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Here's How Much Money TV Writers Make

Gawker has a nice look at how much money TV writers make up today, with detailed info on pay levels for writers across cable and network TV. The numbers depicted are just minimums and most TV writers at each level probably make more than that, depending on their experience and the success of the show, but the list covers everything from writers who are just given a story credit on a comedy ($8062 minimum for network and $5432 minimum for cable) all the way up to senior staff writers on shows with over a 20-week guarantee ($6036 minimum on both cable and network).

Check out their table of [...]

A FASTidious Credit Report, by Jake Tuck

Dear Landlord,

We at FASTidious Credit Reporting have reviewed the credit history of your prospective tenant, Glen Hodge, and offer this prompt report. First, we should say that Mr. Hodge has an ostensibly stellar credit history. By the standard scoring method, he received an “excellent” score of 830. He pays all his credit cards and bills on time, save one instance when he was hospitalized after attempting to save an elderly man from a burning house. So his credit is, on the surface, largely immaculate. However, we at FASTidious do not like surface impressions, such as that of the sun in a calm lake; underneath, the lake may contain [...]

How Much Do Your Favorite Comedians Make?

Jason Zinoman and Megan Angelo over at The New York Times have a great piece today detailing how much money several different types of comedians make. They talked to a road comic, a UCB solo performer, a podcaster, a Comedy Cellar regular, a cruise ship comic, and Eugene Mirman. Bad news: Everyone except TV star Eugene Mirman makes less money than the cruise ship comic.

'Moonrise Kingdom' Breaks Limited Release Opening Records

After over a decade of mixed reviews and lacking box office returns, Wes Anderson seems poised to have another breakout hit on his hands. Moonrise Kingdom, which is currently at a career-high 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, made $669,486 over Memorial Day Weekend on just four screens. The film ended up averaging $130,752 per theater over the weekend, beating the previous record average held by Dreamgirls. It's hard to guarantee this will mean large box office returns when the film opens wide in June but it sure is heartening. Since The Royal Tenebaums in 2001, Wes Anderson has struggled to build much momentum for his films. The Darjeeling Limited [...]

The Modern Family Cast May Triple Their Paychecks Before Season Four

The ten cast members of Modern Family are re-negotiating their contracts, and they're looking for a seriously gigundo raise before the next season. Just one of the perks of starring in a show that's basically a straight-up Emmy factory.

People Who Watch 'Modern Family' Make More Than Those Who Watch 'Bob's Burgers'

Viewers of ABC's Modern Family are the most affluent of network television watchers, while Bob's Burgers viewers are at the opposite end of the spectrum. The Wrap analyzed average median income of primetime viewers from Nielsen's data, and determined that the median income for viewers in the 18-49 demographic is $81,100 for Modern Family viewers, while Bob's Burgers viewers earn $48,800.

On the richer end of things, Parks and Recreation draws the second most affluent viewers with a median income of $81,000. Sitcoms The Goldbergs, The Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Michael J. Fox Show, Super Fun Night, Trophy Wife, and The Middle all have viewers with a [...]

Jon Stewart Is Now the Highest Paid Host in Late Night

TV Guide put out a list of the highest paid stars in television, and Jon Stewart is surprisingly at the top of the late night chart, besting big-time network hosts like Jay Leno, David Letterman, and the like.

The way the list breaks down, Stewart is on the top with an estimated salary of $25-$30 million. Leno, who was making $27-$30 million last year, is now at $20 million after taking a big pay cut. David Letterman is tied with Leno at $20 million, with Jimmy Kimmel at $10 million, and Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, is at $2 million. Jimmy Fallon, Craig [...]

Now the 'Modern Family' Kids Also Make a Lot More Money Than You

After the Modern Family parents finally made a deal, it was their kids' turn. It's being reported that Rico Rodriguez (Manny), Nolan Gould (Luke aka THE BEST), Sarah Hyland (Haley), and Ariel Winter (Alex) are now going to be making about $70,000 an episode. This is more than tripling their previous salaries. Ugh! Nolan Gould is only 13. What is a 13-year-old going to do with the $1.5 million he's going to earn next season? Buy jax and bubble gum and playing cards? That being said, these kids are super great on a show that makes buckets of money, so all power to them. At least for now we're [...]

How '30 Rock' Cut the Kraft Cheese Product Placement Deal

"It’s the Kraft Product Placement Comedy Hour. Sponsored by Kraft Singles. Made with Milk. It's the cheese that won World War II (Don't ask how)." That's some pretty sweet, overt product placement action right there and Kraft didn't need to push at all for it. Adage explains that the 30 Rock producers came to Kraft with the idea fully formed and ready to go. Product placement is no longer dreaded, as many showrunners have been able to embrace it. It's just part of the territory now for shows, especially savvy shows like 30 Rock or Community, who aren't doing super well in the ratings and could use the [...]

Book of Mormon Finally Crushing the Broadway Box Office Like the Champion It Is

It's been 11 months, but The Book of Mormon is finally the top-grossing Broadway show of the week. Eat it, Lion King, Wicked, and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark!

Bill Murray Almost Made Negative $16,000 for 'Rushmore'

Over at Vulture, Matt Zoller Seitz has some excerpts from his new book The Wes Anderson Collection, including these fun little tidbits about Bill Murray's turn in Anderson's 1998 film Rushmore.

16.Bill Murray worked on Rushmore for scale. He got a piece of the profits, but his day rate was Screen Actors Guild minimum. By Anderson's estimate, Murray made about $9,000 from acting in Rushmore.

17.When Disney didn't want to pay for a helicopter shot for Rushmore's "A Quick One While He's Away" montage, Murray wrote a check to cover the costs of chopper rental. The helicopter shot ended up being cut from the film anyway, but Anderson still has Murray's un-cashed [...]

Jerry Seinfeld and Some Ventriloquist Top the List of 10 Highest Paid Comedians

Forbes put out its list of the "10 Highest-Earning Comedians," and Jerry Seinfeld topped the list, followed by some ventriloquist who won America's Got Talent six years ago. To be fair, though, the list only includes comedians who make the bulk of their income from live performances, so that takes everyone who has a lucrative TV or movie career out of the running, making the list significantly less meaningless than it otherwise is. Check out the mostly-depressing list below. There are some good people on it, and at least Jeff Dunham isn't #1 like the last time Forbes made one of these lists in 2010.

Movie/TV Star Crystal the Monkey Gets Paid Mad Bananas

Are you sitting down? Try not to skip ahead. Now guess how much Crystal the monkey will get per episode of Animal Practice. Remember she's had quite a successful comedy career, starring in blockbusters like the Night at the Museum movies and The Hangover II. Ready? $12,000. That is 12,000 human American dollars not some silly monkey currency. That is what child actors get or some leads on smaller cable networks. If Animal Practice gets a full season order, we're talking over $250,000. Do you know how many bananas that could buy? You'd have to go directly to the supplier at that point! Where do I go to sign [...]

Louis Vuitton Is Suing Warner Brothers Over The Hangover Part II

Isn't it weird to think about the lives of people who spend all day, every day focusing on executing idiotic lawsuits like the one Louis Vuitton has served Warner Brothers with over Zach Galifianakis using Louis Vuitton luggage in The Hangover Part II? I wonder what they dreamed of being as children.