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Megan Mullally Schools Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, and Casey Wilson in Coolness

Megan Mullally stars in this Funny or Die video as Peggy Dvorak, the gardening and NPR-listening guru who's dedicated her life's work to turning happy tanned actresses into edgy, deep intellectuals. Her clients include Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins and Lake Bell, but definitely not Ellie Kemper, because some girls just do not have what it takes. Incidentally, "donut hole" is my new go-to insult of all time.

Lizzy Caplan, Ron Livingston Star In Chicken-Fried Queens Of Country

Now, this Queens of Country trailer doesn't get into the deep psychological trauma that would explain why Lizzy Caplan's character would fall in love with someone based on their lost iPod full of country classics (this person has not one humiliating Venga Boys song? Not one?). Queens does, however, boast a psychotic Ron Livingston, Joe Lo Truglio in drag, Matt Walsh, line-dancing, ATVs and Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool, doing a subtle Slingblade. Did I mention Caplan's character is named Jolene? And that at one point she asks whether the iPod "fell off a spaceship"? The South, ya'll!

Lizzy Caplan Raises Hopes for Party Down Movie

While the idea of a Party Down movie remains but a fever dream, Lizzy Caplan confirms that at least the cast is on board: "It's definitely something that we all want to do, so I think we'll do everything we can to make it happen." So, if the Arrested Development model of desperate, undying hope is any indication, we can look forward to seeing Henry and the gang on the big screen in 2016. Or, you know, some other increasingly distant point in the future.

Sundance Premieres Will Feature Celeste and Jesse, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan & More

The Sundance 2012 premieres have been announced, and like this year's film selections they include lots of comedyfolk! We've got Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in the long-awaited Celeste and Jesse Forever (with more photos here), Chris Rock in 2 Days in New York, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, and Adam Scott in Bachelorette (Party Down reunion alert!), and Josh Radnor in Liberal Arts. And Justin Long and Ty Burrell and Parker Posey, oh my. Full synopses below.

Women Be Marrying! Lizzy Caplan And Casey Wilson To Star In Ferrell-Produced Bachelorette

Will our lust for wedding-related humor ever be satiated? Or will an eternity of nuptial humor pour forever into the bouquet-shaped hollow in our souls? Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are banking on the latter, as their Gary Sanchez Productions will be funding the new indie comedy Bachelorette, which stars Casey Wilson as a demanding bride, and Lizzy Caplan and Kirsten Dunst as her bridesmaids. Caplan's character is described as having "a Playboy Bunny body with a Larry David brain," which would be amazing if that actually meant "self-deprecating neurotic comedy genius" rather than just "sarcastic" as I'm assuming it does. Adam Scott will also be appearing [...]

Ode To Funny Ladies Of L.A.

Because they're all friends in real life and experiencing real career success and make your friends look like drifters you picked up in the line for the White Castle bathroom, Paper Mag profiled these comedic actresses living in L.A. The talented ladies include Lucy Punch, Maria Thayer and Community's Gillian Jacobs, whose character Britta is so spot-on, I want to make a new awards show and corresponding statute just so I can personally present her with it. "I don't get the excuse to sit on my butt and wait for the phone to ring anymore. I have proven to myself that I can make this happen on my [...]

Checking In…with the Stars of Fox’s Lesser-Known Sunday Night Shows

When you think of post-NFL Sunday nights on Fox, you think of The Simpsons and Family Guy first, then Malcolm in the Middle, Married…with Children, The Critic, King of the Hill, Futurama, Arrested Development, and American Dad in some order. (You might also think of The X-Files, but for the sake of this article, don't, and please, never think of The Cleveland Show.) But in the 17 years since The Simpsons moved into its 8 p.m. timeslot, many lesser sitcoms have come and quickly gone. Below are six such examples, with some faces you might just recognize. Heyyy, Casey Klein.

The New Trailer for High Road Is Even Darker

That is some heavy shit to yes, and. The second High Road trailer is significantly bleaker than the High Road red band trailer. If anything, the new cut makes Matt Walsh's film look a little like an infinitely more realistic Knocked Up: unplanned pregnancy, police intervention and despair abound in the primarily improvised stoner flick. You know, as in actual life. On the flip side, you get to see more Zach Woods! The film premieres tomorrow at the Newport Beach Film Festival. "You're just a couple of liars in love. Maybe that's what makes you guys so perfect for each other," Lizzy Caplan's character opines to Abby [...]

The Cat Whisperer Returns, Bringing Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr Along For the Ride

Julie Klausner and Alex Scordelis' wonderful Cat Whisperer series returns for episode three, which just so happens to be an epic two-parter starring Party Down alums Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr. The same Lizzy Caplan who is staring in HBO's upcoming adaptation of Kalusner's book, I Don't Care About Your Band! Who are you to resist such things? Nobody, that's who. Part one is up top, part two is below.