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Key and Peele Are Introducing Hillary Clinton's Anger Translator in Their New Season

Luther, President Obama's anger translator, was one of the first characters to blow up virally from Key and Peele. So it's only natural that the duo are set to introduce a similar anger translator for Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic frontrunner in the next election. Peele himself told Vulture that he's "99 percent" sure the new character will make the cut, saying: Whereas Michelle’s translator Contendra felt like she owned a beauty salon, maybe somewhere on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, I think Hillary’s translator would be more trailer bait. We’re thinking deep Arkansas good ol’ gal who does not censor herself.

Sounds pretty perfect. The fourth season [...]

Luther Helps the President Celebrate Romney's "47%" Comments

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Luther is right: Obama must have been PUMPED. Luther is probably also psyched, considering that he'd be out of a job if Obama lost the election. Regular civilians don't need/can't afford anger translators. What would he even do? Yell at the guy at the Burger King drive-through for not including enough packets of ketchup? Yell at an 11-month old French bulldog for peeing on the former President's lawn? Yell at Time Warner for the wireless continuing to cut out [...]

Key & Peele & Obama & Luther Defend Louis C.K.

Remember when Greta Van Susteren had a silly name, called Louis C.K. a "pig" who "denigrates women," and said he shouldn't be allowed to host the Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner, which may or may not have caused him to drop the gig? Well, as the video above shows, not only does Luther have President Barry's back, he has Louis's as well. I'd watch out, Greta; Luther wears A LOT of rings. You'll re-Greta it. (Sorry.)