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'Conan' Launches a Massive Monologue Joke Database

Conan's website, Team Coco, has launched a massive new monologue joke database, from which users can access thousands of old topical jokes from the show. The database features overarching categories, a search option, or you can just click through randomly. Each joke is viewable in meme form with the text and date displayed over a still of Conan O'Brien, rather than the database being a collection of 7-second videos. Unfortunately, the archive only has jokes since Conan's current show debuted on TBS in 2011 and no old NBC stuff, so there are only two Monica Lewinsky jokes on the entire thing.

Watch Seth MacFarlane and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Awards Show Monologues, Side by Side

Seth MacFarlane's Oscar hosting stint last night fell short of the job Amy Poehler and Tina Fey did as Golden Globes hosts earlier this year. Here's most of MacFarlane's opening segment (above) and Poehler and Fey's (below) if you want to compare and contrast for yourself.

The Best Comedic Monologue You'll See Today

This comedic monologue by Joe Wengert, performed last night at Dave Holmes and Rob Delaney's Mapping the Heavens show at UCB in LA, is one of my very favorite things. This video is from a performance of the same monologue from last year, but I assume it was pretty similar last night. I wasn't there, but knowing that it happened is a good enough excuse for me to post this, right? Seriously, if you've got 8 minutes to spare, watch this. It's pretty much perfect.

Leno and Fallon Both Made Light Monologue Jokes About the 'Tonight Show' Thing Last Night

After a report yesterday in The New York Times confirmed that NBC is planning to replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon as Tonight Show host next year, the situation crept into both hosts' monologues last night. Fallon kicked off his show by saying, "Before we get started, I have to talk about the rumors that came out today that I'll be moving up to 11:30 – or as my parents call it, 'Eh, still too late." He added, "Actually the rumors are true; NBC is turning the Tonight Show into a diving competition." That's the only reference Fallon made to the Tonight Show handover. Leno steered clear of Tonight Show talk but [...]

Who Will Join the Campaign for Seth Rogen as Next Year's Oscar Host?

This monologue from the Independent Spirits Award is just the kind of thing the Academy Awards need. Fewer vague gestures of respect towards the history of film; more marveling at Harvey Keitel's enormous bush in Bad Lieutenant. Fewer mirthless, obligatory shout-outs or meanspirited digs; more telling it like it is re: Brett Ratner. More acknowledgment of the inherent weirdness of awards ceremonies. More self-deprecation. More Seth Rogen.

Watch Andy Samberg's Independent Spirit Awards Monologue

Andy Samberg hosted the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend, and here's his entire opening monologue, which could really benefit from a 45-minute long musical number about actresses' boobs.

Jay Leno's Casey Anthony Joke Met With Eerie Silence

Well, it's like the old comedy saying I just made up goes: no one said it was easy to get multiple laughs off a child murder trial. That being said, seeing as how late-night shows typically implement a hype man, crowd instructions and you know, an editing process, it's pretty jarring to see an on-air joke met with total studio silence. Last night during Jay Leno's monologue, a joke comparing the Casey Anthony jury to Obama's economic team didn't get a peep from the audience, causing Jay to think his mic had cut out. Nope. So he told the joke again and the crowd went wild. Maybe someone [...]