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Pamela Adlon Looks Back on Louis C.K.'s TV Marriage Proposal

"I remember Louie called me from a comedy club in Peoria, Illinois, and he said, 'Please don’t do that other show. You have to play my wife on television. I need you to. This has to happen.' Even though I was married at the time, I remember hanging up the phone, thinking, 'Okay, I think I was just proposed to.'"

- Pamela Adlon on being cast as Louis C.K.'s wife on Lucky Louie in the newest installment of A.V. Club's series Random Roles.

The Short Films of Louis C.K.

Much has been said about how Louis C.K. singlehandedly writes, directs, edits, and stars in each episode of his acclaimed FX series Louie, but it’s made even more impressive when you consider that he started making films as a teenager.

In the 80s and 90s, Louis C.K. made a series of short films that he credits with preparing him for the heavy workload he’s taken on for Louie. Using his friends from the New York comedy scene, like Amy Poehler, JB Smoove, Robert Smigel, and Todd Barry, as actors, C.K. created a series of short films, some of them reminiscent of the work of his role model Woody Allen [...]

Right Before the Sainting of Louis C.K., There Was 'Lucky Louie'

Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we cry in vain. Other times, the powers that be get things right. That’s where “Brilliantly Canceled” comes in, looking at the shows that didn’t make it past their first season and saved us all a ton of grief.

We all have our favorite alternate history scenarios: What if Columbus wasn't bad at his job and didn't accidentally discover America? What if Kennedy invaded Cuba? What if Lucky Louie wasn't canceled after thirteen episodes?

That last one might not seem to be as historically important as the [...]

Fun Thing To Buy of the Day: Louis C.K.-Related Stuff

Louis C.K. has a lot of wisdom on a lot of different subjects, so much so that we collected a whole bunch of it in one place for you guys. Through multiple television projects and a handful of beyond excellent stand-up specials, Louis C.K. has created the kind of comedy that is worth spending money on so you can hear what the man has to say and laugh about it and keep it forever and show to your parents and grandparents. Whether it's his HBO multi-cam sitcom Lucky Louie, seasons one and two of his celebrated FX series Louie, or any [...]