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The Lost Projects of Louis C.K.

The entire comedy industry has been gushing over Louis C.K. ever since his FX show Louie debuted in 2010 (preceded by the industry gushing over him at a lower volume for about a decade prior to that). That’s because he’s pulled off an impressive feat that no one in the history of comedy has ever done before: being the country’s preeminent stand-up and an excellent filmmaker at the same time. Ever since he ditched his early persona as an absurdist jokesmith and became a deeply personal comedian, C.K. has become the closest thing this current crop of stand-ups has to a Pryor or a Carlin. One might argue that [...]

Parks and Rec Recap: "Dave Returns"

Is there any combination more appealing to comedy fans right now than Louis C.K. and Parks and Recreation? The preeminent stand-up of our time returned to the preeminent sitcom* of our time, marking C.K.’s first appearance on the show since a five-episode arc in 2009 and his first acting role outside of his FX show Louie since it began. I loved Louis C.K. on Parks in Season Two, but in this episode, it felt like they tweaked his character significantly in order to generate some conflict.

C.K.’s character Dave is back in town from San Diego to attend Police Chief Trumple’s retirement party, and Leslie is gunning for an [...]