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These Disappointing Times, by Tim Sampson

Living in this modern age is pretty great. For crying out loud, just look at all the wondrous technology that exists all around us. You can chat with your sister in Vermont while jetting off to Hong Kong at 500 miles per hour. We've got these marvelous little smartphones in our pockets that let us access a pool of knowledge too vast for any one person to consume in a lifetime. Heck, even as I write this, we've got little man-made robots roaming around on the surface of Mars. Mars, for pete's sake!

So don't for an instant think I'm not grateful to be living in the year 2013. [...]

Dave Gorman Is Getting a New TV Show in the UK

British comedian and author Dave Gorman is getting a new show, the UK TV channel Dave announced today. Gorman, best known for Are You Dave Gorman? and Googlewhack Adventure, will star in Modern Life is Goodish, loosely based on his live show Powerpoint Presentation. The network has commissioned six hour-long episodes of Modern Life, which will blend stand-up and real world footage to explore Gorman's frustrations with consumerism, the media, and technology. Gorman is probably best known to US audiences for a brief stint as a Daily Show correspondent in 2006 during that weird period where they had two British guys. Gorman's new series is set to air [...]