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The Short, Beautiful Life of 'Lookwell', One of the Funniest Pilots of All Time

Normally, Brilliantly Canceled brings you the worst in TV, but with the spirit of giving quickly escaping the earth, only to lay dormant for the next 351 days, we decided to bring you something to get your 2013 off on the right foot.

With the New Year’s baby pushing the withered remains of 2012 into the annals of time, it’s important to reflect on how hopeless it’s always been for us, the TV-obsessed. The short-lived victories of returning favorites, like Arrested Development and seven seasons of the poorly-rated 30 Rock, keep droves of television viewers assuming that maybe, just maybe, there’s someone in TV land fighting the good [...]

Supercult: Looking Back at What Lookwell Might Have Been

Supercult profiles the obscure, the offbeat, and the feverishly celebrated pieces of comedy which deserve more recognition.

Through sheer determination, unflappable intuition, and testicular fortitude, our hero finally gets his man. Another case closes as the tough-as-nails detective tosses the petty street thug over to awaiting officers and a pair of steel bracelets. The perp struggles against his restraints and demands a lawyer. With a steely glare, our hero sneers, "You can call the Supreme Court for all I care." His face hardens. "You're gonna do time, Leron. Hard time."

The show: Bannigan. The star: Ty Lookwell. His job: Keeping the streets clean while maintaining a good sense of [...]