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Mike Schur Compares 'Parks and Rec', 'The Mindy Project', and 'The Office'

"We both came from the office-comedy world. You took the office-comedy world and said, 'I’m going to be a boy-crazy, high-achieving goofball, and the show is going to be like a second Office but the subject material is going to be much more about romantic life.' And then [with Parks and Recreation], I took the office-comedy world and just went into things that I was interested in, like government, public service, and high-minded achievements … we took the same setting and put our own spin on it."

-Mike Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation, in conversation with Mindy Kaling for Vulture, comparing his show to her show, The Mindy Project, and the [...]

Amy Poehler Calls 'Parks and Rec' the Best Job She's Ever Had

"Mike and I knew each other at SNL and he just said a very simple thing to me when he was pitching me the show and the idea of the show, which was: 'You will really like the way we do this show, and I promise you this will be, like, the best job you will ever have.' Something very simple and he was right."

- Amy Poehler on being approached by Mike Schur to join Parks and Rec during last night's Q&A panel at PaleyFest.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Is the Most Promising New Comedy of the Season

It almost feels cliché at this point to explain how difficult it is to make a great TV pilot. The first episode of a sitcom has to accomplish a lot to succeed: simultaneously establishing the show's premise and tone while introducing the audience to all its characters and giving an indication of what a typical episode of the show will look like, not to mention all while being entertaining during those exposition-filled 22 minutes. The pilot for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which premieres on Fox tonight, isn't perfect, but it's a consistently funny half-hour of TV that's brimming with potential for the future of the series.

Created by Parks and Recreation [...]

'Parks and Rec' Boss Mike Schur Says Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Leaving Was a Creative Decision

On Wednesday, there was a surprising announcement that Parks and Recreation's Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving the show halfway through the upcoming sixth season. Parks co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur released a statement that night that didn't really reveal much, but while speaking to reporters at the TCA press tour yesterday afternoon, he revealed that it was a creative decision not a financial one. He said:

"Every network comes to you and says, ‘Cut costs,’ all the time. A reality of the network television game is they’ll always tell you to do impossible things with less and less money. But it wasn’t like, ‘Uh oh, we’ve got [...]

Mike Schur Says 'Parks and Rec' Won't Acknowledge Chris Pratt's New Superhero Body

Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt is preparing to star in the new Marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy, and last week, he tweeted this photo of his absurdly muscular new superhero body after six months of working out and not drinking beer. TV Guide asked Parks and Rec showrunner/co-creator Mike Schur how they're going to explain why Pratt looks this way in the new season, and he said they might not even address it.

"I was as shocked as everybody," Schur says. "I obviously knew he was getting in crazy good shape for this movie. He had already started by the time we wrapped last year. [...]

Mike Schur on Overnight TV Ratings

"First of all, those overnight ratings are very silly, and we all need to stop reporting them and caring about them … Obviously, what matters is how networks can make money from ratings, but this is the system we have invented, where you can watch episodes of most shows on many different platforms at your absolute leisure, and yet we are still using a system that measures only the people who watched it the second it aired. It's like measuring album sales based on who bought the album within ten minutes of its release."

-Mike Schur, co-creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to Hitfix on how meaningless overnight [...]

'Parks and Recreation' Boss Mike Schur Wrote a Piece About Harold Ramis, and It's Amazing

"Groundhog Day is a perfect movie, and in every fractal and crazy looping folding scene you sense his steady hand at the wheel, ushering you along, keeping everything in focus. All of his movies had that calm, the assurance that what he had written, or directed, or both, was good and interesting and built well. That there was no need to strain and mug and beg for laughs like Daffy Duck, heaving at the end of a furious tap dance routine, arms splayed, begging for audience approval. Ramis never tap-danced. He presented his case, joyfully, confidently, a world-class funny Normal Person director and actor and writer: Here, everyone, I made [...]

