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CBS Renews 'The Odd Couple' for a Second Season

CBS announced a round of renewals today, including a season 2 renewal for freshman comedy The Odd Couple starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. The classic sitcom reboot premiered on the network back in February and is slated to air its season 1 finale this Thursday. In addition to the Odd Couple renewal, CBS recently ordered three new comedies and canceled The McCarthys, which was pulled off the schedule before finishing its 15-episode debut season.

Tom Lennon to Star Opposite Matthew Perry in CBS's 'Odd Couple' Remake Pilot

Reno 911! and The State alum Tom Lennon has been cast alongside Matthew Perry in CBS's pilot remake of The Odd Couple, Variety reports. The multi-camera pilot, which was written by Perry and Frasier's Joe Keenan, is in development for the 2014-15 TV season. Lennon, who is coming off of a series regular role on NBC's recently-canceled freshman sitcom Sean Saves the World, will play the fussy Felix Unger to Perry's laid-back Oscar Madison. Sarah Baker, who played a supporting role in Perry's last show, Go On, also stars.

Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, Together Again: Bradley Whitford Is Coming to 'Go On' for a 'Studio 60' Reunion

Bradley Whitford, who starred with Matthew Perry on Aaron Sorkin's short-lived but much-loved backstage SNL(ish) drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, is guest starring on an upcoming episode of Perry's current series Go On, the actor revealed on Twitter yesterday. Little is known about Whitford's character on the show, besides the fact that he'll be sharing a hot tub with Perry's character at some point, but it'll just be nice for Studio 60 die-hards to see the guys who played Important Comedy Writers Matt Albie and Bradley Whitford together again. Beware, writers of Go On, if the Bradley Whitford episode doesn't contain a ton of Studio 60 [...]

NBC Offers Up Their New Schedule and Clips from Their New Comedies

Yesterday was officially Mother's Day but, when NBC announced its projected fall lineup, it felt more like Christmas. How about another analogy? Sure. Upfronts are like the NFL Draft, they mark the end of one season and the start of the next, but its still be months before anything plays out. So what does NBC's draft class look like? If comedies were offensive lineman, than NBC drafted like a lot of right guards. We had reported that they picked up a zillion (or seven) new sitcoms but it's still interesting to look at. If you include SNL, NBC has comedic programming five nights a week, which [...]

Showtime Announces Return Dates for 'Episodes' and 'Web Therapy'

New episodes of Showtime comedies Episodes and Web Therapy arrive in just a few days. The network announced today that the fourth season of the Matt LeBlanc-starring series Episodes returns this Sunday, January 11th at 10:30pm followed by the premiere of Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy on Wednesday, January 14th at 11:00pm. Another Friends alum Matthew Perry will guest star in the first two episodes of Web Therapy as Tyler Bishop, "and horrible pathological liar — who is about to be disbarred and needs Fiona's (Kudrow) help." Showtime also announced that Christina Applegate will guest star in the final two episodes of Web Therapy airing on January 21st and 28th [...]

Matthew Perry to Star in and Write an 'Odd Couple' Reboot for CBS

Matthew Perry is getting ready to return to TV with a remake of The Odd Couple that he'll star in, write, and produce, THR reports. The show will be based on the 1965 Neil Simon play, starring Walter Matthau and Art Carney, not the 1968 movie version, which starred Matthau and Jack Lemmon or the 1970-1975 TV version, which starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Matthew Perry is playing Oscar Madison, the easygoing roommate; the role of the uptight roommate has yet to be cast.

Perry will co-create the multi-camera version of the show with Danny Jacobson, creator of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place and [...]

'Go On': Can America Embrace a Sitcom This Sad?

I cried twice while watching the Go On pilot. This doesn't mean two tears; I'm talking about two distinct cries. Sure, yes, I'm prone to crying at things (I'm still not sure what the cast of Friday Night Lights looks like, as they were always water-blurred and left looking like Matisse paintings) but, regardless of my proclivities, these two moments would generally be considered honestly felt and honestly sad. Tonight, at 11:04pm, on NBC, Go On is set to make its debut to the American public. It won't offer a respite from the overly weepy Olympic games, what with its plethora of personal interest stories; no, it will continue to [...]

Matthew Perry Is Coming Back to NBC in Go On

Matthew Perry is set to come home to the network that birthed him, NBC, in what I assume is a spinoff of the late 90s hit Joey. The new show, entitled Go On, was just picked up for a 13-episode season by the network and will feature Perry as "an irreverent yet charming sportscaster who, trying to move on from a loss, finds surprising solace from the members of his mandatory support group." Irreverent yet charming? I dunno, I can't really see it, not his style.

Perry is re-teaming up with Friends (and Joey!) executive producer Scott Silveri for the show, so you know, it's pretty much guaranteed [...]

CBS Orders 'The McCarthys', 'The Odd Couple' to Series; NBC Adds 'Mission Control', 'One Big Happy', 'Bad Judge'

CBS and NBC each just picked up two more new comedies for the fall. CBS is adding The McCarthys and The Odd Couple, while NBC is adding Mission Control and One Big HappyVariety reports.

The McCarthys, a created by Happy Endings writer Brian Gallivan, follows the gay son of a sports-crazed Boston family. The show was developed as a pilot last season but was carried over into this season. Jack McGee, Jimmy Dunn, Joey McIntyre, Kelen Coleman, Laurie Metcalf, and Tyler Ritter star. The Odd Couple, a remake of the Neil Simon comedy, stars Matthew Perry and Tom Lennon and was co-created by Perry and Joe Keenan (Frasier).

NBC is [...]

'Go On' Midseason Report: From Sad Keanu to Dancing Chandler In 15 Steps

It was definitely unwise of NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt to admit last summer that the network was going for "broad" comedies. Television is a business, and all of the really good, intelligent, critically acclaimed, New York and L.A. loving, genre defining/remixing/bending/ mocking/creating comedies that were/are on the channel had and continue to at times draw fewer eyeballs than — ugh — cable, so trying something different makes some sense. But "broad" is an awful word next to "comedy", and in 2013, when we are closer than ever to discovering that the medium's creativity is in fact limitless, the word immediately evokes images of clowns honking horns and the sounds [...]

John Cho Cho-sen As a Regular on 'Go On'

Some actors make their bones in their eyes. Some actors are masters of voice control. Some can just use body language to convey a lifetime of experiences. (If you've watched Whitney, Whitney exclusively acts by waving her arms around.) John Cho, however, it's all in the eyebrows. Playing it cool? Eyebrows. Pompous? Eyebrows. Concerned? You know it's the eyebrows. In the pilot for Go On, he did a great job playing the boss of the grieving Matthew Perry by displaying all of these eyebrows. (And more!? Not really, it was just those eyebrows.) Well, get used to dem brows, America, because Cho has made a deal to [...]

Matthew Perry and Friends Writer Scott Silveri Are Reuniting With a Pilot

Matthew Perry will play "a charming sportscaster who tries to move on after a personal tragedy through the help of mandatory therapy sessions" in the NBC pilot Go On. The pilot's writer and executive producer, Scott Silveri, worked with Perry on another NBC show called Friends. Maybe you have heard of it? It was on for a while, I think. Anyway, the reunion is fun and all, but I wouldn't place all my bets on it just yet: shows by Friends alums have failed before.