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Robin Williams Tells Letterman About Marlon Brando's Acting Class

Robin Williams stopped by David Letterman yesterday and told a story about taking an acting class taught by Marlon Brando several years ago, which leads him into doing his Brando, Nicholson, and Walken impressions. Sure, they're like the three of the most common celebrity impressions ever, but Williams is still good at it. Also, I've never seen Robin Williams let a talk show host say so much during an interview. David Letterman gets out a double-digit amount of words, which is a record for anyone interviewing Robin Williams.

Following Brando's Comedic Instincts in 'The Godfather'

The Godfather is the best film ever made. I might not personally ascribe to this belief, but The Godfather is also a film that can easily be called “the best film ever made” without any supporting argument (See also: Citizen KaneBicycle ThievesAn American Tail: Fievel Goes West). It’s just that good. Part of its brilliance comes from how the film manages to simultaneously be incredibly singular and hugely expansive in its focus. But while The Godfather covers a vast array of themes — American capitalism, the plight of the immigrant, the value of cannoli over guns — above all else, the film is about family. And no figure in the film remains as memorable as [...]