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An Imagined Monologue By the Disappointed Editor of 'Penthouse Forum,' by Tim Eberle

Mr. Carlson, I assume? Please, come in and have a seat.

Mr. Carlson, although the dictates of modern propriety obligate me to thank you for coming in today, I must assure you that, of the surfeit of emotions your presence has today initiated, gratitude is certainly not among the foremost. Quite the opposite, in fact. You may perhaps be wondering why, then, would I have gone to the considerable trouble of arranging today’s little tete-a-tete, when doing so would be sure to cause me no small degree of aggravation, and would, in fact, cause me to disregard other pursuits of an irrefutably higher necessity and an undeniably greater worth. [...]

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Make the Time 100 List

Time magazine released the "Time 100" today, its annual list of the world's most influential people, and America's two newest 11:35pm talk show hosts, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, made the cut. Other comedy people that made the list include Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, and The Onion character Joe Biden. Ben Stein, Kimmel's old boss on Comedy Central's Win Ben Stein's Money, wrote a blurb about him ("Whenever I have been in scrapes and have told Jimmy about it, he always says the same thing, 'I've got your back.'"), while Justin Timberlake wrote Fallon's, telling a story about the two of them doing a hilarious bit together at his [...]

Seth MacFarlane and the 'Parks and Rec' Cast Make GQ's "Men of the Year" List

GQ released the list for its upcoming "Men of the Year" issue today, which includes Seth MacFarlane, the male cast of New Girl, the male and female cast of Parks and Recreation, Christopher Walken, and Girls' Adam Driver. Seth Meyers penned a nice little ode to Seth MacFarlane, GQ's "Funnyman of the Year 2012," saying, amongst other things, "At least ten times a year, I tell someone I'm Seth Meyers and they say, "Oh, my God! I love Family Guy!"

The Community Cast Will Never Tire of Dressing In Awesome Costumes

When you're getting sick of maneuvering your way through a Halloween party while dressed as a complex visual pun tonight, think of the Community cast for strength. Here they are in an Animal House tableau as part of EW's comedy issue. The study group also paid homage to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Porky’s, and The Breakfast Club for the issue. Seems kinda like a waste that they didn't just shoot awesome tribute episodes while they were already in those costumes. Unless maybe…they secretly did??? They must have. Robbing the world of Donald Glover's Otis Day impression would be too cruel. Too cruel.

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Take Cheesecake Pictures for GQ

Well, here's a picture of Community's Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs in lingerie acting out a "lesbian scene" for GQ. There's a video as well. It's the comedy issue, which also has a scantily clad Mila Kunis on the cover. The year of Women in Comedy continues, I guess? Don't worry, I hear there's a picture of Joel McHale giving Donald Glover a reacharound in the issue as well to balance things out.

Jasper Tries to Pass Off 473 Subscriptions to 'Lowrider Magazine,' by Pablo Goldstein

Jasper, step into my office.

Now, I realize the student body has gone a little bonkers over the annual magazine subscription fundraiser. This year we really tried hard to round up some great prizes that would encourage you all to give it the ol’ Robert La Follette Middle School try. But in the rush to sell the most magazines, I'm afraid some students haven't been totally honest.

I’ll get right to the point. Jasper, I don’t think you actually sold 473 subscriptions of Lowrider Magazine.

At first I thought, “Maybe he filled out the form incorrectly. He probably sold 47 subscriptions of the magazine that celebrates the underground scene that rose from the Chicano Movement of the late 1960s, [...]

Lena Dunham Wrote a Thing About How Much She Likes Puppies for 'The New Yorker'

Lena Dunham wrote a personal essay called "A Box of Puppies" that appears in The New Yorker this week. It's worth the read if you like Lena Dunham's writing and/or puppies.

Funny or Die Launches a New iPad App Publication for Cash Money

Funny or Die's making a move into iPad content like many other comedy creators – but this app will represent a distinct publication, a "digital magazine" called The Occasional (see the cover of the first issue below). A "satire of the magazine format itself," the publication will cost $1.99 per bimonthly issue, or $9.99 a year. And while it's produced by the same people who make Funny or Die's videos, The Occasional will take advantage of its digital format with features like interactive Marc Maron-voiced games and projected Mitt Romney hair timelines.

Any prediction on the outcome of Funny or Die's experiment? On one hand, ten bucks is [...]

Patton Oswalt Guest Edits SPIN Magazine's Comedy Issue

Patton Oswalt has lent his name to the masthead of SPIN for their November "Funny" Issue, which Oswalt calls "a highly personal snapshot of America." The issue also features the creators of Portlandia, Natasha Leggero, Chris Pratt, The Best Show on WFMU, and Weird Al. Looks like a winner.

Diving Into the Archives of Spy, The Funniest Magazine Ever

Maybe you've heard of Spy Magazine, the satirical magazine that was one of the funniest things ever in the late '80s and early '90s, but never read it. Now that Google Books has put much of the Spy archive online, you can see what the fuss was about. For me, it was the magazine that redeemed American culture while everything else sucked.

In 1987 I was a junior in high school and nothing was funny. SNL had not recovered from its Gary Kroeger years, Johnny Carson was getting old. National Lampoon was in one of its stupid phases. There was no Onion, Simpsons, Seinfeld or even Kids in [...]

Watch Judd Apatow Talk About Editing 'Vanity Fair' in a New 24-Minute Interview

Last year, Judd Apatow guest-edited Vanity Fair's comedy issue, and here's a brand new 24-minute interview with Apatow about putting the issue together in which he shares stories about photo shoots with Steve Martin, Carl Reiner, and Mel Brooks.

Conan O'Brien Predicts the Future of Comedy

Conan O'Brien wrote a delightful piece for Judd Apatow's comedy issue of Vanity Fair about the comedy world causing the apocalypse in the year 2035. It's just one of many, many great pieces in the issue, some of which are available online now, including Mike Nichols and Elaine May reunited for their first joint interview since the '60s, an interview Apatow did with Albert Brooks (excerpted here), former SNL writer Bruce McCall's take on Canadian humor, and James Wolcott's piece about the growing similarity between modern British and American humor. Click on over to Vanity Fair and say goodbye to the next several hours of [...]

Tina Fey on GQ Man of the Year Steve Carell

Steve Carell has a lot more in common with pizza than meets the eye. To honor his being named a GQ Man of the Year, his Date Night co-star Tina Fey points out that like pizza, Carell is wonderful, comes in many varieties, and really should have an Emmy by now. (The Pizza Emmys, by the way, are held every third Tuesday in my kitchen and hosted by Johnny Depperoni and Parmesean William Scott.) (Sorry about those puns.)

Eleven Non-English Humor Publications (In No Particular Order)

Different approaches to satire do not translate well across national borders, nor often does the subject matter. But if ever there were a case to be made for the universality of satire itself, allow this compilation of satirical magazines to lay a humble foundation. Discover we’re not so different after all! You know, aside from linguistically, historically, culturally, economically, etc.

Whatever your intentions, please enjoy perusing these humor periodicals from around the world.