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Maximum Fun Launches a New Podcast About Action Movies, 'Wham Bam Pow'

Jesse Thorn's podcast network Maximum Fun just release a new show last week called Wham Bam Pow. Hosted by stand-ups Cameron Esposito, Ricky Carmona, and Rhea Butcher, Wham Bam Pow is a show in which the three enthusiastically discuss and review action and sci-fi movies. Wham Bam Pow becomes Maximum Fun's 12th show and is the latest in a series of March additions to the podcast network. Earlier this month, Maximum Fun picked up Dave Hill's Podcast Incident and started a new show about motherhood called One Bad Mother, from Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn. So, if you don't already have enough podcasts to listen to, here are more [...]

Enjoy a Live Reading of Jordan Morris's Sitcom Pilot

Here's a live reading of a comedy/action pilot called Freelance Beatdown that was written by and stars Jordan Morris, one of the hosts of the popular podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! and a correspondent on IFC's The Grid. Morris is joined by a cast that includes Dave Holmes (Reno 911!), Alison Becker (Parks and Recreation), and Colton Dunn (Key & Peele). In the prospective show, Morris plays Lee Barron, a 30-year-old stoner who was trained as a secret agent as a teen before becoming a burnout. Barron starts taking freelance spy work so he can keep his crappy band going. Jordan Morris took donations via Indiegogo to produce this spiffy [...]

Talking to Jesse Thorn about NPR, Podcasting Empires, and Not Going Viral

It's fair to say that the comedy podcast boom would not exist without Jesse Thorn. Thorn, who began doing his public radio show, The Sound of Young America, as a college student in 2000, began podcasting the often comedy-centric show in 2004. (He also taught Marc Maron how to podcast.) In 2011, The Sound of Young America became Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, and starting this April, the show will be heard on NPR stations around the country.

Thorn's podcasting network, Maximum Fun, which hosts Bullseye along with Jordan, Jesse GO!, Judge John Hodgman, and a half dozen others, continues to grow, recently adding Dave Hill's Podcasting [...]

Exciting Things Are Happening for Jesse Thorn’s MaxFunDay Today

Today is MaxFunDay, the first ever one-day pledge drive for Jesse Thorn’s podcast network, Maximum Fun, which hosts a ton of amazing shows like Bullseye, Judge John Hodgman, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Risk!, and more. Jesse Thorn and friends are participating in a Google Plus video chat all day and engaging in Reddit AMAs, with plenty of giveaways and other festivities planned. It's for a good cause too, as Max Fun is donating meals to the LA Food Bank for every new member they get. Check out a rundown of the day’s events on the official site. The schedule is also embedded below, along with the best moments [...]

Jesse Thorn and His Talented Friends Are Going on a Boat Trip and You're Invited

Jesse Thorn, Grand Exalted Leader of Maximum Fun, has a new event that we've teamed up with him for: the Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival. Yes, it's a comedy cruise, and they've got a killer lineup.

Hitting the high seas from September 13th through the 16th of this month, the cruise will feature performances by Marc Maron, Maria Bamford, Eugene Mirman, Al Madrigal, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler, Hari Kondabolu, Nick Thune, Jasper Redd, and Josie Long. And there's music, too! John Darnielle (the Mountain Goats), John Roderick (the Long Winters), Dan Deacon, and Nellie McKay will all be performing as well. And we'll be [...]

Jesse Thorn Discusses How To Build a Podcast Empire

"Podcast empire" might read like an oxymoron to some but those some are just being regular morons. Over the last couple of years some major podcast networks have blossomed like Nerdist, Earwolf, and ACE. Jesse Thorn's Maximum Fun predates them all. This gives Thorn an important perspective on the podcast industry, which he shared with Fast Company. He explained:

Radio is a very personal medium, and podcasts are even more so because people are choosing them in a way that they don’t choose things on the radio. With talk radio, you have about five or so choices at any given time; with podcasts, you have literally tens of [...]