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Talking to Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts About His New Movie 'The Kings of Summer'

Chances are, at some point while you were in high school, you wished you could run away from home. And chances are, your escape fantasy was just that: something you spent your time planning and never carrying out. But…what if you did? The Kings of Summer – a uniquely comedic coming of age story that’s become one of the season’s most anticipated indie releases – imagines exactly that.

The film’s director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is well-known for his collaborations with comic T.J. Miller. Most recently, the pair teamed up on Comedy Central’s sketch/stand-up experiment Mash Up, and their 2010 short, Successful Alcoholics, showcased the director’s ability to blend dark comedy [...]

The Lost Roles Interview with T.J. Miller

"Lost Roles" is a weekly column exploring “what might have been” in movie and TV comedy, as we take a different actor, writer, or comedian each week and examine the parts they turned down, wanted but didn’t get, and the projects that fell apart altogether. This week, I interviewed T.J. Miller, star of She’s Out of My League, Cloverfield, Yogi Bear, and the upcoming Fox sitcom The Goodwin Games. Miller's inventive new show, the Comedy Central standup/video hybrid Mash Up, premiered earlier this week and airs Tuesday nights at 12:30am. Miller was nice enough to chat about some of the parts he’s missed out on, including the epic tale [...]

Go See TJ Miller's Mash Up for Free in LA

Just in case today's guide to LA's comedy scene wasn't enough for you, here's a form to sign up for free tickets to Comedy Central's standup series Mash Up, hosted by TJ Miller. Comedians performing: Deon Cole, Nick Vatterott, Reggie Watts, Sean Flannery, Tom Segura, Chris D'Elia, Tig Notaro, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jonah Ray, Pete Holmes, Jon Dore, Jared Logan, Chris Hardwick, Hannibal Buress and others. Pretty great! You might as well go, as life is fleeting and brief moments of joy that are delivered by free entertainment are rare indeed.

Talking to T.J. Miller About Live TV Standup, Sketch Comedy, and Maybe Becoming a Celebrity

T.J. Miller is hard to define. His eclectic resume includes acting in movies like Cloverfield and Yogi Bear, voicing a character in How To Train Your Dragon, hosting Comedy Central's standup/sketch show Mash Up, appearing as the guest every week on his podcast Cashing In With T.J. Miller, and putting out a 41-track hip-hop comedy album, The Extended Play EP. Those who mostly know him as one the best show-derailing guests on Doug Loves Movies may be surprised by his bittersweet turns in short films like Successful Alcoholics and I'm Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents

During his recent New York visit, I got the chance to ride with him from Brooklyn’s Legion Bar, where [...]

Splitsider's Fall Comedy Preview: TV

It’s that time of year again. The new fall TV season! When the networks trot out a shaggy bunch of new shows, and in six months, half of them will be left. Can you guess which shows will make it and which shows will turn into a foggy memory a la last fall’s quickly-cancelled comedies like Man Up, How to Be a Gentleman, and Free Agents?

On the whole, it’s a broader batch of sitcoms than we’ve seen in years past, with NBC, home to critically-acclaimed but underwatched comedies like 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Community, making a clear attempt to pursue sillier, more accessible shows in order [...]

A Charlie Brown/Louie Mash Up from Fox ADHD

ADHD, the Fox network's upcoming late night animation block, continues to pump out cool web videos. Their latest is "A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion," which combines Peanuts with Louie, following a middle-aged Charlie Brown returns home as he sees all the depressing things that have happened to his friends. Sure, it misses the guy flipping off the camera in the opening credits, something that other great Louie parodies have included. Aside from that, though, it's pretty solid.

Comedy Central Offers Its Fall Schedule and New Specials from Demetri Martin and Chris Hardwick

As time goes on, Comedy Central becomes less and less comedy's center but, as their fall schedule can attest, they still have some tricks up their sleeves. One being T.J. Miller's Mash Up, which has stand-ups like Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, and Reggie Watts perform sets, from which sketches are then performed. Comedy Central also announced their next few stand-up specials, which includes a new hour from Demetri Martin, Chris Hardwick, D.L. Hughley, and, so it goes, Jeff Dunham. Of course, Key & Peele and South Park will be back. Check out all the premiere dates below, if you dare…which you should because there's literally no danger in [...]