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None of the Best Comedies on TV Would Exist Without 'King of the Hill'

With Parks and Recreation gracefully leaving our television screens this year, showrunner Mike Schur has been getting a lot of attention. Not only for his series coming to a close, but for the sort of careful, respectful character-driven approach that Parks is not only heralding through these final thirteen episodes, but that has strongly been a part of it from the start. Parks and Recreation isn’t the only program with this approach to comedy, however, and with a rather impressive, unifying force of series now out there, it’s worth examining why this breed of comedy is currently in control. It might surprise you that the answer goes all the way [...]

Watch the First Episode of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Online Now

Mike Judge's new HBO comedy Silicon Valley premiered last night, and here's the first episode in its entirety, which the network uploaded to YouTube this morning. Starring Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, and Martin Starr and created by Judge, Dave Krinsky, and John Altschuler, Silicon Valley has been receiving positive reviews so far.

Mike Judge's New Show 'Silicon Valley' and Season 3 of 'Veep' to Debut on HBO Apr. 6th

HBO announced today that its Julia Louis-Dreyfus political comedy Veep's third season will premiere on Sunday, April 6th, at 10pm. Veep will be followed at 10:30 by the debut of Silicon Valley, a new comedy from King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-head, and Office Space mastermind Mike Judge. Judge co-created the show with frequent collaborators John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and it stars Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, T.J. Miller, Martin Starr, Zach Woods, Josh Brener, Amanda Crew, and the late Christopher Evan Welch as a bunch of people working in the tech industry in San Fernando Valley.

HBO Orders Mike Judge's Silicon Valley Comedy to Series

HBO has ordered a new show from King of the Hill and Office Space mastermind Mike Judge. Deadline reports that the pay cable network has given a series order to a comedy Judge co-created with John Altschuler and Dave Krisnky (King of the Hill, The Goode Family) that was previously titled Silicon Valley. The show follows a bunch of people working in the tech industry and stars an impressive ensemble of up-and-comers including T.J. Miller, Thomas Middleditch, Josh Brener, Lindsey Broad,Christopher Evan Welch, Amanda Crew, Angela Trimbur, Zach Woods, and Kumail Nanjiani. It's been a good day for The Office alum Zach Woods, who also has a supporting role in USA's [...]

Mike Judge's Robo Redneck Video for the Zac Brown Band Is Downright Delightful

For the video for their new single "The Wind," the Zac Brown Band enlisted Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill as animator and director. What he created is this, a hilarious and great video about "Robo Redneck" that you should probably just watch, lover of down-home country music or not.

Mike Judge Says 'Office Space' Made TGI Fridays Get Rid of Their "Flair"

"About four years after Office Space came out, TGI Fridays got rid of all that (button) flair, because people would come in and make cracks about it. One of my ADs asked once at the restaurant why their flair was missing and they said they removed it because of that movie Office Space. So, maybe I made the world a better place."

- Mike Judge in an interview with Deadline, in which he talks about the cult success of Office Space, when King of the Hill won an Emmy, and working for HBO with Silicon Valley.

'Silicon Valley's Skewering of the Tech Industry Feels Spot-On

A few weeks ago, South by Southwest offered an advance screening of the first two episodes of Mike Judge's new sitcom, Silicon Valley. It was shown as part of the festival's Episodic section, a new addition this year. Janet Pierson, Head of SXSW Film, stated the decision came after seeing how well the premiere of Lena Dunham’s Girls did in 2012, and she viewed it as a way to broaden the festival’s offerings — and stay vital — at a time when TV is offering so much interesting work. Judging from the reaction of the 600-plus film and tech nerds piled into the Austin Convention Center's Vimeo Theater, SXSW was [...]

9 Funny People Who Direct Great Music Videos

Quick history lesson: if a music video was funny in the 1980s, it was probably completely unintentional. In the first half of the decade, the ridiculously low production values provided all of the humor, and in the second half, it was the unabashed bombastic elements that made you laugh. Weird Al, the Beastie Boys and their pie throwing antics, and weirdly enough Phil Collins' meta work were some exceptions to that, and helped lighten up the art form in the nineties, when directors like Spike Jonze presented artists in innovative and fun ways. In the mid-nineties comedic actors began to be cast in videos1, notably in [...]

T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch Cast in Mike Judge's New HBO Show

Comedians T.J. Miller and Thomas Middleditch have been cast in Mike Judge's new HBO show Silicon Valley, Deadline reports. The series is co-created by Judge and his King of the Hill/Goode Family cohorts John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, and Judge will direct the pilot. If the show makes it to past the pilot stage and to air, it will be the first project Mike Judge has released since the Jason Bateman movie Extract in 2009 (which also starred T.J. Miller). Silicon Valley is a dark comedy "set in the high tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable [...]

Beavis and Butt-Head's Triumphant Return to MTV

In the spirit of the heroes of this cartoon, I feel it’s only proper to start this off with a five word review: the show does not suck. But if you want to know more about the much-anticipated premiere of Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head, read on.

I went in to the first new episode of Beavis and Butt-Head with a nagging feeling that something would be off. I wasn’t sure what, exactly. Maybe a small detail in the animation, a change in the voice acting, or even re-recorded theme song (the first time I watched a Married With Children on Netflix, I almost didn’t make it past the [...]

Mike Judge Took a Scene from 'Silicon Valley' Directly from Real Life

"There was actually a scene in Silicon Valley where the lead character is meeting this tech billionaire that was exactly like a meeting I had before the first dotcom bubble burst. 'Bill is running about a half-hour late, but he's real excited to meet you. Have you met Bill before? Oh my God, he's so amazing. Oh, sorry, he's going to be another 10 minutes.' Then this other guy says, 'I'm the vp of whatever, and I only get to see Bill once every two weeks. But that 10 minutes is incredible' … It really was like a cult. Word for word, that's what ended up in the show."


Here's the Teaser for Mike Judge's New HBO Comedy 'Silicon Valley'

Here's a quick teaser for Beavis and Butt-Head/Office Space/King of the Hill creator Mike Judge's nerdy new HBO series Silicon Valley, which stars Thomas Middleditch, Josh Brener, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Amanda Crew, Zack Woods, Matt Ross, T.J Miller, and Christopher Evan Welch. Is it bad that this teaser makes me want to punch that little boy in the face?

Watch Mike Judge and Henry Phillips's New JASH Web Series 'You and Your Fucking Coffee'

Here's the first episode of You and Your Fucking Coffee, a new web series for YouTube's comedy channel JASH from Mike Judge and comedian/musician Henry Phillips. It features a rare on-camera performance from animation king Mike Judge, who I really wish sounded and looked exactly like his character Hank Hill in real life.

Mike Judge Is Making a Show for HBO

HBO just picked up a new comedy pilot from King of the Hill and Office Space mastermind Mike Judge, Deadline reports. The show, titled Silicon Valley, is a live action single-camera series set in the tech industry in modern Silicon Valley. Judge created the show with John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, two longtime King of the Hill writers with whom he created the short-lived ABC series The Goode Family. Judge, Altschuler, and Krinsky are also producing Silicon Valley, alongside Hollywood mega-producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men, The Social Network). This is just the latest in a string of comedies from talented, high-profile creators HBO has ordered [...]