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Showtime Announces Return Dates for 'Episodes' and 'Web Therapy'

New episodes of Showtime comedies Episodes and Web Therapy arrive in just a few days. The network announced today that the fourth season of the Matt LeBlanc-starring series Episodes returns this Sunday, January 11th at 10:30pm followed by the premiere of Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy on Wednesday, January 14th at 11:00pm. Another Friends alum Matthew Perry will guest star in the first two episodes of Web Therapy as Tyler Bishop, "and horrible pathological liar — who is about to be disbarred and needs Fiona's (Kudrow) help." Showtime also announced that Christina Applegate will guest star in the final two episodes of Web Therapy airing on January 21st and 28th [...]

Lisa Kudrow Returns as Valerie Cherish in HBO's 'The Comeback' Trailer

2005 cult hit The Comeback is returning for a limited six-episode run next month, and HBO just released the first trailer. The show's return is being treated as a "standalone event series" but might get a full season renewal if the episodes do well, so the true future of The Comeback is up to you.

HBO in Talks to Resurrect Lisa Kudrow Series 'The Comeback'

Lisa Kudrow's cult hit HBO comedy The Comeback may be returning to television. HBO is in negotiations with Kudrow and her co-creator Michael Patrick King to bring the show back for a limited run season, Deadline reports. There are no details on the potential reunion beyond that.

The series ran for one 13-episode season in 2005, and, despite critical acclaim and multiple Emmy nominations, was canceled by HBO. The Comeback starred Kudrow as a desparate late '80s/early '90s sitcom star trying to return to prominence via a minor role in a new sitcom, which is all being documented by a reality show. Kudrow said on Watch What Happens [...]

Trade Roundup: Web Therapy, Sara Rue

Web Therapy, Lisa Kudrow's web series-turned-TV show, has been picked up for a second season on Showtime. In addition to Conan O'Brien, this season will feature patients Lily Tomlin, Molly Shannon and Her Holiness Meryl Streep(!).

The CW is developing a "faux-lesbian comedy" called Poseurs, starring Sara Rue as "a young woman who marries with her female friend so that she can stay in her fancy apartment." At last, a solution for all those times you've wished you could watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry every week without the two-hour time commitment.

Being a "Difficult" Woman on TV and the Refreshing Brilliance of 'The Comeback'

When the history of '90s sitcoms is told through televised romans à clef, it is, of course, the writers who get the last word. Tension between writers and stars is nothing new to television — ask any writer of Mork & Mindy what working with Robin Williams was like — but these tensions became more pronounced in the '90s, for two reasons: The syndication money was obscene, and the standup explosion of the '80s led to a demand in star-driven vehicles based on standup routines. This led to inevitable questions of authorship. Carsey-Werner became famous for creating sitcoms around standup performers (Bill Cosby, Roseanne [...]

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow Act Out 'Friends' Fan Fiction with Jimmy Kimmel

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel told guest Jennifer Aniston that he had written some Friends fan fiction and asked if she'd be willing to act it out with him. What resulted was a live reading in an impressive replica of Rachel's kitchen starring Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow, with Kimmel starring as Ross in a world where all the other men on Friends have been killed off.

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Web Therapy' Season 2

Although the third season of Web Therapy does not begin until July 23rd, the complete second season of the Showtime series came out this week on DVD! Based off the web series of the same name, Web Therapy follows psychotherapist Fiona Wallace, played by series co-creator Lisa Kudrow. The semi-improvised dark comedy consists of Wallace administering her unique brand of three-minute therapy via iChat to various patients, while simultaneously trying to work on her own marriage to husband Kip, played by Victor Garber. The two-disc DVD set is definitely worth purchasing: the line-up of guest stars is outstanding, including such famous [...]

Conan O'Brien Seeks Treatment on Lisa Kudrow's Web Series

Conan O'Brien will play himself in three episodes of Lisa Kudrow's web series Web Therapy, premiering on Dec. 14. O'Brien is the first of approximately a boatload of celebrity guest stars to play himself on the Webby-winning series, and he will be seeking the counsel of Fiona Wallace to deal with his "anger issues." I should say so! He's got a lot to be angry about. For one thing, Andy Richter is constantly stealing his parking space. Jesus. Every day with that guy.

Billy Eichner: "People Who Are Not Watching 'The Comeback' Should Be Ashamed of Themselves"

"People who are not watching The Comeback should be ashamed of themselves. If you're into TV and pop culture, if you like quality, well-written, well-acted TV shows, do yourself a favor and watch it. Lisa Kudrow is really giving one of the great performances on TV ever. That is the No. 1 thing. That, and my usual combo of porn and Meryl Streep movies."

Billy Eichner shares his love for HBO's The Comeback, Taylor Swift, Nathan Fielder, Meryl Streep, and more in a new interview with Vulture.

HBO Is Resurrecting Lisa Kudrow's 'The Comeback' for Limited Run Six-Episode Season

Last month, we reported that HBO was in talks to revive their cult hit 2005 Lisa Kudrow comedy The Comeback for a limited run season, and now, it's actually happening. E! reports that HBO has ordered six episodes of the show as a "standalone event series" but the network may renew the show as a regular series if those six episodes do well.

Stars Lisa Kudrow, Malin Akerman, Kellan Lutz, and the show's co-creator Michael Patrick King will be returning, although Akerman and Lutz likely won't be in every episode. The six episodes will take place nine years after the events of the original series, which starred [...]

Trade Roundup: Tina Fey, Mandy Moore, Nick Offerman, Friends Reunion

Tina Fey may be producing Fancy Nancy, based on a series of children's books about a girl named Nancy with a taste for all things you-know-what. It doesn't look like Fey will have an acting role in the film, which is probably good since it saves us all from spending money on a movie made solely for young children who enjoy the finer things in life.

ABC's picked up a pilot starring Mandy Moore as a newlywed who gets a chance to run a cool restaurant in her hometown, bringing her closer to her "needy and high maintenance family." Some may say they have not been anticipating [...]

Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy, The Comeback and Dr. Laura

Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, premiering on Showtime tonight after starting online, marks the former Friends's star first stab at her own show since the cancellation of The Comeback in 2005. "Yeah, that was certainly a brick wall," Kudrow tells Vulture about HBO's decision to drop the axe after one season. "That was really a disappointment, and I think also just bad luck, in a way, as it was just starting to catch on. It was funny. It was like being [on an] HBO that stopped being HBO for a moment; that was the moment we were there."

Now that Web Therapy is to TV, it's time for [...]