baldly in the face and whisper, "You know what you've done." And then the paparazzi go "What? Us? Me? I'm so ashamed! Let me reconsider my contributions to civilization," but the whole time they're also taking pictures of the whole thing. Animals.

Lohan May Host SNL

Since SNL is known as a place where drug addicts really turn their lives around, this should solve all her problems: "Lindsay Lohan's career rehab train may have a stop at NBC's famed Saturday Night Live. Lohan is in conversations to host SNL on Dec. 4, according to a source familiar with the deal."