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'Maron' Season 2 Premieres May 8th and Will Feature a Ton of Guest Stars

A bunch of new info on the second season of Marc Maron's IFC show Maron surfaced today. Entertainment Weekly reports that the 13-episode season will debut on Thursday, May 8th at 10:00pm and here's a massive list of guest stars for the season:

Michael Ian Black, Bill Burr, Wyatt Cenac, David Cross, Joey "Coco" Diaz, Paul Feig, Chris Hardwick, Rachael Harris, Moshe Kasher, Tom Kenny, Johnny Knoxville, David Koechner, Tig Notaro, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Pardo, Eddie Pepitone, Andy Richter, Richard Riehle, Rob Riggle, Ray Romano, Sarah Silverman, and Nora Zehtner.

Recurring actors Judd Hirsch, Sally Kellerman, Andy Kindler, and Josh Brener, who play Maron's father, mother, comedian friend, and assistant, respectively, will [...]

IFC Renews 'Maron' for a Second Season

IFC announced this morning that they've renewed Marc Maron's sitcom Maron for a second season. The series, which portrays a fictionalized version of the life of the popular standup and WTF podcast host, premiered on the cable network in May to generally positive reviews. IFC ordered 13 episodes for season two, expanding on season one's 10, and it's expected to premiere in 2014.

Watch Marc Maron and Conan Talk About Porn

Here's Marc Maron's latest appearance on Conan from last night, which results in a conversation entirely about porn, masturbation, and Viagra – as most conversations with Marc Maron do.

Gallagher Aftermath, and More Highlights from Marc Maron's Reddit AMA

Marc Maron Is Everywhere Week continues as the comedian is popping up all over the place to promote his new book and IFC show. Maron did a question-and-answer session on Reddit yesterday and discussed a wide variety of topics, including whether or not he's talked to Gallagher since his ill-fated interview with the racist prop comic, his dream WTF guests, and how he has zero relationship with Conan O'Brien off-camera despite 20 years of appearing on his shows. Check out all the best parts and none of the worst parts from the Reddit session below:

Marc Maron Gets Personal (Again) in His New Book, 'Attempting Normal'

Marc Maron’s new book, Attempting Normal, comes to us at an interesting and pivotal moment in his life.  After two and a half decades of toiling in relative obscurity, the forty-nine year-old comic finally seems to be getting his due. His wildly popular and groundbreaking WTF podcast is closing in on its 400th episode and only getting better. This Friday sees the debut of the IFC series Maron, a show loosely based on the neurosis-fueled chaos that is his life. And now, at long last, after countless hours sweating it out on stage in half-filled B rooms and dive bars to frequently apathetic audiences, the comic who on [...]

Marc Maron Is Making His Directorial Debut with an Upcoming Episode of 'Maron'

Marc Maron announced on Twitter that he's directing an upcoming episode of his IFC comedy Maron, which he stars in and created. The episode, a part of the show's second season, will mark Maron's directorial debut. Maron premiered its 10-episode first season on IFC last May and was renewed for a second season in July. Season 2, which will consist of 13 episodes, is set to premiere sometime this spring.

Season One of 'Maron' Should Be the First of Many

Maron had a lot stacked against it. The immediate, unfair comparisons to that great show on FX that is taking this year off, for one. The fact that the show's built-in audience knew everything or felt like they knew everything about Marc Maron, who played a character very similar to his public persona so that any change from reality to television was dissected and obstructed whatever comedy was actually taking place. And if you weren't aware, Marc Maron kept on performing and recorded and put out his podcast that started this entire personal renaissance in the first place during the nine weeks Maron's first season was on the air. Plus [...]

'Maron' Is Maron Being Maron

Maron premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on IFC. The second episode, "Dead Possum", is available on YouTube.

Marc Maron and Louis C.K. are inextricably linked together, so let's just get these two facts out of the way:

A: Yes, Maron is Marc Maron's Louie.

B: No, Maron is not as funny as Louie. Not yet anyway.

15 of the Best, Most Defining Episodes of 'WTF with Marc Maron'

This week, Marc Maron's show Maron premieres on IFC. The show is based loosely on the comedian's experience creating and hosting his WTF with Marc Maron podcast. Since the podcast's creation in 2009, Maron has interviewed everyone from Carrot Top to Bryan Cranston to Jonathan Winters, and Maron's candid conversational style paired with his signature blend of honesty, insecurity, and resentment has shone a light on the emotional backstories behind respected and despised comedians, actors, and musicians alike.

After nearly 400 episodes, it's hard to identify the absolute best of anything without leaving a ton of great stuff out, but here is a list of some of the most [...]

Watch a Full Episode of IFC's 'Maron' Right Here, Right Now

Marc Maron's IFC sitcom Maron is set to debut next Friday, but the network uploaded a full episode of the show to their YouTube channel today, which you can watch in its entirety above. This is the show's second episode. Entitled "Dead Possum," it involves Maron interviewing Denis Leary and trying to get a dead possum out from under his house. You know, regular podcast host stuff.

Talking to Marc Maron about His New Special ‘Thinky Pain’, ‘Maron’ Season 2, and Getting His Due

Marc Maron, who debuted a book and a TV show this past spring while still maintaining his wildly popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron, has had a more productive year than most. Amazingly, he’s also found the time to tape a new special — called Thinky Pain — released today on Netflix. Thinky Pain, shot at the intimate Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, is Maron at his storytelling best: Perched atop a stool, he reminisces about performing with Bill Hicks, stresses about discovering Captain Beefheart years too late, and stages a riveting psychodrama in which he counsels “Fat Marc,” his Pee-Wee Little League self, through a [...]

Marc Maron Interviewed Himself for 'GQ' and Things Got Slightly Neurotic

Marc Maron interviewed himself for GQ's new comedy issue, which is mostly online now, and the results were just about as neurotic as you would expect from a conversation between Marc Maron and Marc Maron.

Talking to Marc Maron About His New IFC show 'Maron' and Having Rising Comics on 'WTF'

“It's based on the life I'm living now, or maybe a couple years ago,” says Marc Maron of his new IFC show, Maron. It's in this slightly alternate universe that Maron exists; his podcast is picking up steam, he's adjusting to life after his second divorce, and he's learning from the famous comedians who stop by his garage to share their wisdom. The show features an excellent collection of his celebrity comedian pals, including the always amazing Dave Foley as an inebriated version of himself in the pilot. I recently got the chance to talk to Maron about playing himself, finding closure, and helping out the next generation of [...]

Watch Marc Maron on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Marc Maron went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his new book and show and to share stories about Michael Keaton and Judd Hirsch because that's what you do at a late night talk show (if you have stories about Michael Keaton and Judd Hirsch).