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Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Lawrence, and More Reportedly Want in on the 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

One of the newer finds in the recently leaked Sony documents is an update on the in-the-works Ghostbusters reboot by Paul Feig. According to The Wrap, an October 8 email exchange between Ivan Reitman and Sony exec Amy Pascal reveals some of the actors who have already expressed interest in starring in Feig's all-women reboot:

Agree that everyone is way too nervous about how this issue and how we. present it but it's isn't a sequel to the 80s movies and it is gonna be totally original with completely different characters and our job is to find a clever way to connect the movie to the original franchise [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'Save The Date'

Save The Date, a quirky comedy starring Allison Brie and Lizzy Caplan is out on Blu-Ray today. The indie romcom was directed by the relatively obscure Michael Mohan, who has so far been more prolific in short films. It was originally released late last year on Video On Demand (VOD). Save The Date focuses on two sisters, Sarah and Beth (played by Caplan and Brie, respectively), who take completely different approaches to love — Beth loves the notion of a classic romance, wedding cake tasting and all, while Sarah treats commitment like a disease to be avoided at all costs. Together, the two sort through their own relationship problems [...]

Alison Brie Reminisces About Working as a Birthday Clown

"I think I was 17 or 18 at the time. A friend of mine who I did drama with… goes, “They’re looking for young, cute, fun girls to be clowns"… I would literally drive into Compton, change into my clown gear, and then drive to whatever party. It was an awesome job… My clown name was Sunny; it was pretty straightforward. I had a yellow wig and a yellow suit, and I did my own face paint, of course. I also did characters sometimes, like Cinderella and Snow White and Powerpuff Girls, which was the worst, because you had to wear a little mini dress, but then a huge head that just [...]

'Bachelorette' Is a Movie and Not a Film-Version of the Reality Show

This seems fun. It will undoubtedly be compared to Bridesmaids because that's how things work but it looks a lot more like Very Bad Things mixed with The Hangover. The cast is solid: Rebel Wilson playing against type as the proper bride, Lizzy Caplan as the sarcastic one (the brunette), Isla Fisher as the wild party girl (the redhead), and Kirsten Dunst as the perfect one (the blonde). Also, there appears to be a Lizzy Caplan-Adam Scott rekindling, which hopefully takes up 60% of the movie. Maybe the twist will be that Scott and Caplan's characters have to cater the wedding and this is actually the long-rumored Party Down movie.

Trade Roundup: Only Fools and Horses, Paul the Male Matchmaker, Lizzy Caplan

Could Steve Carell be set to re-make a second popular British sitcom for American audiences? ABC is working on a US version of the BBC show Only Fools and Horses, to be written by Scrubs writers Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley. Steve Carell and Jason Biggs are rumored to be playing the lead roles, but you know what they say about rumors. (That they're always true and we're going to have another Office!)

Hulu has picked up a 10-episode mockumentary comedy series called Paul the Male Matchmaker from Sex and the City's Liz Tucillo and Mad Men's Paul Bartholomew, with guest stars including Janeane Garofalo and Tony [...]

Christopher Meloni to Star in Digital Series 'Beef' with Michael Cera, Lizzy Caplan, and More

Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni has teamed up with Paramount for a new digital series set in a butcher shop called Beef, and you can check out the series trailer above. The mock reality show will follow Meloni's character Lou as he "acts as judge and jury for anyone in the neighborhood who has 'beef' with someone." The series is set to include a ton of comedy guests like Lizzy Caplan, Joe Lo Truglio, Thomas Lennon, and Michael Ian Black and will premiere on November 11th on VOD via iTunes, Vudu, and more.

'The Pitts': The Show Where Lizzy Caplan Married a Volkswagen

Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we ponder as our foreheads turn red from frequent smacks. Other times, the powers that be get things right. That’s where “Brilliantly Canceled” comes in, looking at the shows that didn’t make it past their first season and saved us all a ton of grief.

Remember that episode of The Cosby Show when Cosby entered his home with a new accessory: a pipe, which was through his head after a nail gun incident? And greeting him was his lovely wife Clair, but she unable to actually utter an [...]

