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How 'Parks and Rec' Transcended its Mockumentary Roots

NBC’s Parks and Recreation ended its seven-season run Tuesday night and will go down as undoubtedly my favorite sitcom of its era. Created as a spinoff of The Office by writers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, the first season mostly mimicked that mockumentary style and even slotted in the characters in very familiar tropes created by the show from which it was spun. Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope was a Michael Scott-type — well-meaning but ultimately grating and not adored by her coworkers — and Aziz Ansari as Tom, Rashida Jones as Ann, and Nick Offerman as Ron slotted into the Jim, Pam, and Dwight roles cleanly enough, of course bringing [...]

Talking to Mike Schur About 'Parks and Recreation' and His New Show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

With the premiere of his new Fox show Brooklyn Nine-Nine set for the fall, Parks and Recreation showrunner and co-creator Mike Schur is poised to become one of the rare comedy writers with two shows on the air at once. Schur co-created Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an ensemble cop comedy that stars Andy Samberg, with his fellow Parks and Rec writer/producer Dan Goor, and it's one of the most eagerly awaited new comedies of the fall season. I recently had the chance to talk to Schur about where the next season of Parks is headed, how Brooklyn Nine-Nine came together, and his comedy beginnings producing SNL's Weekend Update for Jimmy Fallon [...]

Andy Samberg and Mike Schur's Cop Comedy Ordered to Pilot by Fox

The Fox network just ordered a pilot for a cop comedy starring Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur and Parks writer/producer Dan Goor. Samberg signed on to the show last year, but now it's one step closer to making it to your TV screens this fall. Samberg is playing a lead detective in the untitled series, overseeing a diverse group of detectives at the edge of New York City. This is the first pilot order Fox has give for the 2013-14 TV season, and it's a strong contender to get picked up to series. Stay tuned as the supporting roles in [...]

"50 Power Showrunners" List Includes Louis C.K., Seth MacFarlane, Lena Dunham, and More

The Hollywood Reporter put out a list today of “50 Power Showrunners,” the leading writer-producers in TV. Here’s the full roster of comedy showrunners who made the list:

Salim and Mara Brock Akil -The Game (BET) Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Kyle Newachek and Kevin Etten – Workaholics (Comedy Central) Carter Bays and Craig Thomas – How I Met Your Mother (CBS) David Caspe, Jonathan Groff and Josh Bycel – Happy Endings (ABC) Louis C.K. – Louie (FX) David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik – Episodes (Showtime) Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner – Girls (HBO) Greg Garcia – Raising Hope (Fox) Bruce Helford – Anger Management (FX) [...]

Michael Schur Says Goodbye to Kevin Youklis's Play-Doh Face

"Kevin Youkilis is one of the most oddly shaped human beings in professional athletics. His torso is giant and cylindrical — he looks like a cartoon poor person wearing a barrel. He is completely bald – like, aggressively bald, like he hates hair — except for a fiery red goatee bush that tumbles out of his face like Play-Doh from a fun factory. When he hits, he stands with his feet so close together the ump could tip him over with one quick index-finger jab to the sternum — an action that must have been tempting for many umps over the years…" - Parks & Rec showrunner Michael Schur hilariously says [...]

Mike Schur on the End of 'Parks and Recreation' and NBC's Thursday Night Comedies

If you've been a TV comedy fan within the past ten years, chances are that Mike Schur is behind one of your favorite shows. An original writer and producer on the American Office, Schur currently serves as co-creator of two major network comedies starring SNL alums with Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine and NBC's Parks and Recreation, which kicks off its seventh and final season tonight. Ahead of the Parks season premiere, I talked with Schur about how he approached the end of the Amy Poehler-starring show, what he thinks of the future of major network sitcoms, and what separates a successful final season from the rest.

Patton Oswalt to Guest Star on 'Parks and Rec'

Patton Oswalt will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation, showrunner Mike Schur confirmed in a conference call today. "I think the news has broken – what the hell, right? Yeah, we wrote a part recently for an episode we just finished shooting and we were sort of like, 'Who should do this? Oh Patton Oswalt. The answer is Patton Oswalt.' One of our writers, Joe Mande, has opened for him a lot doing standup, and he literally just emailed him and Patton was like, 'Yeah definitely, I'm in.' And that's as hard as it was to convince him, which was great, because he's a fan [...]

