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Watch the '5 Second Films' Team's Four-Hour Live Show

In order to raise money for their crowdfunded full-length feature film Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, the folks behind 5 Second Films hosted a live streaming four-hour music and comedy show on YouTube yesterday. Here's the whole thing, in case you have four hours to fill or something.

There Will Be a Documentary About Dan Harmon's Live Show/Podcast 'Harmontown'

Community creator Dan Harmon is taking his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour beginning January 10th, and it was just announced via Facebook that the entire tour will be filmed for a documentary by director Neil Berkeley. For the uninitiated, Harmontown is a live show in which Harmon and sidekick Jeff Davis talk about whatever they want for an hour, with the conversation ranging from absurdly dumb to brilliant. Click this link for tickets to the tour, and you could end up in the background of what's sure to be the Gimme Shelter of comedy podcast tour documentaries (minus the tragedy).

Hear Everyone in Comedy Reflect on the Comedy Bang Bang Live Show's 10-Year Run

Scott Aukerman's live L.A. standup show Comedy Bang Bang ended its 10-year run last week with a big holiday show. Today, Aukerman has released a special one-off podcast via his network Earwolf, featuring backstage interviews with a bunch of comedians at the last show, including David Cross, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, Patton Oswalt, Jon Hamm, Todd Glass, Jake Fogelnest, Garfunkel and Oates, Chris Hardwick, Kristen Schaal, Anthony Jeselnik, Doug Benson, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, and Thomas Lennon, amongst others. All the comedians are supposed to just talk about how much the show and Scott mean to them but mostly just do bits.