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Margaret Cho and the Practice of Turning Pain Into Comedy

An obvious product of the exuberant and diverse culture of San Francisco, comedian Margaret Cho has always provoked thoughts and laughter through her exploration of her own racial and sexual identity. It’s admirable, if sometimes a detriment, as people tend to label comics by their demographics. This became a problem for a few people who saw a certain Golden Globes skit. Because a small group of nay-sayers happen to have access to the internet, there were complaints against a Korean’s imitation of their own heritage.

But the reduction of a comic’s entire history to a single skit is as irresponsible as calling self-deprecation an act of racism. With Cho, we [...]

Check Out Scott Thompson's Short Film 'The Immigrant' with Dave Foley, Michael Cera, Margaret Cho, and Will Forte

If the two Buddy Cole Colbert Report segments weren't enough Scott Thompson goodness for you this week, here's a new short he wrote and stars in called The Immigrant about a Canadian comedian named Bob London who gets deported then tries to smuggle himself back to Hollywood via the US/Mexico border. Dave Foley plays Thompson's former cult comedy show cast mate Tim Terry, and Michael Cera, Margaret Cho, and Will Forte play themselves in the short, which includes plenty of heavy-handed references to Thompson's glory days on The Kids in the Hall. Thompson also made two other shorts 4 Pounds and 52, which you can watch below:

That Time Bill Clinton Went to the '30 Rock' Set Just to Hang

"The thing about 30 Rock too is that there is such an element of high-profile guest stars and just people around. Like the day that they shot the scenes in that wedding, Bill Clinton was just there, and not on camera — just hanging out. So he wanted to visit and be part of it but not actually be on camera. So you know you have a great deal of high-profile people kind of walking around that set." — Margaret Cho on the time President Billy Clinton just came to the 30 Rock set to chillax and watch them shoot a fake wedding.

Comics Talk About the Difficulty of Starting Out

The New York Times has some fun interviews with comics Louis CK, Rosie O'Donnell, Margaret Cho, Luis Jimenez and Maz Jobrani about their early days on the standup circuit.

TLC Is Launching a Late Night Sex Talk Show Co-Hosted by Margaret Cho

TLC is getting into the late night game. According to Variety, the network is launching a half-hour late night talk show focused on sex called All About Sex. The show will feature a panel of four hosts including comedians Margaret Cho and Heather McDonald, actress Marissa Jaret Winokur, and sex and relationship counselor Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry and be "a weekly dissection of all aspects of sex in American culture with a focus on dispelling misconceptions and helping women tackle intimacy problems." All About Sex is set to premiere its six-episode order on Saturday, January 10th at 11:00pm with the best lead-in ever: TLC's ratings hit Sex Sent [...]

Margaret Cho Joins Tina Fey's Fox Comedy Series

Margaret Cho has joined Tina Fey's new Fox comedy, THR reports. The comedian — who earned an Emmy nomination in 2011 for her role as Kim Jong-il on 30 Rock — has joined Fey and Matt Hubbard's untitled Fox series known as Cabot College about a women's university that starts accepting male students. Cho will play Laura Thibault, "the president of Cabot College who made the difficult decision to admit men into the school. She's further described as a divisive figure on campus and does her best to be welcoming of the male freshman but is often irritated by their antics."

Created by 30 Rock alum Matt Hubbard [...]

Comedian Kevin Avery Presents Thugs, The Musical Not the Musical Thugs

While we're talking about race in Hollywood, here is a funny trailer from comedian Kevin Avery. The mockumentary starring Avery, Margaret Cho, and David Alan Grier examines the nature of how race is portrayed on television and also what that means to the actors who play those parts, even when they are so far removed from that culture. Also, it has the very funny American comedian Baron Vaughn playing a British actor trying his best to do an effective American accent. Seriously, seriously, Americans playing British people trying to play American people is the best. Remember in Ocean's 13 when Don Cheadle's British character pretended to be the [...]

Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black Join Weird Al in "Tacky" Music Video

Weird Al dropped his first Mandatory Fun music video today for "Tacky," which turns out is a parody of Pharrell's hit single "Happy." It includes a bunch of great comedy people happily dancing around while dressed up in awful neon getups too.

The Grammys Snub Tig Notaro and a Lot of Other Great Comedians

Look, the Grammys have always been sort of out of touch when it comes to comedy, often choosing safe, unchallenging stand-up albums over cutting edge great ones. Occasionally, outstanding stuff seeps through (like Louis C.K.'s Hilarious, which won the prize last year), but it's pretty rare. The 2013 Grammy nominees were announced today, and in the category of Best Comedy Album, voters played it pretty safe and proved to be woefully ignorant of some amazing work done by comedians this past year. Here are this year's nominees for Best Comedy Album:

Lewis Black – In God We Rust

Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent (Live in Concert)

Jimmy Fallon – [...]

Magaret Cho Talks Stand-Up, Music And How To Hack It

While suffering through a technical glitch-ridden phone call (on my end. All on my end.) and a surprise visit from Housekeeping, the gracious Margaret Cho talked with me about her Grammy-nominated musical comedy album Cho Dependent (out Nov. 21 on DVD), her ever-increasing love for stand-up and the fate of those who just couldn't hang on.

I know you must be getting a lot of questions about Cho Dependent [nominated for Best Comedy Album in 2010]. I'm interested in why you decided to move into musical comedy at this point in your career. Was it always something you had in the back of your mind?

Well, I've been around [...]