Talking to Mike Schur About 'Parks and Rec', 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', and Writing with Bill Murray

Few writers in the TV world pull off creating two shows that are on the air at the same time, but Mike Schur just became part of that club. The Parks and Recreation co-creator's new series, the Andy Samberg cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, premieres tonight on Fox. Schur co-created the ensemble show with longtime Parks writer Dan Goor, and it's one of the most promising comedies of the new TV season. I had the chance to talk to Mike Schur last week about what to expect from Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season, why he hated playing Mose on The Office, adapting Infinite Jest into a movie, [...]

Andy Samberg, Mike Schur, and the Rest of the Gang on What to Expect from 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Featuring an impressive cast led by Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Rec's Mike Schur and Dan Goor, Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine is far and away the most promising new comedy of the fall. The cast and crew spoke to reporters today at the TCA press tour, explaining what to expect from the series. Here are some highlights (via Variety, E Online and Zap2It):

"This is not like Police Squad, as big a fan as I am of Police Squad. This is a workplace comedy that happens to be set in a police precinct, is the simplest way to put it. The idea is that they're real cops [...]

Talking to Mike Schur About 'Parks and Recreation' and His New Show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

With the premiere of his new Fox show Brooklyn Nine-Nine set for the fall, Parks and Recreation showrunner and co-creator Mike Schur is poised to become one of the rare comedy writers with two shows on the air at once. Schur co-created Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an ensemble cop comedy that stars Andy Samberg, with his fellow Parks and Rec writer/producer Dan Goor, and it's one of the most eagerly awaited new comedies of the fall season. I recently had the chance to talk to Schur about where the next season of Parks is headed, how Brooklyn Nine-Nine came together, and his comedy beginnings producing SNL's Weekend Update for Jimmy Fallon [...]

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine's First Season Lives Up to Its Hype

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered with an entertaining-enough premise, a cast that seemed to have a natural chemistry, and some established cred behind the camera in co-creator Mike Schur. When the show and its star won Golden Globes in February, a shift could be felt in the televerse. This was no longer a TV show featuring the work of comedy darlings whose main fan base is readers of a site like this, but now a critically-acclaimed, mainstream, award-winning sitcom. Tack onto that an early season two pickup, and the game had completely changed.

What Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always had to its advantage is an ensemble of talented actors [...]

'Parks and Rec' Co-Creator Mike Schur: "It Wouldn’t Surprise Me If Next Year Were the Final Season"

Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur gave an interview to EW about the future of the series, and he said that he expects next year to be the show's last, although no decision has been made:

“We haven’t talked about it with NBC officially, but for many reasons — mostly just creatively in terms of where we’re building to this year — it would be natural if next year were the last year. I mean, you never know. We thought season 3 was our last year … No decision has been made on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if next year were the final season.”

Parks and [...]

Amy Poehler and Mike Schur Are Writing the 100th Episode of 'Parks and Rec' Together

Parks and Recreation is set to hit a major milestone this season: its 100th episode. Amy Poehler and Parks co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur will be writing the special episode together, Schur tells TV Line. "We didn't want to be super meta about it," he says. "We just wanted it to feel like all of our characters had reached a milestone in their lives, so that was the idea of the story going in. It's a really good story with a lot of juicy stuff in it." This will be the fourth episode of the show Poehler has written and the first she and Schur have written together. The 100th episode [...]

Read 'Parks and Rec' Boss Mike Schur's Statement About Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's Departures

There was a surprise announcement yesterday that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving NBC's Parks and Recreation in the middle of the show's upcoming sixth season. While there's still no explanation for their departures, Parks showrunner/co-creator Mike Schur issued the following statement about the situation last night without really giving a reason for the change. As far as what their next moves are, Deadline reports that NBC is developing a new show for Lowe, and Jones and her writing partner signed a development deal with Warner Bros. in February to write and produce new shows.

Here's Mike Schur's statement:

"The news about Rob and Rashida is [...]