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Read a New Oral History About the Birth of 'South Park'

Entertainment Weekly has a new South Park oral history out today, and it's a great look into how Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "The Spirit of Christmas" shorts evolved into a smash hit Comedy Central series. Here's an excerpt from former Comedy Central president Doug Herzog:

Anybody that tells you they knew it was going to be a hit—and the only people I would believe if they said that would be Matt and Trey—that’s just bullshit. Nobody knows, right? What we did know was it was really funny. We thought it was clever. And for a network that was still struggling to reach 50 million homes, we went, [...]

'That’s My Bush': Inside Matt Stone and Trey Parker's Short-Lived Presidential Parody

By the year 2000, Matt Stone and Trey Parker could do no wrong. South Park was entering its fourth season with no signs of slowing down, and one year earlier, their hit movie version of the cartoon earned them an Oscar nomination. But the greatest sign of their hold over Comedy Central and pop culture came about when they went after the leader of the free world week-to-week.

That’s My Bush, a sitcom about the political and personal shortcomings of George W. Bush, took Stone and Parker’s trust in the viewer further than anything they had done on before. They staged a sitcom that seemed to promise scathing political [...]

Talking With 'Out There' Creator Ryan Quincy

This post is brought to you by Out There, premiering tonight at 10:30/9:30c on IFC.

Ryan Quincy has been working in animation for well over a decade. He spent 12 years on South Park (he's featured in the behind-the-scenes documentary 6 Days to Air) and now he's taking his original characters to IFC in his new animated series Out There (which premieres tonight at 10:30/9:30c on IFC). I had a chance to chat with Quincy about the show, his "out there" character designs, and fainting in sex ed class.

Tell us what Out There is all about, and how it came to IFC.

Out There is about two best [...]

'South Park' Creators Sued by a Guy Who Created a Show Called "Lollipop Forest" and Probably Isn’t Crazy

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park, have just been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit over a character featured in their popular "Imaginationland" episode trilogy. TMZ reports that a man by the name of Exavier Wardlaw filed a suit in federal court in Philadelphia, claiming that the "Imaginationland" character "The Lollipop King" is a rip-off of his character "Big Bad Lollipop" from an independent kids show he made called The Lollipop Forest. According to the suit, Wardlaw is miffed that his family-friendly character was exposed to "unwholesome language and sexual innuendo" and he is asking that South Park remove all traces of the character [...]

South Park Is Being Turned Into a Full-Scale RPG Written by Trey and Matt

There have been a few South Park video games before, and there's even a relatively minor-looking Xbox Live Arcade game coming out soon called South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, but there's a new game in the works that looks to be far more ambitious. Simply titled South Park: The Game, this is going to be a vast open-world RPG set in the world of South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are writing it, performing the voices, and overseeing the development, which I assume is more than they've done for past games.

And there's reason to believe it'll be good: it's being developed by THQ and Obsidian, the latter [...]

'The Book of Mormon' Visits 'South Park' in This Animated "Hello!" Video

Here's a fun South Park-style animated video set to the tune of "Hello!" from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Book of Mormon musical made by a fan of both productions. Note that Wendy is not impressed. (via)

Bill Hader Talks About Trey Parker and Matt Stone Meeting Bill Murray

Here's a clip from last week's episode of the Nerdist podcast with guest Bill Hader, in which Hader tells a couple funny stories about South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who don't normally get starstruck, losing their shit when meeting Bill Murray. (via Warming Glow)

'South Park' Is Doing 10 Episodes a Season Instead of 14 Starting This Year

The NY Times has a nice profile of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone today and their brand new production company Important Studios. To focus on Important Studios and other non-South Park endeavors, Parker and Stone are slightly downsizing the amount of South Park episodes they're producing this year. Since 2004, they've been doing a 14-episode season – seven episodes in the spring and seven in the fall. For the upcoming 17th season, they'll be doing a 10-episode season, airing altogether in the fall with no new episodes this spring. South Park was renewed for three more seasons a while back, taking it through 2016 [...]

The Lost Projects of Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Lost Roles is a weekly column that takes a particular comedic actor or writer and dives deep into all of their movie and TV projects that came close to happening but didn’t for one reason or another. This week, we turn our attention to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, just in time for the premiere of South Park's 16th season next week.

One of the biggest duos in modern comedy, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have developed and refined a distinct style that emanates from all of their projects. From The Book of Mormon to South ParkThat's My Bush! to Team America, Parker and Stone's trademark blend of raunch [...]

South Park Will Continue Through 2016

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have agreed to continue making South Park for at least three more seasons on Comedy Central. Awesome! We're gonna see Kenny die so many more times! We really do put that kid through a lot. He's gotta be used to it by now, though, right?

Meanwhile, Parker and Stone did an interview even though they hate interviews, and explained their tendency to make fun of all sorts of religious and political viewpoints. In Parker's words, "Any side who thinks they're totally right is fucked up. That's the heart of every show." Luckily for everyone, there will probably be more than enough people [...]

The New 'South Park' Won't Air Tonight Because of a Power Outage at the Studio

For years, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and their team have been making new episodes of South Park at the last minute before they air, but tonight, they won't have the new episode ready in time for the first time ever due to a power outage. According to a posting on South Park's official website, South Park Studios lost power last night for several hours, shutting down all their computers and equipment and making it so that tonight's planned new episode won't be finished in time to make its deadline. "It sucks to miss an air date but after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess [...]

Fighting – or at Least Responding to – War and Terrorism with Comedy

Welcome to the latest installment of Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally tragic, sometimes more of a personal affair — and we’ll explore how many of the comedians we know and love have dealt with it.

If you were following any social media during the Boston bombings last month, you would have observed the global dialogue quickly shift from mundane chatter to the somber details of the attack. Concerns for safety, information about what had transpired, and speculation on the culprits behind it dominated the national conversation. Remarks about any other topic were deemed callous and inappropriate. Especially jokes, on [...]

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Are Starting Their Own Production Company

South Park and Book of Mormon masterminds Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced today that they're forming their own production company, with the power and money to approve movie, TV, and stage projects. The new company is called Important Studios and has $300 million in revenue built from South Park and Mormon. Parker and Stone joked in their company's press release that "Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves." Stone told The NY Times, "Ten years ago, you needed that studio machinery to start cranking its marketing muscle. Now we could market a [...]

Jon Stewart Loves Trey Parker and Matt Stone Like a Little Girl Loves Ponies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are today's GQ Men of the Year, and here's how Jon Stewart describes their Broadway debut The Book of Mormon in his piece about the pair:

A doctoral dissertation in funny-as-shit satire. A hysterical, full-throated defense of faith that somehow also manages to make perfect sense of a lyric involving eye-fucking God. When you witness a work of such quality—and this is coming from someone who traffics in their field—there is only one thing to say, and I cannot say it emphatically enough: Fuck those guys.

Yeah, fuck them! I like this way of complimenting people. Fuck you! All of you! You're great! [...]