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VH1 Classic to Air a 433-Hour 'SNL' Marathon Starting January 28th

The TV marathon record set by FXX and The Simpsons is about to get one-upped by VH1 and Saturday Night Live. VH1 Classic announced today that it's set a mammoth SNL marathon called "The SNL Rewind: 2015-1975" to begin on Wednesday, January 28th and end Sunday, February 15th. The marathon will include 433 hours of back-to-back select SNL episodes starting from season 39 to the first-ever episode from 1975. The marathon will also include blocks of themed episodes (Justin Timberlake, musical guests, former SNL cast members-turned-hosts, Chris Farley, "Wayne's World" sketches, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin) as well as SNL movies set to air on Saturday Nights (Macgruber, [...]

Edgar Wright Programs a Marathon of His Favorite Movies

Gearing up for the US release of his new film, The World's End, filmmaker Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) picked a bunch of his favorite movies that inspired The World's End and programmed them for a week of double features at LA's New Beverly Cinema. Whether you live in LA or not, you can still enjoy Wright's movie selections in the lead-up to the film's release. Wright has been programming movies at the New Beverly for years now, but this list is particularly impressive, featuring everything from teen movies like Dazed and Confused and American Graffiti to apocalyptic films like The Road Warrior and Last [...]

Here's the Full Schedule for FXX's 'Simpsons' Marathon

FXX's complete Simpsons marathon kicks off this Thursday at 10:00am, but it's important to remember that watching television around the clock for 12 days straight is a highly dangerous activity that's even difficult for the professionals. With that in mind, Uproxx has made a handy schedule for the marathon so you can plan when to eat, sleep, and be glued your television screen until the end of the month. Check out the full schedule below:

Scott Aukerman Made a Great List of His Favorite Comedies

The AV Club asked Comedy Bang Bang's Scott Aukerman to create his own 24-hour comedy marathon made up of his favorite movies and shows, and the piece is worth checking out for the basic list itself and to hear Aukerman talk at length about the comedies that inspired him. From standard fare like Caddyshack and The Naked Gun to cult hits like MacGruber and Dave Foley's The Wrong Guy, it's a solid roster of movies that every comedy fan should see.

FXX Has Made a Darkly Prophetic Teaser for the 12-Day 'Simpsons' Marathon

The Simpsons is getting an awesome digital app, live event, and multiple crossover episodes in the coming months, but first up is FXX's 12-day Simpsons marathon starting on August 21st. The network released the above teaser for the marathon today that does a solid job of imagining a world where constant Simpsons viewing rightfully destroys civilization as we know it.

Two Human Beings Watched The Simpsons for 86 Hours and Didn't Die

Two Simpsons fans just won $10,500 each for breaking the Guinness World Record for longest continuous television viewing by watching The Simpsons for 86 hours and 37 minutes. Jeremiah Franco and Carin Shreve made their way through the first 11 seasons in pursuit of fame and glory for eternity, or until someone else manages to watch TV for 87 hours. Amazingly, they actually only needed to watch for 86 hours and 7 minutes to break the record, but the show's so good…just one more episode?