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'The Tonight Show' Releases Some Rare Mike Myers/Jimmy Fallon Movie Posters

Mike Myers paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show last night, so Fallon decided to bring out some posters for a few little-known movies the two once starred in together, including an instant classic conjoined twins movie as well as one of Myers's finest rodential pictures. Click through for another clip from the interview.

Conan Reveals the Utter Lack of Creativity in Local Newscasts

Apparently Mike Myers is having a baby, and every newscast in America felt compelled to report on it. In exactly the same way.

Watch the 'Wayne's World' Reunion Panel

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited for a Wayne's World panel in LA this week, with Lorne Michaels and Rob Lowe also joining them, and here's video of that very panel for those of us who weren't there in case you want to see it or have to lie about being there as an alibi.

Saturday Night's Children: Mike Myers (1989-1995)

Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we present the history, talent, and best sketches of one SNL cast member each week for your viewing, learning, and laughing pleasure.

Whether you know him best for Party on, Garth, Yeahhh baby!, or It's like buttah, Mike Myers remains one of SNL's most talented creators of original characters as well as one of its biggest smash-hit successes. While his film career has slowed in recent years (or in the case of The Love Guru and The Cat in the Hat, stopped cold), on SNL he [...]

Don't Dust Off Your Frilly Cravat Just Yet: Austin Powers 4 Uncertain

Before you start busting out the catchphrases that made you the funniest kid in seventh grade, it turns out reports that Austin Powers 4 is definitely happening might be greatly exaggerated. According to Deadline, New Line offered Mike Myers a deal for a new feature film sixth months ago, which he responded to positively last week. However, the last movie Myers discussed with the studios was a Dr. Evil film back in 2008. Unfortunately that was a heady time in American life, when The Love Guru was in theaters and not one of us was watching it. As of now, Myers hasn't signed any contracts nor decided [...]

Catching Up with Mike Myers After Six Years Out of the Spotlight

"I don’t have a normal career. I never have and never will, and I’ve been happy with that since the beginning. It’s a world of quirk."

-Mike Myers in a New York Times profile that covers the new documentary he directed called Supermensch and where he's been the past six years.

'Dieter': The Surprisingly Funny Mike Myers Movie That Never Was

"The Script Pile" is a brand new biweekly column on Splitsider that examines the screenplays for high-profile Hollywood comedies that were never made.

Adapting a popular Saturday Night Live sketch into a movie is a difficult task, but Mike Myers is one of the few people who's done it successfully. The first Wayne's World was such a major hit that it made turning "It's Pat" and "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" seem like good ideas. After Wayne's World became a massive win for Myers, he began adapting his second and third most popular characters into films. His "Coffee Talk" movie deal quickly collapsed, but in 1998, coming off of the first Austin [...]

Inside the 'Wayne's World' Reunion Panel

The Academy of Arts & Sciences held a Wayne's World reunion panel following a screening of the movie last night in LA, with stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey present to celebrate the film's 21st anniversary. Joining Myers and Carvey at the panel were Wayne's World villain Rob Lowe, director Penelope Spheeris, producer (and Academy president) Hawk Koch, and producer Lorne Michaels. Tickets to the event sold out in 90 seconds.

A lot of news outlets have been incorrectly reporting that Myers and Carvey ended a longstanding feud to appear at the panel together last night, but that's not really the case. Things have been [...]

The Lost Roles of Will Ferrell

It’s hard to imagine SNL ever being canceled, but a few times throughout the long-running sketch show’s history, it’s come close to demise. There have been several points in Saturday Night Live’s history where it’s been on the chopping block (1980, 1981, 1985), but the most recent time the iconic comedies series stared down the specter of cancellation was 1995, the biggest transitional moment the show has faced in over 20 years. At the end of the 1994-95 season, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler – both well-regarded and talented performers – had led the show into a creative doldrums, resulting in a scathing New York magazine piece.

Luckily [...]

Mike Myers and Fred Armisen Are The Modern Weepers

Last Friday night, a band no one had heard of, The Modern Weepers, played a sold-out set at NYC's Mercury Lounge. Why did it sell out, when it was some no-name band's first show? Because it was actually comprised of Mike Myers and Fred Armisen, and word had gotten out about who exactly was doing the show. Here's what one attendee said about it: The Modern Weepers is a very funny sketch parody on the new wave movement from the 80's featuring amusing song titles like "Don't Ask Me Personal Questions On the Dancefloor." Both Mike Myers and Fred Armisen donned accurate Mancunian and Cockney accents respectively, never [...]

Watch a Trailer for 'Supermensch', the Documentary Mike Myers Directed

Last year, Mike Myers surprisingly announced that he was making his directorial debut with a documentary about show business manager Shep Gordon, and here's the trailer for that movie, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. It looks to be a fun and celebrity-filled look at Gordon's life and career, if a little inside. "I met Shep Gordon in 1991 on the set of Wayne’s World. I thought he was a perfect combination of Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan and Mr. Magoo," Myers explains. "I’ve been trying to get Shep to agree to let me make a movie about him for 10 years. Last year he finally he said yes." Supermensch hits theaters [...]

Mike Myers to Make Directorial Debut with Documentary 'Supermensch'

It's been four years since Mike Myers made his last live action movie, but he's set to return to the feature world on the other side of the camera this time around. Deadline reports that Myers is set to make his directorial debut on a documentary called Supermensch. Myers will also produce the film, which will follow the life of Shep Gordon, a veteran talent manager with a reputation as one of the nicest people in the industry. He's represented Blondie, Luther Vandross, Raquel Welch, among others.

Myers became friends with Gordon while working on Wayne's World over 20 years ago when he was seeking to use a song [...]

Lorne Michaels to Host a 'Wayne's World' Reunion Panel with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey

The Wayne's World gang is getting back together. But don't get too excited, it's just to talk about the movie, not to make another one. THR reports that Wayne's World producer Lorne Michaels will host a reunion panel at LA's Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences following a screening of the film on April 23rd. Joining him will be stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and director Penelope Spheeris. Spheeris had a falling out with Myers after he banned her from directing the sequel for ignoring his editing suggestions, but everything is patched up now. Spheeris tells THR, "We're all getting too old to be pissed. Wayne's [...]

The SNL Movies That Never Happened

Ever since the first Wayne's World movie became a surprise hit, making $183 million from of a scant $20 million budget, releasing a sea of catchphrases into the public consciousness and turning Mike Myers and Dana Carvey into actors in high demand, Lorne Michaels and his producing partners have been searching for the next big SNL movie. In the three years that followed, Hollywood released a string of SNL spin-offs that failed to reach Wayne's World's level of success, including Coneheads, It's Pat, Stuart Saves His Family, and a second Wayne's World film. In 1995, because of the underperformance of these titles and SNL hitting a creative slump, several [...]