Jason Schwartzman and 'Parks and Rec' Co-Creator Michael Schur Worked on a Secret Movie Together

Rushmore and Bored to Death star Jason Schwartzman gave a nice little interview to Vulture this week, and when discussing his upcoming guest spot on an episode of Parks and Recreation, he had this to say about the show's co-creator Michael Schur:

I met him a long time ago before the show. We were trying to collaborate on something together, but it didn't end up happening. It was a movie — I can’t tell you more. Maybe one day it can happen.

Schwartzman makes it sound so mysterious, but a collaboration between these two guys would be pretty spectacular. Hopefully, they get to return to the project [...]

‘Parks and Rec’ Showrunner Michael Schur Is Handing Out Season 5 Spoilers Like Crazy

Entertainment Weekly just published a series of spoilers from Parks and Recreation’s showrunner Michael Schur, but with the names of the characters in said spoilers blanked out as an attempt at a “fun” guessing game, with a key at the bottom so you can decode the answers. Well, I have a firm anti-fun policy, so I’ve taken the liberty of cracking the code to Michael Schur’s spoilers for everyone who doesn’t want to waste their time on Entertainment Weekly’s silly games. Behold!:

1. “Ann has a personal breakthrough thanks to a cowboy hat, and some tough love from Leslie.” 2. “Champion the three-legged dog may be the only [...]

"I think coolness is kind of the death of good television."

"I think coolness is kind of the death of good television. I think if you’re too concerned with being cool or hip or liked, you can’t really make good TV because sincerity and coolness are opposites. And when you have main characters in your show crying, like, three times in an episode, I find it great, but it’s also not super-cool and ironic and arch and raised-eyebrow and hipster-y. I just far prefer it. If a show ever tries to be cool, then it’s going to be doing something wrong." — Parks and Rec's Michael Schur in the final part of The AV Club's amazing run-through of the latest [...]

Michael Schur Talks About Andy Samberg Playing a More Grounded Character in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Michael Schur and Dan Goor, the creators of the upcoming Brooklyn Nine-Nine, talked to Alan Sepinwall about the show and what it's like taking a goofy sketch writer/actor like Andy Samberg and casting him in a more grounded sitcom. I think he likes goofing around a lot. Like he looks goofy in three-minute videos. And there were a lot of similarities i between what the kind of thing he was looking to do and the kind of thing Amy was looking to do when we started Parks and Rec. You work at SNL for seven years and you have a great time. And you do a lot of [...]

Terry Crews to Star in Andy Samberg's Fox Pilot; Phil Lord and Chris Miller Will Direct

Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has just been added to the cast of Andy Samberg's untitled Fox pilot, according to Deadline. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the team behind 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, have also joined up to direct the episode. The addition of these three adds a lot of heat to what's already looking like one of the season's most promising pilots. Crews, who starred in TBS's Are We There Yet? and recurs on The Newsroom, received three pilot offers before choosing the show, and Lord and Miller are highly sought-after feature directors who rarely have time to work [...]

Andy Samberg Cast in Michael Schur's Cop Show

Fresh off his SNL departure, Andy Samberg has been cast in Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur's new cop sitcom for Fox, Deadline reports. Two months ago, Fox won the untitled show, which was created by Schur and fellow Parks writer/producer Dan Goor, in a bidding war between the big four networks. Samberg will be playing the lead detective in a precinct on the edge of NYC, overseeing a diverse team of officers. Michael Schur, who wrote on Saturday Night Live prior to Samberg's stint on the long-running sketch show, had good fortune casting ex-SNL-er Amy Poehler as the lead in this current series, and he and [...]

Cop Sitcom from 'Parks and Rec' Big Shots Is Exciting a Bidding Frenzy

Parks & Rec showrunner Michael Schur and co-executive producer Dan Goor have created a single-cam comedy about a bunch of detectives who work at the far edges of New York City. (I hope the actors like shooting in Queens.) This pitch is driving the big four networks wild, probably because it comes from a duo who oversees television's best sitcom. Detective in some New York outer borough: sounds like a job for Burt Macklin!