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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Are Producing a Fox Comedy from '30 Rock' Alum Colleen McGuinness

Another former 30 Rock writer just landed a new comedy on a major network. Following last week's report that former 30 Rock writers/co-executive producers Josh Siegal and Dylan are developing a witch-themed comedy for NBC, today The Wrap reports that Fox has ordered a script for a half-hour comedy from Colleen McGuinness, who wrote for 30 Rock's sixth and seventh seasons. The untitled show will focus on "a 25-year-old woman who works at a frozen yogurt shop and whose life is going nowhere – until she discovers she is telekinetic." The series has some superstar backing from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who will serve as co-executive [...]

Matt Damon Gets Caught in the Middle of the Clooney vs. Fey/Poehler Prank War

When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ragged on George Clooney at this year's Golden Globes, they were signing up to be the known prankster's newest targets. Last night, Matt Damon AKA The Garbage Man told Letterman about involuntarily getting thrown in the middle of the situation and read a threatening letter signed by "grown-ass professional comedians" Fey and Poehler.

Jimmy Kimmel Sends Guillermo to Crash a Matt Damon Interview

From Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Kimmel sent Guillermo to Miami to ruin an interview Matt Damon was doing to promote his movie, Elysium. Hopefully, this prompts Damon to snap and get revenge on Kimmel again.

Jimmy Kimmel's Matt Damon Episode Beats Leno and Letterman and Earns a Primetime Encore

Last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which brought a longstanding joke feud between between Kimmel and Matt Damon to a head by having Damon hijack the show and host it himself, scored Kimmel's best audience in its new 11:35 timeslot yet. The show earned a 2.92 rating overall and a 1.23 rating with Adults 18-49, handily beating Leno (0.76) by 62% and Letterman (0.56) by 120%. The episode was such a big hit that ABC has opted to re-air it in primetime on Tuesday night at 10pm, replacing a rerun of some show called Body of Proof. The extra special episode of Kimmel featured Matt Damon welcoming [...]

Tom Hanks and Matt Damon Celebrate Halloween with Stephen Colbert

Living legend Tom Hanks made an appearance on The Colbert Report last night to share some Halloween tips and not to plug his latest movie, Cloud Atlas. Here he is with some fun costume suggestions for trick-or-treaters, which just happen to all be characters from his movies. It's a complete coincidence, as is the appearance of Matt Damon in his Saving Private Ryan costume because A-list movie stars always go door-to-door for candy on Halloween, dressed up as their past roles. It has nothing with Hanks trying to get to get people to see Cloud Atlas by showing off how many good movies he's been in, that's for sure.

Matt Damon Approves of Matt Damon in 'Team America: World Police'

"I thought it was brilliant! I mean, I never understood it, and then I heard an interview with them and they said the puppet came in looking kind of mentally deficient and they didn’t have time to change it, so they just made me someone who could really only say his own name. All the comedy they’re doing is really next-level stuff. Also, I liked being included as a person who was against the Iraq war."

Matt Damon's best response from his Reddit AMA yesterday, in which a fan asks him for his opinion on Matt Stone and Trey Parker's portrayal of him in Team America: World Police.

CBS Grabs Pilot Starring Tom Papa, Produced By Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

CBS has landed a sought after comedy pilot from executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Deadline reports. The multi-camera sitcom More Time With Family will star standup and radio host Tom Papa as a guy "who changes his career and gives up a life on the road to spend more time at home with his family — but when he gets there, he realizes no one asked him to do that."

The show apparently originated when Papa and Damon worked together on movies The Informant and Behind The Candelabra, and is said to be based both on Papa's standup and Damon's real life experiences. More Time will be written by former King of [...]

Watch Matt Damon's Funny PSA About the Clean Water Crisis

Here's a video for Water.org, the water crisis non-profit co-founded by Matt Damon, in which Damon holds a press conference to swear off going to the bathroom until developing countries have safe drinking water and sanitation. It features appearances from Pete Holmes, Kate Micucci, Stephen Root, and plenty of other funny people as reporters. This is easily the funniest video about water scarcity you'll see all day (or ever, probably).

Watch Matt Damon Get His Revenge by Taking Over 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Last night was supposed to be Matt Damon's first official guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live after Kimmel has made it a tradition to bump him from the show as a joke at the end of every episode. Instead, Matt Damon took his revenge. He kidnapped Jimmy Kimmel King of Comedy-style and hosted the show himself, renaming it Jimmy Kimmel Sucks with Kimmel bound and gagged behind him in the background the whole hour. Damon replaced Kimmel's bandleader with Sheryl Crow, his sidekick Guillermo with Andy Garcia, and had Robin Williams do his monologue for him, in addition roping in guest appearances from a whole slew of big names [...]

Matt Damon And John Krasinski Team Up For Hunk-Filled Movie

And so it was decided last night at the quarterly meeting of the International Hunks Association that Matt Damon and John Krasinski would combine their deep wells of individual hunkitude to create a mid-level drama. Matt Damon would direct the screenplay, which he co-wrote with John Krasinski, their two hunky minds working together as if one hunky perpetual motion machine. The script is based on a project Krasinski initially developed with Dave Eggers, well-known literary hunk. According to Variety, "Damon would play a salesman who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question," while the Hollywood Reporter describes the movie [...]

Matt Damon Got Shafted on Last Night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Last night, Monuments Men cast George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, and Bill Murray dropped by Kimmel to promote the film, and after keeping Matt Damon in his dressing room for a while, Kimmel finally allowed his nemesis to take part of the conversation, but that didn't stop Kimmel from giving Damon a hard time throughout. Click through for the rest of the segment, where Damon finally gets a chance to talk once the building's fire alarm goes off.

Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Matt Damon While Being Crushed by a Vending Machine

Here's a run of the mill late night talk show interview between Stephen Colbert and Matt Damon – only Colbert is being crushed by a vending machine the entire time while Damon tries to save him. More late night interviews should be done in the style of near-fatal accidents.

Matt Damon Asks Jimmy Kimmel's Neighbors About Him

Here's  a video of Matt Damon going around and asking Jimmy Kimmel's neighbors for horror stories about the talk show host. It was supposed to air on Thursday when Damon tied Kimmel up and guest hosted his show, but Kimmel ended up showing the video the next night, proving that Matt Damon will never really stop getting bumped from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Matt Damon Is Finally Making His First Official Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

For years, Jimmy Kimmel has had a running joke where he apologizes at the end of each show for having to bump his last guest, Matt Damon, for running out of time. Damon's been on the show multiple times to play off of that joke but never as an official guest. All that's about to change next Thursday, January 24th, when the A-list actor is set to go in for his first official interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "May God help Damon if he dares show his stupid face," Jimmy Kimmel said in an official statement. Matt Damon explained the origin of the joke to Parade a [...]