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Inside 'Community's Meta Knockout of a Bottle Episode

‘Genie in a Bottle’ is a recurring feature where each week a different bottle episode (an episode set entirely in one location, often designed to save money) from a comedy series is examined.

“I hate bottle episodes. They're wall-to-wall facial expressions and emotional nuance. I might as well sit in a corner with a bucket on my head.”

Dan Harmon’s seemingly immortal sitcom, Community, is without a doubt the most meta comedy on television (and now the internet). They’ve subverted and indulged in classic tropes like clip shows, Claymation, and musicals, while also perfectly lampooning unexpected pop culture totems like My Dinner With Andre, Hearts of Darkness, and GI Joe. [...]

Writer Megan Ganz Leaves 'Community' for 'Modern Family'

Megan Ganz, a longtime Community writer who joined the show in season two and stayed on for the yet-to-air post-Dan Harmon fourth season, announced via a letter to Reddit today that she has left the show to take a new job on Emmy juggernaut Modern Family. Season 4 of Community has already wrapped production, but it's still all being edited together and finished up. Ganz wrote two of Season 4's upcoming 13 episodes, entitled "Paranormal Parentage" and "Advanced Introduction to Finality" (the final episode of the season), and she mentions in her Reddit letter that she still has to return to Community's production offices to oversee editing on that [...]

This "Women of Community" Round Table Makes March 15 Seem Very Far Away

What could be greater than a discussion with Community's Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, and writer Megan Ganz? Maybe if they surprise-announced that Community was actually coming back tonight instead of March 15. Barring the realization of that fantasy, this round table is a fun look at how the show creates three-dimensional female and minority characters, the challenges of dealing with Chevy Chase, and the scary prevalence of the wildly unrealistic Teen Girl Sexual Dynamo archetype. Hurry up and finish reading it so we can all go suck on lollipops while peering coyly through our eyelashes at our algebra teachers!

Talking to Megan Ganz about 'Modern Family', Finally Having Free Time, and Her Undying 'Community' Fandom

Longtime Community writer Megan Ganz, who joined Modern Family's writing staff midway through last season, is growing up. Gone are the all-nighters spent staring at the newly-reinstated Dan Harmon’s famed story circles. At her new job, Ganz can clock out at 6pm. She has a social life, side projects, and sleep. And bit by bit, she’s learning to write for ABC’s Emmy darling, which (to no one’s surprise) took home its fourth consecutive Outstanding Comedy Series award Sunday.

I recently caught up with Ganz for a long chat about moving from meta-humor to mockumentary, balancing work with everything else, and why she’ll never stop adoring Community from afar.

'Community' Writer Megan Ganz Signs on for Season 4

The writing staff for Community season 4 won't be all new — writer from seasons 2 and 3 and noted Harmon fan Megan Ganz just announced on Twitter that she's signed on for the 13-episode run. Which is a good sign! If she met with new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port and decided that they'd do a good job with things, we might as well take some deep breaths and be optimistic too, eh?

Fred Armisen Takes to Reddit to Field Portlandia Queries

Fred Armisen's got an AMA on Reddit right now, which definitely seems to be the cool new thing for comedians to do (Community writer Megan Ganz also did one a few days ago). Go see if he's answered your burning questions about an SNL-Portlandia crossover episode!

Highlights from the 'Community' Writers' Reddit AMA

The writing staff of Community did a question-and-answer session on Reddit last night in anticipation of the show's return to the airwaves tonight after a hiatus that's lasted nearly nine months. Participating in the Reddit session were longtime Community writers Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Maggie Bandur, and Tim Saccardo; new co-showrunner David Guarascio; and new-to-the-show Gene Hong. Hit the jump for a collection of the best parts from the Reddit session, including Jeff and Britta's sex tape, writing Chevy Chase out of the show, and a planned episode that puts the supporting cast at the forefront:

You Had To Be There #64: Megan Ganz

Community writer Megan Ganz joins Sara and Nikki for this delightful episode to discuss obsessive drawings, annoying birthdays, and how to stave off madness during an employment gap. Sound cool? Cool cool cool.

Download now, grab it from iTunes, or listen to the stream below.

Behind the Scenes at Community with Writer Megan Ganz

Community is the sort of show that turns casual fans into semi-obsessed fanboys and fangirls. Wildly ambitious yet earnestly grounded, its episodes bounce from over-the-top homages to genre films to understated character studies, all while focusing on a group of characters that have only become more endeared to fans over time. To say it's a writer's show is an understatement.

Last year, Megan Ganz was a big Community fan. This year, she was one of the newest staff writers on the show, penning season-highlights "Cooperative Calligraphy" and "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking." Before landing the Community gig, she worked as an editor at The Onion and as a writer on Important [...]