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That Guy from Maroon 5 Is Gonna Host 'SNL'

TV Guide reports that the January 26th installment of Saturday Night Live will be hosted by the guy from Maroon 5. You know, the band that sings that song "Moves Like Jagger?" His name is Adam Levine apparently, and if you're wondering if he'll be the musical guest for the episode, the answer is no. Hip-hopper Kendrick Lamar will be on musical guest duty. After popstar Justin Timberlake became a Successful Host 10 years ago and Bruno Mars did fine this year, it's left the door wide open for folks like the guy from Maroon 5 to host SNL. Maroon 5 has served as musical guest four times, most [...]

Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner Are Hosting 'SNL' with Music from Rihanna and Maroon 5

Variety has guest info on SNL guests for next week and the following. November 10th's show will be hosted by Anne Hathaway with music from Battleship star Rihanna. Jeremy Renner, an Oscar nominee like Hathaway, will be hosting November 17th with musical guest Maroon 5. You know, those guys who wrote "Moves Like Jagger?"

This is the third time hosting SNL for Hathaway, who starred in this summer's superhero megahit The Dark Knight Rises and will next be seen in the movie adaptation of Les Misérables, which is set to score a bunch of shiny Hollywood awards this winter. It's the first time hosting for Jeremy Renner, [...]

Charlie Day to Host SNL on Nov. 5. Butt Dance Accordingly.

Pull up those jeans and twerk that ass, because apparently Charlie Day is hosting SNL on November 5. Our very own time capsule snowflake will appear with musical guest Maroon 5. If you like them too for some reason, please be careful. The chances of you ripping your waistband straight up over your head seems dangerously high.