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Louis C.K. Tells 'GQ' Why Discomfort Is Important for Creativity

"You've got to embrace discomfort. It's the only way you can put yourself in situations where you can learn, and the only way you can keep your senses fresh once you're there."

- Louis C.K. in his new cover story for GQ, which names him "America's Undisputed King of Comedy."

Here's a New Promo for Season 4 of 'Louie'

Here's a promo for the newest season of FX's Louie, which premieres on May 5th after a two-year hiatus. Click through to watch the past two promos for the series.

Talking to Todd Barry About His New 'Crowd Work' Special

Todd Barry has a new crowd work standup special coming out on Louis C.K.’s website.

That’s the narrative we’ll be hearing over the next few weeks. Louie and Todd are friends, Louie thinks Todd is funny and offered to produce his special, Louie holds a lot of sway in the comedy world.

Just keep in mind Barry’s special isn’t some run-of-the-mill comedy special C.K. is producing as a favor.

A standup special consisting entirely of audience interactions hasn’t been done before, and Barry is definitely a master of the skill. This is going to be worth checking out.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Barry briefly about [...]

'Louie' Season 4 Premieres May 5th

FX announced today that Louis C.K.'s show Louie will premiere its fourth season on Monday, May 5th, at 10pm. The show will air back-to-back new episodes in that timeslot for the entire season, finishing its run in June. FX had ordered 13 episodes of the new season, but Louis C.K. delivered 14.

Louis C.K. took the show on a self-imposed hiatus after its third season ended in September of 2012, leaving a big 19-month gap between seasons. Season 4 was supposed to debut in summer of 2013, but C.K. had it pushed back, explaining:

I want season four to go somewhere new … I'm looking back to when [...]

'Tomorrow Night' Is Like a Louis C.K. Student Film

Watching Louis C.K.'s first feature film, Tomorrow Night, which he just made available on his website for $5, I can't help but be reminded of a quote from the title character in the Coen Brothers' latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis: "When you're in the entertainment business, you're not supposed to let your practice shit out. It ruins the mystique." Tomorrow Night didn't really "ruin the mystique" of Louis C.K. as a filmmaker for me, but it does definitely feel like practice.

An 87-minute surreal black-and-white comedy Louis C.K. wrote, directed, and produced independently in between seasons of The Chris Rock Show in 1997, Tomorrow Night played at a Sundance and a few other film [...]

Louis C.K. Ponders Life and Death in a New 'Louie' Clip

Here's a very life-and-death-themed peek at the upcoming season of Louie, where C.K. is punched, gets some neck pain, loses his ability to walk, and is dismissed by his doctor for his unexciting ailments.

Watch Louis C.K. as an Asexual Alien in a Cut 'SNL' Sketch

Here's a sketch cut after SNL's dress rehearsal this past weekend in which host Louis C.K. plays an asexual alien named Zartag who escapes his crystal prison then makes some evil-sounding demands of a spaceship crew, only to expose his love for posters of hunky Earth guys and their "cool, fun vibe."

Louis C.K. Says He Doesn't Intend to Be a Wholesale Comedy Mogul

“I’m not going to become some mogul, putting out wholesale chunks of comedy. If I find something I haven’t seen, that’s unique, and I could get it out the right way, then I’ll do it.”

- Louis C.K. in a New York Times piece about the release of Todd Barry's new standup special Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour, which is now available via C.K.'s website.

Louis C.K. to Host 'SNL' March 29th

Ahead of the delayed fourth season of Louie premiering in May, SNL announced over the weekend that Louis C.K. will return for a second time as host on March 29th. The last time C.K. hosted was back in November 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which resulted in the amazing Louie parody "Lincoln" as well as the bizarre "Mountain Pass" sketch where C.K. had a lot of fun with a ram's horn. The musical guest for C.K.'s episode has yet to be announced.

Louis C.K. Is Releasing Todd Barry's New Special on His Website in March

Todd Barry has a new standup special, and he's teamed up with Louis C.K. to make it available online. During his Daily Show interview last night, C.K. announced that the special, titled Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour, will be available on his website in March. The special follows Barry's 2013 tour in which he did hourlong shows only relying on crowd work, which we spoke with Barry about back in May. The Crowd Work Tour makes the second standup special C.K. has released for another comedian (following Tig Notaro's Live) and the first he's both financed and produced — hopefully the first of many.

Louis C.K. Visits the Doctor in a New 'Louie' Sneak Peek

In case the three previous and very mysterious promos weren't enough, here's a peek at the new season of Louie, where C.K. pays his doctor a visit to complain about back pain and gets a pretty basic diagnosis.

Watch Louis C.K. and Kenan Thompson in These 'SNL' Promos

Here are this week's SNL promos, which feature Kenan Thompson, returning host Louis C.K., and some references to smoking pot and eating a bunch of cheeseburgers.

Louis C.K.’s 'Inside the Actors Studio' Bit Proven Wrong by Bradley Cooper

You might want to be sitting down to watch this video, because in it, Louis C.K. is super wrong about something. The clip starts out with an excerpt from C.K.'s 2009 interview with Stephen Merchant, where he's asked for his take on Inside the Actors Studio only to dis the kind of amateur actors who stand up and ask actors like Sean Penn what they can do to be successful: "That's it. You'll never be famous," C.K. says. "There's no way you asked Sean Penn a question and then you're gonna be huge." Well, as this video shows, that's exactly what happened to Bradley Cooper, who even got to rub [...]

Listen to Louis C.K. Explain Why He's Not a Fan of 'Gravity'

As we learned from his episode on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Louis C.K. is a fan of getting stoned and seeing 3D IMAX movies, and thanks to Tuesday's episode of The Opie and Anthony Show, we get to hear that get put into action. During the above clip from the episode, C.K. has some harsh criticism after seeing Gravity including some extensive gripes about the concept of a "reluctant astronaut." Click here to hear the full episode, which includes a ton of similarly hilarious complaints about All Is Lost. [via Uproxx]