Allison Brie, Lizzy Caplan, and Martin Starr Get Dramatic and Comedic in the 'Save the Date' Trailer

Here's the trailer for Save the Date, a new comedy-drama that premiered at Sundance earlier this year. It stars a slew of up-and-comers who you'll recognize from cult hit TV shows and movies, including Allison Brie (Community), Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr (Party Down), Geoffrey Arend (Garden State), and Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim). The story centers on Brie and Caplan, who play two very different sisters, one who's engaged and one who's deeply afraid of commitment. The movie drops on VOD November 8th and opens in select theaters nationwide December 14th, so save those dates.

The Lost Roles of 'Freaks and Geeks'

There’s been a lot of hubbub over Judd Apatow’s latest series Girls, which just became the first ever TV show released through Apatow’s production company to last beyond its first season, but let’s look back to a time when the reigning King of Hollywood Comedy didn't have such an easy time earning second season renewals.

Freaks and Geeks is the poster child for the critically-acclaimed show that was mistreated by its network and ignored by audiences during its initial run, only to become wildly popular with fans in the years that followed its tragic, too-soon cancellation. The show accomplished this years before the likes of Arrested Development and [...]

New Trailer Suggests That High Road May Be the Best Improvised Comedy of the Year

Here's the latest trailer for Matt Walsh's improvised UCB movie High Road, featuring Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Kyle Gass, Abby Elliott, Lizzy Caplan and Zach Woods. It looks quite a bit more put-together this time around, with a plot and everything:

Glenn “Fitz” Fitzgerald (James F. Pumphrey) is a young man whose loyalties are split among his band, his girlfriend Monica (Abby Elliott) and selling weed. After his band breaks up, Fitz finds himself dealing pot out of his garage and bonding with 16-year-old neighborhood kid Jimmy (Dylan O’Brien). As his former band mates (Zach Woods, Matt L. Jones, Lizzy Caplan) begin finding success and [...]

Are Men Funny? Lizzy Caplan, Scott Aukerman, and Reggie Watts Investigate

Here's a clip from Comedy Bang! Bang! in which Scott, Reggie, and guest Lizzy Caplan tackle the age-old question: Can men be funny, or they destined to forever be unsuccessful in comedy due to their own biological limitations?

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'It's OK to Do Stuff,' A Comedy Album Featuring Lizzy Caplan, Andy Richter, and Fred Willard

Longtime Daily Show and Conan writer Rob Kutner has masterminded a new comedy album called It's OK to Do Stuff that drops today on Rooftop Comedy. It's a comedic homage to the 1972 feminist album Free to Be… You and Me by Marlo Thomas and Friends, arriving on the 40th anniversary of that album. It's OK to Do Stuff features tracks from Lizzy Caplan, Fred Willard, Eugene Mirman, Andy Richter, Colin Hanks, Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, Eddie Pepitone, James Urbaniak, Fred Stoller, Megan Amram, and more. Here's a sample track called "Boy Meets Girl" featuring Fred Willard and Lizzy Caplan:

Girl Meets Boy (Skit) by Lizzy Caplan and Fred Willard

Lizzy Caplan Confirms 'Party Down' Movie Somewhat Begrudgingly, Somewhat Sarcastically

A couple weeks ago, Megan Mullally was on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast and said that the Party Down movie is definitely happening soonish. Well, this week, Lizzy Caplan was on an exceptionally hilarious episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! to promote The Bachelorette and, as she says, "clean up Megan Mullally's messes." (Those sexy, sexy messes.) Mostly, she just wanted to temper the excitement a little bit:

"She's not supposed to be saying that. We're hoping that the Party Down movie happens. I don't see why it wouldn't but nothing is set in stone."

After Moses, has anyone actually set something in stone? No? Exactly, so that [...]

Frankie Go Boom Manages to Keep its Supreme Weirdness From Spinning Out of Control

Director Jordan Roberts' Frankie Go Boom, which debuted at SXSW last month, is an entertaining, charmingly madcap comedy with an indie sensibility. Half sibling rivalry, half love story, it follows Frankie (Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy), who grew up being tortured by his older brother, Bruce (Chris O'Dowd), an aspiring director who filmed the awful, funny childhood pranks he pulled on Frank.

As an adult, Frank lives in Death Valley writing unpublished novels in front of a handwritten sign reminding him, "Your family is poison. Stay away.” When his mother convinces him to come home for Bruce's graduation from rehab, he goes against his better judgment. The brothers [...]