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Comedian Matt Ingebretson Puts Record Collectors in Their Place

Here's a new video written by and starring comedian Matt Ingebretson as a snobby vinyl expert. It's jam-packed with funny lines.

Watch Two Comedians Who Don't Know About Fencing Fight Each Other with Fencing Equipment

Matt Ingebretson and Dave Ross are two Los Angeles comedians who host the excellent weekly live show Holy Fuck, and here's a new YouTube video from them in which they fight each other with fencing equipment. Neither of them have fenced before and Ingebretson bought the fencing equipment while he was drunk. Enjoy!

Watch Kyle Kinane Play Video Games in a Basement on "Matt's Game Chamber"

Here's Kyle Kinane appearing on the first episode of L.A.-based standup Matt Ingebretson's funny new web series "Matt's Game Chamber." Ingebretson interviews Kinane while the two play a Batman video game, and Kinane slowly destroys Ingebretson's basement, piece by piece. Clearly, interviewing people while they're distracted by video games is a smart move, and it'll probably become the norm for all TV interviews once those late night hosts get a load of this web show.