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Louis C.K. Explains Why He Won't Take Photos with Fans

"When people ask me for pictures and I say no, they always look a little surprised, and then 90% of the people adjust and go 'all right.' But there are people that walk away and they look really bummed, and I feel nothing."

- Louis C.K. talks about his policy against taking photos with fans on today's episode of The Opie and Anthony Show, in which he also talks about SNL, the new season of Louie, and his recent Twitter push against Common Core.

Louis C.K. Went on a Twitter Rant About His Kids' Homework

Louis C.K. took to Twitter yesterday to express his frustrations with the homework his elementary school-aged daughter is being assigned by a New York public school to prep for standardized testing. In a series of tweets, C.K. took photos of some needlessly complicated math questions and shared his disdain for standardized testing and its effect upon public education. Check out his tweets on the matter below:

Louis C.K. Visits the Doctor in a New 'Louie' Sneak Peek

In case the three previous and very mysterious promos weren't enough, here's a peek at the new season of Louie, where C.K. pays his doctor a visit to complain about back pain and gets a pretty basic diagnosis.

'Louie' Season 4 Premieres May 5th

FX announced today that Louis C.K.'s show Louie will premiere its fourth season on Monday, May 5th, at 10pm. The show will air back-to-back new episodes in that timeslot for the entire season, finishing its run in June. FX had ordered 13 episodes of the new season, but Louis C.K. delivered 14.

Louis C.K. took the show on a self-imposed hiatus after its third season ended in September of 2012, leaving a big 19-month gap between seasons. Season 4 was supposed to debut in summer of 2013, but C.K. had it pushed back, explaining:

I want season four to go somewhere new … I'm looking back to when [...]

Louis C.K. Talked Season Four Of 'Louie' and Movies That Never Got Made at the Paley Center

As part of the Paley Center’s "Made In NY" PaleyFest, Louis C.K. and Louie executive producer Blair Breard sat down to talk about the show with Time’s television critic James Poniewozik. Before the panel, two of the New Yorkiest episodes of season 3 – “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2” and “Barney/Never” – were screened to a packed house that overflowed into screenings rooms. The event was also live-streamed, and will surely be available for viewing at the Paley Center soon. Below are a few of the best quotes from the C.K., including his reasons for taking a year off between seasons, his perspective on doing television versus standup and [...]

Louis C.K. Talks 'Louie' and Letterman's Retirement on 'Late Show'

Louis C.K. was a guest on last night's Late Show, where he talked about the upcoming 14-episode season of Louie, why he hates editing shots of himself for hours, and why it "sucks balls" Letterman is leaving next year.

Here Are a Bunch of Promos for the New Season of 'Louie'

Louis C.K.'s Louie is returning to FX on May 5th after nearly two years off the air, and FX has been releasing short clips from season four all week. The above one has Jerry Seinfeld in it, who's returning to guest star this season, and the clips below don't have any famous comedians in them:

Here's a New Promo for Season 4 of 'Louie'

Here's a promo for the newest season of FX's Louie, which premieres on May 5th after a two-year hiatus. Click through to watch the past two promos for the series.

Watch Louis C.K. Tell Jerry Seinfeld When 'Louie' Will End

The third season of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee debuts today with guest Louis C.K. Watch the episode above to see C.K. dish all kinds of info on the upcoming season of his hit FX series Louie, including how many episodes he's written so far, hiring Steven Wright as a co-writer, and how long he plans to continue making the show. He also tells Seinfeld all about his tradition of getting stoned and seeing IMAX movies on his off days as well as his very specific love for the blue crystal numbers in the epic pre-movie 3D IMAX countdown.

UPDATE: The YouTube video has been removed, [...]

Read Advice Louis C.K. Gave to an 18-Year-Old Standup in 2005

C.J. Toledano, a standup and former writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Onion News Network, wrote a piece for the Chicago comedy journal The Steamroller about getting some advice on standup from Louis C.K. nearly a decade ago.

At the time, Toledano was an 18-year-old dipping his toes into the comedy world and Louis C.K. was a comic and TV writer who was getting ready for his first starring role in HBO's Lucky Louie. Both Toledano and C.K. frequented the same Google Newsgroup, alt.comedy.standup (which is currently flooded with crazy spam), and Toledano wrote C.K. an email asking for comedy advice. Here's part of C.K.'s [...]

Louis C.K. Says He Never Wants to Host a Late Night Show

Louis C.K. sat down for a chat with The New York Times' Bill Carter at the Directors Guild last night, and he ended up discussing David Letterman's retirement and the late night world. C.K., who did a series of three episodes about taking over for Letterman two years ago, said that he has no interest in ever hosting a late night show (via Vulture):

"I'd never be that guy … I wouldn’t want it and nobody would want me to do that job … The only reason I would think of doing it would be just to see how badly it would go … My specialty [is going] [...]

Louis C.K. Ponders Life and Death in a New 'Louie' Clip

Here's a very life-and-death-themed peek at the upcoming season of Louie, where C.K. is punched, gets some neck pain, loses his ability to walk, and is dismissed by his doctor for his unexciting ailments.

Pamela Adlon Looks Back on Louis C.K.'s TV Marriage Proposal

"I remember Louie called me from a comedy club in Peoria, Illinois, and he said, 'Please don’t do that other show. You have to play my wife on television. I need you to. This has to happen.' Even though I was married at the time, I remember hanging up the phone, thinking, 'Okay, I think I was just proposed to.'"

- Pamela Adlon on being cast as Louis C.K.'s wife on Lucky Louie in the newest installment of A.V. Club's series Random Roles.

How Louis CK's Directing Style Helps Him Translate His Standup to the Screen in 'Louie'

Louis C.K. is a filmmaker.

That is not to undermine his world-class abilities as a writer and performer, but rather to emphasize the role his direction and visual style plays in his comedy.

Historically, audiences have operated under a false perception that in comedy films and television, actors and writers are doing the heavy-lifting and directors set up a wide shot and let the magic happen. In dramas, nobody questions the role of the director in bringing out performances or employing the perfect close-up. They are, deservedly so, regarded as integral pieces of the storytelling.

When considering C.K. in this canon, it is important to look at his career arc. [...]